Niche Zero Coffee Grinder US 120v Version – White

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Type                             :     Burr Grinder

Power Source               :     Wall Plug-in
Model                           :     ZERO
Type of Coffee Made    :     Espresso
Components Included  :    Coffee Grinder
Colour                           :    White


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Niche Zero Coffee Grinder White with UK Plug – Purchased New In March 2022.

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder White with UK Plug – Purchased new in March 2022

In full working order and looks like new, still has manufacturers warranty.

I have ground approximately 2.5kg of coffee (x10 250g high quality bags) through the grinder.

It is an absolute pleasure to use, easy to dial in compared to other grinders on the market.

I have cleaned the grinder and run through Urnex Grindz G01 grinder cleaner (natural food safe ingredients) so please ensure you run 20-30g of coffee beans through the grinder before making your first delicious cup.

Only reason for sale is I have now decided to go down the speciality coffee pod route as I just don’t have the time for a full blown coffee hobby yet! (I will be back)

Will be shipped in original box.


101 reviews for Niche Zero Coffee Grinder US 120v Version – White

    October 28, 2022
    Grinds a nice cup of beans
    Use the Ode to grind coffee for my filter coffee. Brings the flavour of beans through, more than my previous grinder.
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    October 24, 2022
    An Almost Perfect Grinder
    The media could not be loaded.  I’ve used several grinders in this price range, and this has to be one of the best - Great look, quiet, uniform grinds…but it has a serious flaw - the bean hopper is poorly designed - as you can see in the video, the beans do not automatically flow into the grinder, you have to manually push them in and some times it causes a blockage. Fix this and it’s a 9/10 product. Don’t buy if you want your beans to grind automatically.
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    Manolo Matos
    October 22, 2022
    Great aesthetics, decent performance
    Great looking grinder, very silent comparably. Small footprint and will sit pretty on your counter. However it’s a bit messy and static is for sure a problem (spraying technique helps a lot with this). If you are looking for clarity though, you’re gonna need to upgrade the burrs. I would recommend skipping it altogether and getting a comandante or another comparable hand grinder.
    Gene Fisher
    October 19, 2022
    Quietest Grinder I've had
    This is a solid grinder. It looks sleek and contemporary on the kitchen counter. Clearly designed by coffee drinkers. It is quiet. Auto-off feature handy while multi-tasking.
    October 17, 2022
    Still a work in progress
    It is frustrating to outlay several hundred dollars on a premium product that is supposed to be a class leader only for there to be issue after issue, which the vendor will happily ask you to pay for in order to get the quality product you bought in the first place. That’s the ODE experience, but also the nature of buying from Fellows, which is a crowdsource funding driven company, with a series of well received but distinctly iterative products to its name.The ODE is a solid product and a good grinder. It is probably on its way to being a great grinder. But several of the novel choices made by its designers have proven to require further refinement to satisfy those very particular about their coffee experience as well as those who simply want a quality product that is a pleasure to use. Coffee nerds already know about the ODE, so let me instead speak to folks who might consider themselves coffee enthusiasts, but who’ve stopped short of making it a lifestyle. Here’s what I think those folks should know…The ODE is not for espresso. By design it does not grind fine enough. But it will work very well for drip coffee, pour over, french press, siphon pots — basically most of your COFFEE coffee preparations Most of us aren’t making espresso at home. So as long as that’s you, this grinder is a good choice.The ODE has a small, low profile bean hopper and is best for brewing 10 cup batches or smaller. Not having a big bean-holding receptacle on top (compared to say the Baratza grinders — also great) might be a feature for you (it was for me) but if you have one of these mega 12 cup drip coffee makers, you might get annoyed at spilling your beans as you try to fill it day by day.The ODE is a pretty good grind experience. The grinder is marginally quieter than some competitors. It has a very handy auto-off function that works well. Just hit the button and it finishes on its own. This was a major selling point for me and I appreciate this functionality every single day over the Baratza grinder that it replaced. You’ll probably appreciate it too.A small caveat — I did find that the front plate on my ODE rattled a bit when grinding (should this really happen on a grinder that uses great industrial design as a major selling point? I think, no), but tucking a little bit of insulating material underneath dealt with the issue easily.The ODE