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Uoni V980Plus Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin, Lidar Navigation Robotic Vacuums Multi-Floor Mapping 2700Pa

(21 customer reviews)


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Brand UONI
Colour Black With Emptying Bin
Surface recommendation Hard Floor, Carpet
Controller type Voice control, Remote control
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion


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About this item

  • 【Self Emptying Robot Vacuum- Free Your Hands】Uoni One-stop robot vacuum cleaner provide you 30-days managed cleaning service. When the robot finish the cleaning, it will back to charging base, and the dust box will be automatically cleaned up with the help of the high-power dust collection function. Then you just need to replace the dust bag when it is full. Tips: the orange light will flash rapidly to remind you to replace.
  • 【Voice Control- Smart Life】Provide you a comfortable & smart life, you can easily control your automatic vacuum cleaner robot by just opening your mouth. Uoni works with voice control devices of Alexa & Google Assistant, you are able to start cleaning with your voice. And also you could cleaning your home simply by using Uoni Robot APP, remote control or just push the button of the robot.
  • 【Real Time Mapping Technology】Robot vacuum mop with Lidar mapping technology, it can restore your house model as accurately as possible, detect fixed objects, analyze dynamic obstacles, and quickly make predictions and avoid them. 25 advanced sensors and lidar allow Uoni robot cleaner to navigate under & around furniture, & along edges. Cliff sensors detect keeps it from falling down stairs.
  • 【Custom Cleaning- Personalized APP】Uoni Robot APP will update the map at real-time that the robot vacuums will clean your home according to the room or the order of your instructions like a human. The App will convenient for you to intelligently manage your cleaning plan like adding virtual walls and No-go zones, setting cleaning time schedules, zone cleaning and “find” your robot.
  • 【System cleaning- Multiple Mode】Uoni robotic vacuums perfectly cleaning the dust, pet hair, debris, and even rice and soybeans in the hard floor, carpets and the wall side & corners with the design of double-sided brushes, main rolling brush and strong 2700pa suction power. The higher power suction will provide the greater cleaning power.


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21 reviews for Uoni V980Plus Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin, Lidar Navigation Robotic Vacuums Multi-Floor Mapping 2700Pa

    Susan Fowler
    October 25, 2022
    It’s not the vacuum for German Shepard owners.
    It works great, the noise lever isn’t bad and I love the self emptying. But, my only fault I have with it is I have a German Shepard and she sheds really bad. The hairs get tangled up on the wires where the rollers are.
    October 23, 2022
    Nice vacuum
    Overall I do like this robot vacuum. However, it doesn't quit get my rugs clean. It has also scraped off the paint on my hallway baseboards. Ugh!! I do love that I can choose which room I want it to vacuum, and that it empties itself. So far it has been a good vacuum. It is somewhat bigger than I expected.
    Pragmatic Professional
    September 20, 2022
    This is THE ONE!!!!
    I have been through and sent back 2 Neatos and one Zoozee. They kept getting confused and lost. Plus it seemed like every little obstacle was a big deal. Not anymore!I nearly succumbed to the outrageous price of a Roomba, but there were so many negative reviews (similar to Neato and Zoozee) that I was hoping to find some fairly unknown but competent brand. This one is IT!!!! Uoni is tough and smart. Also, it doesn't need as much space to the side or front of the machine, which makes it easier to keep it in smaller spaces. She (I named her Marsha) is pretty loud, but I just pretend the cleaning lady is here, lol!I have a walk-in shower in the master bathroom, and all (including Uoni) seem to get lost once they enter. I now just place the hamper in front of the shower to keep Marsha out, and all is great.To pay hundreds less than for a top line Roomba, but still have all the capabilities in this bot vac (including emptying into vacuum bags) makes this one a huge winner!!!!UPDATE AUG 2, 2022:The lithium battery died after just one year. I was so disappointed, considering the cost of the product plus all the extra bags I purchased. The GREAT news is that the company came through for me. I did have to return the first one for a "repair" at my own expense (close to $50). When I got it back, it was even worse than when I sent it in - was giving me new error messages. I was seriously miffed, but the company sent me a whole new unit (not the same base, but that's okay, because I already had one that worked). Since I already had the app downloaded and it knew the map of my house, it was pretty much a plug and play once I got the new device on my wifi. I have to say that I do feel I was treated fairly by this company, so the 5 star review I initially gave the product still stands:-D
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    August 17, 2022
    Not Perfect, But Really Great