is very messy. One place where I don’t think the designers really scored is in the catch basin. The grinder uses a small metal cup, with a removable rubber lid to catch the finished grounds. This cup is lined up precisely by magnets in the base of the grinder so, in theory, you just sort of push it in and the magnets do the rest. Unfortunately this system, in practice is problematic.Given that grinds stick to the edges of the catch basin and the lid, these two are very difficult to match up. It is fiddley and annoying and the worst part of using the grinder, for me, If you don’t quite get the lid nestled correctly, the whole magnet alignment doesn’t quite work either. And you may not notice until after you’ve started your grind, which then clogs everything up and the ODE beeps at you angrily.At that point, you’ve got to poke your finger (or the finger alternative of your choice) up into the grind mechanism to clear the backed up coffee grounds. This only takes a few moments but it is guaranteed to make a tremendous mess.Even aside from this specific issue, the lid and catch basin aren’t a general pleasure to use. The experience is messy and fussy and did I mention messy? It’s messy. Much more so than the experience with some grinders at a similar quality and price point.The ODE does come with a knocker on the right hand side (sorry lefties, no love for you) but this is more for show. It does nothing to help any of the issues above (in fact, Fellows already has a knocker 2.0 kit available, if you want to pay for it). Likewise, Fellows also has new grinder burrs and a bunch of other new tweaks for the latest version of the ODE — small comfort to those of use who bought in on the promise of a well-considered and well tested product in the first place.If you purchase this grinder, you’ll enjoy it. And it will certainly perform well. It has features that other grinders in its class can’t match. But the experience is still rough around the edges in areas where Fellows has attempted to challenge the way everyone else has been making these tools. If you can live with that, there is a lot to like here that sets the ODE apart from its more traditionally designed rivals.I don’t regret my purchase but my experience with the ODE has led me to be more cautious in the future about investing $$$ in other Fellows products until they have gone through several upgrade cycles. These folks are sincere in their high aims, but I would advise caution about being an early adopter.
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    Amazon Customer
    October 15, 2022
    Makes great coffee, but can't grind all the beans in the hopper
    Pros:- fabulous design aesthetic compared to all the other "standard issue" looking bean grinders out there- makes great tasting coffee- doesn't make a mess (once you get the hang of everything)Cons:- like so many others online, I experienced issues with the beans not completely emptying out of the hopper . Sometimes it would empty all the way, other times it would take 2-3 cycles to empty the hopper completely. It was very inconsistent.I opened a ticket with tech support and they said they're aware of the issue, but there's no estimated time to provide any kind of a permanent fix. Their best solution was to "pour the beans in the hopper while it's grinding." I guess some people may be ok with this, but if you're spending $300 dollars (plus tax) on a coffee bean grinder, it had better function pretty close to perfect. Even the $50 bean grinders you get from Target or Wal-Mart are capable of grinding all the beans in the hopper.What doesn't make much sense here is that I experienced this issue within 2 days of owning the device -- how does this glaring deficiency get through an entire product, engineering and QA organization?Summary:Unfortunately I am sending this back until a permanent fix is made available. I can't justify the expense for the missing functionality. It's a shame because it looks fantastic on the counter and it makes a good cup of coffee.
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    October 10, 2022
    Makes a mess, but this was an awesome upgrade
    Makes a mess, but this was an awesome upgrade for me. I use less coffee to get the same strength.
    Cool Daddy
    October 2, 2022
    Good grinder for the right brew method
    This is a good grinder for use with a Moccamaster brewer. I highly recommend using a spritz of water on the beans before grinding to eliminate most of the static buildup that can happen without using this method. The grinds knocker is useful but you will need to use it several times to remove the majority of the grinds left in the chute. I’m picky about retention so this is always done both after grinding and before grinding the next day. This routine has proven to be very useful in keeping the grinder as clean as possible. For those that are having major problems with static and retention… you are either using this grinder in an overly dry climate and/or are not following the RDT procedure and/or are not using moderately fresh beans. I would only choose beans that are no more than two months from their roast date, and that’s pushing it. Overall, very good grinder for the right brew method and looks great on the counter.
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    September 28, 2022
    Very messy grinder
    Some pro’s:1) It looks very nice on my counter2) It’s quite3) It doesn’t take up a lot of spaceSome con’s:1) Extremely messy (there should be a new attachment coming out soon that might help with this)2) I have only been able to get good tasting coffee by using the lowest grind setting (using v60). There should be a new burr set coming out soon that might correct this issue.3) I lose .5 to 1 gram of coffee in the grind process. Some gets stuck in the burrs. Some ends up all over my counter.
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    Martin Harriman
    September 22, 2022
    Delicious coffee: consistent, quick, and quiet
    I grind for a cone filter (Technivorm), and this works exactly as advertised. Grind size is super-simple to set and consistent every time, so I could find the size that works for my coffee and brewer easily, and repeat it every morning for delicious coffee--all without having to think before coffee, which of course is always the fun part of making coffee in the first place. For a grinder that works this well and consistently, it's reasonably priced, too. I couldn't be happier.
    September 11, 2022
    The best
    Very happy with this grinder. It's murders coffee beans. It's quiet while doing it too.
    Ryan McSweeney
    September 10, 2022
    Know what to expect. Not for finer grinds unless...
    Reviewing after 3 months of daily use.Mine arrived not at all calibrated. The finest setting produced coffee too coarse for a french press. I contacted customer service and they were very helpful and quick to respond. I mostly needed to know that I wouldn't be messing up the return process by taking a screwdriver to it and calibrating it, which was a pretty easy process.This grinder does will not grind for espresso, aeropress or a Bialetti unless you buy blades almost as expensive as the grinder. Great for pour over and french press. It is much quieter than an Encore, and it is very nice to be able to press start and not mind it. It's a little messy.
    Henry Cheng
    September 10, 2022
    trendy and friendly design
    Received and used for 10 days so far. Outlook is trendy, very easy to use, just 1 button. The only problem is the grinds spill all over the place when removing the container.
    Edler Jeremiah Olanday
    September 10, 2022
    Beautiful, Fast, Quiet, Consistent, but Overpriced
    The first thing you notice is how beautiful the grinder is. It is small enough to fit under my kitchen cabinets and very aesthetically pleasing (especially if you have the Fellow kettle as well). It is also one of the quietest coffee grinders I have ever used and quick as well. I barely have to wait 15 seconds for the grinder to work through 30 grams of beans. The biggest gripe I have with the machine is retention and static.The grinder will leave A LOT of grounds in the burrs, leaving a mess and it can mess up your brewing ratios if you don't measure the grinds that come out. But I have been able to counter this issue...1. BEFORE GRINDING, slightly wet your beans. I saw this trick from James Hoffman and it works wonders. Take the handle from a spoon/fork/knife and quickly run it under the tap. Then move it around your already measured beans such that they get VERY SLIGHTLY wet. You don't want a pool of water under the beans. This will help with static.2. After you finished grinding your beans, slap your grinder like it borrowed your pen without asking and never gave it back. And I mean hit it HARD. You want to get all the grounds out of the machine. Use the knocker. Hit the top. Hit the side. Even run the grinder again to make sure you get all the grounds out.After doing these steps, I've been able to get the same amount of coffee out that I put in. I can even slap the top of the machine without the bin installed and nothing comes out. But with this in mind, I have knocked out one star.Overall, it is a beautiful, quick, and quiet machine. I'm a sucker for good-looking things so I would pay the price for this. But I'm disappointed that at $300, I need to fight this thing to get all the precious coffee grinds out of it. I would ONLY recommend this if you like the aesthetic. Otherwise, go for something WAY cheaper.
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    September 8, 2022
    "VERY BAD" Hopper Design
    The media could not be loaded.  Pros:1) Grind quality is great for coffee using SSP Red Speed Coated 64mm Flat Brew Burrs!2) Sufficiently quiet.3) Low profile.4) Magnetic Catch is a nice touch.5) Having a knocker is a nice touch as well.Cons:1) Hopper is not steep enough! Dark Roast beans stick constantly. Another 5mm steeper in design may do the trick. There is a very good reason why every other hopper in other brands have a much steeper design (See included video). Clearly, Dark Roast beans were not part of testing and/or quality control.2) Lot of static, so not all grinds make it out into the catch. Most of this issue can be resolved by a spritz of water using a small spray bottle.Note: This grinder was initially released in 2020. I have since purchased a 2nd Fellow Ode Grinder over the last month and it "still" has the same issue with the hopper.