    We've had this vacuum for nearly a month now and have used it several times a week since then, so I thought it'd be a good time to write a review. Here's what I'll cover:– Overall Impression– Vacuum Function– Debris Collection/Self-Emptying Function– Mop Function– App, Mapping, & Remote ControlOverall, the Uoni V980Plus is worth every penny. It does a great job and takes a lot of stress and time out of keeping our floors clean. I'm someone who can't stand feeling any bit of grime or grit under my feet and this vacuum/mop has been a game changer for me. I'd 100% recommend it.**Vacuum Function**There are three suction strengths: quiet, standard, and strong. Most of the time I keep ours on standard unless I've spilled something and need to use the strong setting to clean it up. As advertised, the vacuum recognizes rugs/carpet and adjusts to high suction to really get crud out out of the pile, though if you have a thin/washable rug, like a Ruggable, it might not detect that since it's so low/no-pile. With two dogs and two espresso lovers (i.e., very fine coffee grounds on the kitchen floor) it really does a great job of getting dirt/dust/debris/hair/etc. picked up from all surfaces.**Debris Collection/Self-Emptying Function**Like any vacuum (esp. robot vacuums) pet and human hair will get wound around the roller, side brushes, wheels, etc. and you'll need to remove it frequently. The Uoni comes with a pique/razor that can be used to cut wound hair free, which is very helpful. In addition to my own med.-length hair, we have two small dogs, one who doesn't really shed and one that sheds a fair amount of med.-length coarse-ish hair (pomeranian/terrier mix); I try to generally remove hair from the side brushes and main brush each time I vacuum and have so far taken the entire main brush apart once to remove all wound hair. I haven't had to replace my dust bag yet and expect to get 4-5 weeks of use out of it.Overall, the self-emptying feature works very well. You can change the frequency of it easily in the app. I've found that the more I vacuum, the easier it is for the Uoni to properly empty the dust bin at the end of the vacuuming session because of the amount of hair it picks up. If I go more than a day between vacuum sessions the self-emptying suction can't always get the wads of dust/hair out of the dust bin. If you don't have dogs or a ton of hair shed, you could probably vacuum and empty your dust bin less frequently. Do watch out for things like dog toy fluff, rubber gloves, dryer sheets, bits of paper, or anything that could clog the bin or self-empty tunnel.**Mop Feature**The mop feature is a no-steam wet mop that certainly won't deep clean your floors but will keep them clean and free from most of the tiny tiny dirt that a vacuum alone can't pick up. I'd say it's equivalent to mopping with a Swiffer without any extra exertion/pressure applied for any problem spots. The water tank seems to hold about 100 ml which is more than enough to mop about 900 sq-ft. I add a drop or two of cleaning solution just to give it a little extra cleaning "oomph". I love that the mop pads are reusable.**App, Mapping, & Remote Control, Battery Life**The mapping capabilities are excellent. The Uoni really gets in as many nooks and crannies as it can, the cliff sensor is excellent, and the cleaning pattern makes sure every bit of the floor is accounted for. We have a coffee table with a flower-shaped metal base and you can see the "petals" of the flower on the map and the vacuum gets into the crevices very well.As others have noted, the advertised capability to store up to 10 maps isn't really true. However, it stores cleaning history and the maps associated with each session. Our Uoni is docked upstairs; when I want to vacuum & mop the basement, I'll take the Uoni downstairs, *restore the basement map from the last basement cleaning session* and let it run. When finished, I then restore the map of our main floor. While it's not what is advertised (you can't name the maps or toggle between them in any clean way), it does work to vacuum the two floors of our home. Given that it stores the cleaning history and associated maps, I'm hopeful that a future software/firmware update will add true capability here.The app is relatively easy to use once you realize that you can't truly save maps. I spent a lot of time frustrated and searching for this feature only to realize it didn't truly exist. Other than that, it's easy to change settings, access the cleaning history (your key to having two or more maps/floors), and access all of the controls. I do wish the app came with more in-app instruction or instruction in the user manual as you have to figure out the zoning, pin-and-go, and room clean features yourself.I haven't found the included remote to be helpful considering that the app is easier to use and more accessible than tracking down the remote. The instructions of what each button does are a little vague and I find that the remote functions are different than the app functions. A nice touch, I suppose, but a little useless given the app.I believe that the advertised battery life is 3 hours. The first few times you use the Uoni, it will use more battery than normal as its expending extra energy on mapping your home. Battery life is better once the map is established. Mopping uses less battery as it doesn't really suction when mopping.Again, overall, while the Uoni isn't perfect, it's pretty close and seems to be the most competent robot vacuum on the market. I hope to update this review in a year with information about replacing parts/maintenance and overall longevity.