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    September 6, 2022
    Has some issues
    You’re probably familiar with all of the reasons to buy this good grinder.The issues that, for me, knocked this down from being a 5 star grinder are (1) fairly often the beans will fail to slide down into the grinder and it will shut off with beans in the hopper (2) it’s notably messy and (3) it retains around 2 grams of old grinds inside the machine. If you hit the grind knocker and tilt the machine you can knock loose these 2g.Better than average but not GREAT
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    Nate Vogel
    September 2, 2022
    I want to love it, but it fails for V60
    What other reviewers have said is true. It just can't grind fine enough for single serve V60. I dose 18g and even at the very finest setting I was getting brew times of 2:00-2:30, when it should be 3:00-3:30.While the Ode is marketed as a brew grinder, it fails to perform for one the most common brewers. Unfortunately, I'm better off with a $60-80 electric burr grinder at this point, simply because they can grind finer. Hence, the 3-star review for not being able to do what it says it should do.I have high hopes for future editions of the Ode. Fellow has a good thing going. But if you like to use a V60, look elsewhere!
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    She cooks healthy
    August 26, 2022
    Compact and grinds perfectly
    Love the weight of this grinder and the quality of the grind. It looks terrific on the counter next to our Moccamaster but more importantly, this combo delivers a great cup of coffee every morning. I noticed that some have complained about a "messy" counter from the grinding shoot but if you would squirt just a tiny bit of filtered clean water on the beans just before grinding, that problem goes away. Really happy in Chapel Hill!
    WS Wade
    August 22, 2022
    best consumer burr grinder.
    I used to have a very similar cuisinart grinder with upgraded commercial burrs. When it was stolen, I looked to replace it, but it was no longer available. The layout and design of this grinder is nearly identical in all respects. The doserless hopper is a large improvement over it’s predecessor, Also dialing-in the desired particle size is much easier on this model. The auto-stop feature is a god-send. & the Chute-clearance is an obvious upgrade.I have had no issues with the burrs. The machine runs cool. Of course, you will want to use a brush to tidy up around the grinder after using & dispense with small loose grinds, but this is expected with any industry-leading grinder.
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    August 18, 2022
    An excellent, messy grinder
    Personal uses:- Drip- Pour-overs- Cold brewPros- Consistent grind- Quiet (compared to every other electric coffee grinder I have owned)- Simple- Low height and small footprintCons- MessyThis is nearly the perfect coffee grinder for me and my wife and we're glad to have it despite the mess.We mostly grind for drip and pour overs so we weren't concerned about the espresso range. In fact, our last grinder was marketed as more of an espresso grinder and and produced a lot of fines when set for the courser grind we usually choose. The Ode is much better in that regard.We're able to get around 90g of beans in the hopper with the lid closed, which is what we typically use for our drip coffee maker. If you use more than that on a regular basis that's something to keep in mind. Out of 100+ grinds we've done, the hopper only failed to fully empty on its own twice.Electric coffee grinders can be LOUD! I keep wanting to call this one quiet but its really not. What it is, however, is the quietest electric coffee grinder that I've used. No more plugging my ears because I just woke up and don't want to start my day with that horrible sound. No more opting for the hand-held grinder because I woke up early and don't want to wake my wife. Win-win!And now my only gripe... the static electricity this thing generates must be insane! I have found it to be the messiest electric grinder I have owned. The burrs can hold a lot of grinds even after using the tapper, and its not uncommon for me to knock a couple of grams or more out of the burrs once the grind is complete. There are ways to mitigate the static problem to some degree (like putting a drop of two of water in with your pre-ground beans for example) but its still pretty messy.All in all this is a great grinder for the course-grind crew. Despite the mess I would buy it again, though I do hope to see some improvement with an Ode 2.
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    August 17, 2022
    Beautiful and quite but a little messy.
    Definitely classes up my kitchen counter, produces a consistent grind, and doesn’t give you ear trauma when you turn it on before your first cup of coffee.On the minus side it’s significantly messier than my kitchenaid that howled like a banshee.All and all I’m happy with the product and my ears and eyes are happy with me.
    Ben Schilling
    August 16, 2022
    Comically bad design
    The look of this grinder is indeed beautiful, but form was unfortunately put way before function here. Sure, it grinds quite well, and quietly, but it is an absolute nightmare to clean. The grind gets everywhere and the static it generates doesn’t help. The magnetic cup is a solid thought but it’s too short, and it not meeting the chute allows grind to go everywhere. I could forgive some of these flaws, but the real kicker is that the hopper doesn’t smoothly feed the coffee into the burrs - I have to babysit the feed, pushing down the beans to ensure all were ground. As stated in the title, a comically bad design, as if it went from paper to production with zero prototyping in between.
    August 10, 2022
    Made a switch from Bodum Bistro - what a difference!
    I've been using Bistro for over 4 years now and it served me well. Recently upgraded to the Ode and ... few observations:1. the consistency of the grind is amazing / the spread in particle sizes is very small. Reproducing taste and flavor is just so much easier!2. while not silent, this machine is noticeably quieter - the chassis is made of metal rather than plastic. this also makes the grinding sound much more pleasant. When the beans bin empty, the sound of engine running is a lot more quiet compared to Bistro.3. there's a ton of little things, such as magnet that snaps the coffee cup in place, or the spring to help with retention, that help make this grinder a lot less messy. Also, it comes with a brush to help with the particles. the cup is made of metal, which helps with static electricity that works like a magnet for some of the coffee particles.4. it looks sexy.Bottom line is - this grinder is fantastic and beats the Bistro hands down. If you're wondering whether to buy this or something else - ask yourself a question how much you spend on coffee each month, and what kind of coffee you drink. If you drink pour-overs/v60/chemex/french press/... and spend $100+ a month on coffee, you will appreciate this grinder a lot.
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    Amy B.
    August 5, 2022
    Dissatisfied with structure of product for the price
    I am a Fellow Product follower and thought this expensive grinder would do the trick for my French Press brewing.However, after using this grinder for about a month I expected it to easily and flawlessly grind any coffee bean placed in it…no matter the weight of the bean.This product did not meet my expectations on its ability to fully grind any bean (weight of the bean) placed into the grinder burr; not to mention when I ground the coffee bean of choice, I only ground 34g of beans…nothing more or nothing less.Additionally, the structural build of the grinder is extremely difficult to clean as I had to tip it on the side to use the special brush to clean the dispenser of the burr area in order to remove the left over grounds.As far as the actual grind of the bean that spit out into the container, I would agree with the exceptional grinding results of the bean…as to the capability for French Press brewing. To note, I did not try any other grinder settings except 6-8 ranges.When/if a new grinder is built in the future, I would suggest a complete different structural blueprint to consider these points.
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    Lucas R.
    August 2, 2022
    Great out of box - Excellent with upgrades
    So my daily driver is a V60 and I mainly make pour-overs, but occasionally french press too. Out of box, this will do AMAZING things for your french press...but grinds much larger than I would for pour-overs at it's finest setting. I had a discount and a gift card, so I didn't mind spending another $180 on the SSP red speed burr set (all in all, my expense on my setup is about $390) and I am thrilled with the results.After calibrating and grinding a couple kilos of coffee through it, I have had some of the best coffee I've ever had, but I realize the expense can be a turn off for a lot of people. If you're wanting something that meets your needs out of the box and you mainly grind for french press? Do yourself a favor and buy. If you make pour-overs through espresso though, I recommend saving up and spending around $400-500 for 1 item that meets your needs rather than doing the upgrades.For anyone who is curious, out of the box it's incredibly quiet, but the volume does pick up with the SSP burrs. Doesn't bother me, but it might bother some. With the SSPs, it *can* grind for espresso, but the motor isn't rated for it, so I don't recommend. I have mine calibrated so that I have a wide range of pour-over and immersion selection but not so fine that I can damage it.Cleaning and servicing is user-friendly and retention is fairly good, but my bar was pretty low when I got it to be fair. The most that's held by static for me is around .8 grams at MOST and usually releases after a few minutes with the knocker. I just grind first and then boil the water/rinse the papers and by that point it all comes loose and is ready to brew. 6.5/10 out of box (if I'm being harsh) 8.75/10 with SSP burrs. Still a gorgeous, solid piece of equipment I'm happy to own.
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    July 21, 2022
    Everything else is great except the grind size.