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    Joe Ger.
    August 13, 2022
    So far so good
    I needed a smarter robo vac that mops and this one had a price that was difficult to ignore. Except for needing to reset a couple of times the vacuum,mop, and dust discharge are working great. It’s a little louder than my other one but the suction is better so there ya go. Definitely worth the money.
    Seth Oldweiler
    July 24, 2022
    Excellent Vacuum, Excellent Customer Service
    The media could not be loaded.  I have owned this vacuum since Christmas 2021. I have 4 children and 1 inside animal. I have hardwood and carpeted floors. I came to leave this review because I was blown away by how amazing my customer service was.I purchased the Uoni 980V model with sweeping and mopping features. I have used both. While the water tank is not large, it is sufficient to mop one room at a time before changing the water. I have loved this vacuum as it is relatively quiet in normal suction mode. It was a great robotic vacuum!While cleaning one day, it started giving the error in the video below. "Abnormal fan". After cleaning it as best as we good by dusting and using canned air, we couldn't resolve the error code. In messaging customer service, they had a replacement vacuum sent to us within days (minus the holiday). We didn't have to go through the hassle of sending the old one back. Now we have our new one up and running and it has done great!Customer service is top notch! Thank you Uoni!
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    July 17, 2022
    Shockingly good vacuum... Great Prime Day purchase... UPDATE
    Instructions are a bit dense. Yet to master the Wifi control. The provided "remote" is decentVacuuming is strong enough to perk up the nap in fairly deep pile carpeting. And unit is small enough to vacuum across narrow traffic areas (halls and between bed and furniture or walls) which helps helps the perking.Battery lasts long enough to cover a 2500 sq ft home.Was puzzled for a while by unit's "occasional refusal to self clean and then dock for recharge" until realized that this is result of dirt compartment being jammed. It's not as if most of the area has never seen a vacuum. It has and it's seen a good upright at that. Manually dump the unit's bin and unit will then clean and dock. Some combination of a deeper clean and accessing areas that the upright can not get to, e.g., under dressers, beds, etc., has produced the jammed dirt compartment.Note: It's a simple, but clever feature that the cleaning tool is stored in a slot in the dirt compartment.Solution? Don't let it do the whole house until it has covered the halves enough to have them better cleaned.Is faster and quieter and more thorough than our old, original, meandering iRobot vac.While it the unit has a "mop", it is not a "wet vac" so going to try to revive our old iRobot for this duty.UPDATE: Vac was getting confused going to unload and dock. Thorough cleanings seemed to help then did not. A question about where the ebattery was, how to change etc., hit my email.... I ignored it. More clean out/ recharge balks and I thought maybe it needs a hard reset, so where is the battery? Some disassembly required, but very minor.foour(4) screws hold a soft flap under the front of the unit. Two more hold the twin edge brushes inplace. So six total. Lift the flap and a blue battery is in view... and a bunch of dust. Battery wiggles out of its slot, disconnect/ reconeect wiggle back in.The reboot work? We shall see...