    This grinder looks great on the counter, feels well made, quiet, and fast. For those things, it's excellent at. The thing I struggle with this grinder is the grind size. On 1 it's still not quite fine enough for my Aeropress preference. I plan to get SSP burrs at some point, but then you could argue that this would put this in the 450-500 price range.
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    Trevor Fallbacher
    July 19, 2022
    First and only grinder
    It looks cool. Is relatively quiet and does its job. It’s kind of pricey is my only complaint. It also kind of makes a jumping movement when first turned on. The funnel that the grinds need to go through is very small so don’t expect to put a lot in there all at once without having something to push the beans down the shoot. There is a LOT of static so using liquid is a must like another commenter said. I wish they made an official statement of its ability to handle said liquid as people may have hesitation to ruin their new machine with using water. I don’t worry about rusting because of the stainless steel design and heat and oil the grinding process generates. A lot of coffee experts have been doing this method for a while. In fact, they have a name for it - the RDT method. And its heavily discussed. For a grinder like this with a pretty much useless knocker, I recommend it. Other than that, the grind and flavor has been a major increase. But I have little to compare it to as I didn’t even consider the bulkier, louder, and uglier options. If I’m going to get something, I wanted to get something I could store or leave out that looks pretty. This fits the bill. Cool brand. Cool marketing. Just feels like a hip company. I would buy more from them just for the vibez.
    D. Szpunar
    July 18, 2022
    Wonderful grinder that's a little messier than I'd like
    I upgraded to this on the first sale I saw on it in at least a year, from my original Baratza Encore, which I liked but was a bit slower, noisy, and not great for single-cup dosing in my Technivorm Moccamaster Cup One.This thing grinds amazingly fast with the big flat burrs, and does single dosing like a champ! My biggest issue is that the coffee grounds get all over, so I regularly have to clean the machine and the counter. I thought the Encore's plastic container had too much static, but the metal one with this grinder retains grounds even worse! It takes 2-3 times the effort to transfer beans from the container to the brewer, with more cleanup as I said. It's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, and I'll keep it up because I like everything else about it, but I do wish it was fixable. (This is grinding from setting 4, where it comes from the factory, to maybe in the 5s or so, most of the time. I haven't used finer or courser settings.)Otherwise, I'm entirely happy and I love this thing!
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    July 13, 2022
    Coarse grind
    The machine is beautifully designed and of sturdy built. However despite the supposedly 31 settings Ode boasts the grind is fairly coarse so you’ll definitely need to upgrade fo SSP burr if intended for espresso extraction. Also for some reason there’s always beans left in the hopper (I grind 15g at a time so it’s definitely not due to having too much beans) so I had to grind several times. Finally the mess it leaves after grinding is annoying. All in all a decent grinder with pros and cons that works best for those who enjoy occasional pour overs.
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    Amazon Customer
    July 13, 2022
    Better with time
    Initially did not like this machine. After break in and dialing the grind in, it's grown on me a lot. Upgraded to the SSP burrs and the combo makes the most consistently delicious coffee I've ever had.I've been into pour over for years, and use fellow kettles, acacia pearl scale, good beans and a V60 03 using the 4:6 method.The Ode can be messy, finicky with jamming if you try to tighten the grind after using a coarse setting, can only be cleaned if you take it apart with tools, and you must break it in with at least 16oz of oily beans (we used Starbucks dark roast). The static with lighter roasts is an issue but it goes away if you put a tiny drop of water in the beans before grinding them.All that said, it's beautiful, and capable of fantastic coffee.
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    J swizzle
    July 11, 2022
    Quiet, Simple, Amazing
    the ONLY thing I don't care for, and this is my 1 nit pick.... I keep trying to one hand grab this thing and slide it around, which is ridiculous because it's HEAVY, and I keep pulling the front plate off. 1 screw, just put 1 screw on it instead of the slip together tabs.Thats all. Other than that this is amazing, simple, perfect.
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    Mr. Rovin
    July 10, 2022
    I opened the well packed outer box to find an undamaged expensive looking protective product box with very good interior packaging.Set the Fellow Ode up with great anticipation. After all a $300 investment in a tool that's sole function is to grind coffee beans for home use should do a pretty stellar job right? Filled it up with beans, set the grind to medium, pushed the start button and... pushed the start button and...nothing. DOA. So much for quality control. This should have been an easy catch.Needless to say, I was disappointed with both the defective product AND the prospect of having to repack and return it and order/wait for another grinder. I had been anticipating a substantial upgrade from my last burr grinder (which was very capable).Heavy, compact, stylish and expensive all mean nothing when it is broken before it grinds the first bean.I returned it to Amazon with no issues and decided to save myself $200 and buy another popular (Amazons Choice) burr grinder that has good reviews. It works great at 1/3 the price. I am not what you would call a coffee snob, nor am I burdened with too much money. I do enjoy a good pot of fresh ground quality bean in the morning though. Happy to have saved the $200.I cannot say I recommend the Fellow Ode based on my experience.
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    July 10, 2022
    Expensive/poor Fellow support
    I like the low noise and generally the size. The newer ones are probably redesigned because the ground get caught up in the grinder and it is hard to clean out even with regular care as they tell you to do. You must empty your beans from the top, turn it upside down, rub the little brush vigorously inside the grinder exit hole, and then you can use it just fine. For the price, they needed the better quality grinder and other improvements. I have attempted to address a couple of problems with one of my 8+ Fellow products and found their service to be one of the worst companies I've bought from. I won't buy another product from Fellow.
    Ingo Skjefte
    July 10, 2022
    I love it. It’s my third burr grinder and by far my favorite. Highly recommend goes great with my mocca-master almost like they were made for each other.
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    July 8, 2022
    Impressive Grinder
    I didn’t think I would get this excited over a coffee grinder, but I have only ever had the small grinders that you find at Target for $25. I used one of the cheap grinders last night and couldn’t get it to grind all the beans consistently. I ended up with some really find and some that were barely ground at all. Then I tried this Fellows today and without having to do anything but drop the beans in, I had a perfectly ground set of beans with the press of a button. It has a chart to show which setting to use and then when it is finished, it automatically shuts off. And what you end up with is a very consistent, fully ground set of coffee beans. Great product and looks great too!
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    N. Walters
    July 7, 2022
    Solid Pairing For Drip Machines
    I bought the Fellow Ode primarily to replace manually grinding 60 g - 80 g in my 20 g capacity manual espresso grinder. My experience with it has primarily been brewing with a Moccamaster, but I have also used it for French press and cold brew. The Ode grinder has been a great pairing for these brew methods.The grinder produced very consistent grinds and does not seem to suffer from any major static issue. It does tend to have a noticeable bit of grind retention, and the knocker does not really help unless you let the grinder sit for a couple of minutes after completing the grind. Brewing for the Moccamaster does take you into the lower size settings for the grinder, which leads me to believe the concern over not grinding fine enough for pour-over is warranted.The design is very intuitive for use and maintenance. Any parts you interact with are well placed and easy to access. Disassembly for cleaning is very straightforward and thoroughly explained in the manual. Should you choose to upgrade the burrs to a finer set, it should be relatively simple given how easy it is to access the burrs.This is a great grinder for the price, though limited in what it can be used to brew. Upgrade paths to the burr set are reasonably priced and accessible should you want more versatility out of the machine.
    Thomas Polley
    July 5, 2022
    Great grind, gruelling process
    First, the good: the ground coffee that the Ode produces is the best I've produced at home, and makes my brew taste demonstrably better.But now for everything else. I need that coffee when I'm done, because using the Ode produces a dull throb right behind the temples every time.Beans don't slide from the hopper into the feed tube on their own, and you'll be poking them down continuously from all sides. You'll use a wooden chopstick for poking because a plastic one would leave shards in the coffee when it gets caught in the burrs, as it occasionally does. For that reason, you won't be using a metal tool or your fingers.The machine turns itself off anywhere between two and five times for every grind, but continues running at the end despite the touted auto-shutoff. So you'll be using one hand to stick-poke the beans down and one hand to keep turning it back on. What you won't be doing is anything else at all in the kitchen while this is happening.The knocker is useless at removing leftover grinds immediately after use, but the machine will later poop a little pile of them into the cup. They would just fall onto the ill-fitting rubbery plastic cup cap, but you've removed that because it does nothing but get in the way.The burrs are mostly nice and clean, though, because you'll be disassembling it with a screwdriver pretty frequently to clear jams. It's more sensitive than a mean-girl middle schooler. You'll keep a Phillips head in the bucket of spatulas on the counter, because it's easier than digging through the junk drawer to find it.Long story short, you'll enjoy that coffee, but you're gonna need it.