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    Mr. Spock
    June 20, 2022
    Responsive company makes a difference
    I purchased the Uoni V980 Plus with self-emptying dustbin on the strength of reviews here and elsewhere, as well as information on the vendor's website.The unit and its components were well-packaged, and assembly was straightforward. However, linking the robot to my home's Wi-Fi network and mobile app took much longer than it should have, largely because of poor documentation. I don't think the instructions were ever proofread by a native English-speaker, so some steps were unclear. I had to repeat the procedure multiple times before the app connected and let me control the vacuum.Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any information about how to use the app, so whatever I've learned has been by trial-and-error. For example, I can't tell if there's any way to fine-tune the map to avoid specific areas, such as a raised strip next to an exit door that gives the machine problems. I also don't see a way to rename rooms to my preference, or guidance on how to best use the app in a multi-story home.Having said that, the robot does its vacuuming job quite well. It's fairly loud on its middle suction setting, though not horribly so, and the battery is more than sufficient to do our ground floor rooms (around 800 square ft) with power to spare. The vacuum transitions between hardwood and carpet easily, and it's adept at avoiding objects. The self-emptying function works well, too. I don't expect the robot to take the place of a proper vacuum, but it's great at picking up loose dirt like crumbs around the dinner table, pet hair, and other light debris. I haven't used the wet mopping function and don't plan to, since it only uses water. We use a floor mop and cleaning solution for that.I wrote to the company on their website requesting further information about the app, but never heard back. With proper instructions, I'd rate the Uoni four or perhaps five stars, but as things stand, three is all the robot gets. I'll update my review if anything changes.EDIT: The company got in touch with me after my review, and they've been very forthcoming and responsive since then, reaching out to me several times to see how things were going. The software's UI still could stand some revision, but once you get used to it, it does the job. It's also important to have realistic expectations. Robots like this can't replace all your floor cleaning tools, but they're convenient for routine tidying up.
    June 15, 2022
    As good as the well-known brands
    I took a gamble with this vacuum, not knowing what to expect. I had previously owned a $700 Ecovacs that lasted a little over a year before it died on me 2 months after its warranty expired and I refused to spend a small fortune on yet another robot vacuum. Much to my surprise, this vacuum has so far exceeded my expectations and is superior to my former, expensive name-brand robot.The Uoni was a breeze to set up. Surprisingly, it mapped my house in only 1 try, whereas it took my former vacuum at least 5 times before it could properly map my home. The app interface is a bit clunky in the sense that you can not create your own rooms, but the "zone" section allows you to to add area cleaning (click on 'Create Area') and remove areas (by clicking on 'Area'-- I thought this part could have been better explained). The 'pin and go' section in the app has also been pretty helpful, as it allows me to mark a particular area of the house and deploy the vacuum to clean up a small mess.The vacuum itself works very well and needs very little babysitting, at least compared to my older, more expensive robot. It will get tangled on loose cable ends and on the fringes of an oriental carpet; otherwise it does a great job of avoiding object and zooming around them. The noise level is low, yet the suction is great, and it always returns to the dock. The mop is a bit of a gimmick; it does not hold a lot of water and is the equivalent of dragging a wet rag over the floor, but this seems to be par for the course in hybrid vacuums. It helps to wet the mop beforehand and to insert a folded piece of paper towel between the mop pad and the vacuum to increase the pressure between the mopping plate and the floor.All in all I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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    May 23, 2022
    Dark carpet issue
    Edit: Nov2021 the customer service reached out to me, more than once as I missed the first message, to make things right. They have been incredibly supportive and responsive. Everything you’d want in a customer service department. I was able to reboot the vacuum and get it working. But I have not been able to disable the cliff sensor so I cannot use it for my main room which has a dark carpet.So if your house is free of dark carpets, you will very likely be more than satisfied with this vacuum. It does a thorough job of cleaning the floors, repeatedly going over areas to ensure they are clean. The radar mapping works great. The unit easily finds its way home. I have multiple pets and the vacuum has been really nice for keeping the floors clean on a daily basis. And you can take comfort in knowing there is a customer service department that stands behind the product. To me, that alone, adds value to this vacuum.Edit: On August 21st, three months after purchasing. The vacuum no longer works. DO NOT BUY!!! The little brushes spin around, but the wheels sit motionless. Just stopped. Completely. Very expensive mistake.This vacuum works great on everything except a dark carpet. The dark carpet sets off the cliff sensor even though the room has been mapped. I Googled and found this is a known issue with all brands of robot vacuums and the simple fix is to cover the sensors with tape. Cool! Easy fix right? Nope. Not with this vacuum. Covering the sensors with tape made the vacuum unusable.I've written the manufacturer to see if there is a way to disable these sensors. If not, it gets returned as it's useless to me otherwise.
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    May 4, 2022
    Good it m
    We ordered this self cleaning vacuum to replace a different auto vacuum that had an unfortunate "puppy training " accident. At the beginning his vacuum was excellent and the mapping was great. We had no issues at all and the vacuum worked perfectly. After about 4 months of use the "self cleaning" portion stopped working. We have replaced the bags and filters and the auto clean function just stopped working even though it makes the loud noise like it should be working. Now 6 months after owning the unit it only charges a small amount and runs for 10 minutes before needing to be recharged. Overall very disappointed with this purchase. Rather than rewrite my review I thought I would just update it instead. After writing the review I figured I had nothing to lose so I started taking apart the collector. After I removed the 5 ting screws on the bottom of the unit I found a hair all that was the size of a small pony blocking the ducting. After removing this encumbrance the unit worked perfectly. So it was operator error and not the fault of the machine! Works great again!
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    Larry C.
    May 4, 2022
    Documentation is terrible
    The unit seems great, but the instructions are terrible. The unit will do a lot but no instructions telling how to do it.
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    Nancy R
    April 25, 2022
    Don't let the lower price fool you....
    This vacuum does an amazing job on our carpeted and hardwood floors, and we have two dogs. For the most part it is just as quiet as the others, for about 10 seconds it is loud when it self-empties.... however,...it is so worth it...
    Robert T. Shinn
    April 24, 2022
    Good, but some critical functions not working or missing
    Good1. Well made2. Good suction3. Nice mapping, but limited4. Good battery lifeBad:1. Dust bin emptying never works. Useless. Yes I've checked everything, and I have it set to empty every day. The dust bin is never over full at all.2. Can't define/schedule cleaning by room3. Gets caught up in rug fringes4. Won't clean under bed because of bed skirt.1&2 are killers. I'm deciding whether to return. Some fixes could likely be done with software/firmware updates, I would think. But not the dust bin issue.See photo of dust still in dust bin, even though I got message "dust collection successful". I think the problem is that the spring on the exit flap for the dust bin is too strong.
    April 22, 2022
    Bad experience for us Sadly! Had high hopes!
    The suction power was good but not great. Still left behind things . More for hardwood floors where as on the carpet it didn’t do very well. We have 3 dogs so we need something with a lot of suction.I had this vacuum for 2 days and on the 3rd day it stopped working because of a error that said “abnormal radar speed”. Tech support never got back with an answer on trouble shooting and I tried resetting, turning on/off , wiping clean all sensors , you name it . Tried it all. And it wouldn’t clean anymore.The mopping feature wasn’t designed to scrub your floors by any means (just a wet microfiber cloth dragging behind it) but it did pick up some dirt that was lightly stuck that the vacuum left behind. I didn’t have high expectations for it though so it was what I expected.The app worked nice and set up pretty well. A little tricky to get the hang of for no go zones and such but once you played with it, it got easier.Loved how you could clean a specific room by just clicking zones and selecting the Room you wanted cleaned. Easy and convenient.The battery life was great , it did make it through our entire house (bigger In size) and first off, never got stuck once (amazing to me) and two still had 25% battery life left after finishing! That was impressive to me.Wish I would have had a better experience with Customer service and fixing the issue ASAP because overall I liked the product but I bought it to help lesson the load of vacuuming all the dog hair and only 2days of using it , it stopped working and no response on how to fix . So I returned to purchase with another brand.
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    April 8, 2022
    Excellent vacuum!
    Amazing product. It does not get stuck nearly as much as our other robot vacuums. After buying one for my house, we got one for the office and one for my mother-in-law’s house. It does a fantastic job and will keep buying this product. “Herbie” is cool. Our dogs are not even annoyed by him.
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    March 18, 2022
    I love this thing.
    About a week in. Let's start out with I didn't want to spend the $ on a shark so I read and reread reviews. I have 3 dogs, a cat and 2 kids.The amount of pet hair this thing has picked up already is insane.- you can schedule when it runs, I love this. I included a screen shot of when mine runs. You can also determine when it empties itself, that part is loud so I don't do that at night. Seems to be working so far-people complained about the app. So far I have not had any issues with the app. It may be more simple than some but it does what I need it to. There is a maintenance log showing current state, I really like this.-the unit talks to you, so if there is a problem it tells you what the problem is. For example, on my second run the empty feature was not working. Robot told me the bag was full. I looked and everything seemed ok... Turns out it was so full it couldn't empty itself. I cleaned it out a bit and set it back on and hit self clean. Boom it worked, no problem.- the sensors are good. My kids use some food out tables sometimes and this will bounce around it and make it's way without knocking anything over.-it will eat your phone cord if you leave that laying across the floor .. kids *facepalm.-it finds it's way home no problem-it doesn't run over my dog is she doesn't move, it goes around her-noise level is about half to a third or what my stand up vacuum is-thr unit itself is a little taller than I thought it would be so it doesn't fit under the couch,this was a bummer. But my fault and not the unit-coverage is good, gets close to furniture and under kitchen cabinets, flows on and off carpet to hard wood seemlesslyWill update in a couple months
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    March 13, 2022
    My favorite member of the household
    We’ve had this guy (his name is James - thanks Ruth Chew) since Amazon Prime Day and it really is the best purchase I’ve made since … ever?We have three dogs, one of which sheds a TON, so it was either vacuum constantly or live in filth. We have vinyl flooring on 1,800 sf first floor and it takes a couple of hours to run - you can set up a schedule so it automatically starts - we’ve got it set to run at 8:30 am.There are three levels of suction - so far only used the lowest level which works just fine. The roughly 2-hour cycle uses about 75% of the battery charge so upping the suction would probably deplete faster and it might need to recharge mid-cycle which would just take too long for me.The transfer from the small on-board dustbin to the large bin is LOUD as F but only lasts about 10 seconds.I’ve not used the remote b/c I use the app on my phone. Using the app you see your floor plan and where the vac and the base are. You can send him to certain areas, block off other areas (like a zero-entry shower or pet food area where it might be wet), see battery level, running time, and square meters covered. You can pause the cycle (like if your Great Dane suddenly poops in the middle of the kitchen while James is zipping around), send him back the base, change suction, see vacuuming history, etc.James also talks to you if he gets stuck on something or if there’s another error. Also when he goes back to dock to empty and begins charging cycle.The companion dustbin is great for us because of the amount of dog hair we have. You can set the vacuum to empty into the bin every 1,2,or 3 cycles - I set it to every day. I’ve replaced the vacuum bag once (wasn’t totally full - about 4 weeks of gunk).He’s got stuck twice, once when he ran over a phone charger cable left on the floor and another time he sucked up part of a dog toy. I’ve also had to get him belly up & manually empty the small on-board dustbin a few times and untangle long hairs from the rotating thingamajigs. Do I love this? No. But it’s def worth it because otherwise I’d have to do the vacuuming. Takes 3 or 4 mins, is easy to remove the bin or the roller brush and James is back in action.Haven’t used the water tank to wash floors because it looks to hold as much water as an espresso cup.All in all this thing is amazing - I love him! The only improvement would be if he had legs and could go up- and downstairs.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Kathy Rupert Kindle Customer
    March 9, 2022
    Great deal after you get computer set up.
    Worked very good, the setup was hard and still working at it after a week. And was hard to find help for running it and no real person to talk you through. If you are computer savvy would recommend, meanwhile keep trying to use cause it does clean well.
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    January 1, 2022
    THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. I have 5 cats, 2 toddlers and 4 adults in the household. Needless to say, we were vacuuming continuously with the cat fur alone. Uoni has made life simpler, this product is well worth the investment. I recently tried the vac/mop feature, I was totally satisfied at its performance.It does more than I could have ever imagined, and it keeps our cats occupied.I gave it a 4-rating due to the APP, it's very confusing and doesn't give much instruction on how to program areas for cleaning. Wish it came with manual on programming
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    November 30, -0001
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