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    July 5, 2022
    Static electricity leaves a bit of a mess
    Grinds cling to dispenser and falls onto countertop—despite using the knocker. It’s still a noisy grinder, but not loud—much much more tolerable than other automatic grinders. To round up to 4-star, it is compact (low profile, small footprint) and looks great.
    July 1, 2022
    Brilliant grinder, quiet, uniform grind
    I love this coffee grinder. It is so quick and quiet. It does not vibrate on the counter. It makes brilliant pour over and superb cold brew. The single dosing saves a lot of messing around.I recommend this most strongly
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    R. Conley
    June 26, 2022
    Looks Great but makes a huge mess
    I've had and used this grinder for the last 9 months; here are my Pros and Cons...Pro:- This definitely is an appliance that you can leave out to add a nice aesthetic to the kitchen, it is beautiful and looks great.- I love all the different grind sizes also, it works for pretty much any type of coffee maker- It is much quieter than several grinders Ive had in the pastCons:- It is ULTRA EXPENSIVE- It makes a huge mess. Grinds get absolutely everywhere on the counter, they stick to the lid of catch jar, they shoot out while its grinding, and when you use tamper to get all the loose grinds out of the machine, it gets crazy messy...- The maintenance really sucks on this thing. Cleaning the machine is an absolute nuisance; I've had to take it apart 4 times in the last 9 months, several screws and springs, and other delicate feeling pieces, the internals dont match the youtube cleaning video either... At this price point I expect everything to be flawless, and with this machines they just are not.
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    June 23, 2022
    Beautiful, Quiet, INCREDIBLY MESSY
    I wish I had known how staticky this machine is. I had a Breville grinder before this that was great, however a bit loud. I decided to spring for this grinder thinking it was well worth the money, but honestly I do somewhat regret it. There are coffee grinds EVERYWHERE in my kitchen due to the static that this machine generates. I’m upset I’m outside of the return window. I’ve reached out to Fellow customer support and they recommended I do some trick to alleviate the static issue by setting a metal spoon and stirring the coffee beans before running them through the grinder. It makes it somewhat better but it’s still disastrous. I don’t see this machine being much better than any Breville grinder to be honest, I’d go back to Breville happily.
    J. Rouyer
    June 22, 2022
    Yes, the mess is the thing- be aware
    I purchased this grinder even though I read the reviews that mention the mess it makes- but it's worth the hassle. Well, after a couple of months, I've grown tired of cleaning up after every single... grind! Not only that, the ribbed design of the base catches and locks in the debris, making everything twice as hard to clean.Yes, the mess this makes is the thing and maybe not worth the hassle.
    the sttp 203 mi-24 gama chan loop
    June 19, 2022
    Alot of hype around this thing until I replace the burrs with third party ones
    10/10 looks, 5/10 functionality partly because its loud, messy, and finicky to work with. Also, not a fan of the metal funnels inside of the dosing cup. It does the exact opposite of simplifying your day. Produces very solid cups of drip though so flavor is 6-7.5 out of 10. Cheers.
    June 18, 2022
    Revised opinion after a couple of weeks
    I was looking for a grinder that was quieter than my (literally) nearly deafening Capresso Infinity. This Ode (with the stainless steel burrs) is comparatively very quiet, so I am happy in that regard. What I was not so happy about was the need to adjust the spacing of the burrs as soon as I tried it for the first time. On a setting of “1” (the scale going up to “11” with sub-divisions) the burrs were grinding against each other, metal-to-metal contact. Not good. In addition, with the grinder set to “4”, which is the lower recommended setting for drip coffee as inscribed on hopper’s lid, the result was a powder more suited to espresso than drip. Fortunately, the fix was easily accomplished with the required adjustment (calibration) documented on YouTube, and a Phillips screwdriver. The Ode is very messy. Static buildup is a real issue (for me anyway). If I grind a full load of coffee the grinds like to fly everywhere. If I use the fix, which is adding a VERY tiny amount of water (a drop) to the beans then stirring them up, grinds retention then becomes a problem. I haven’t tried dark oily beans yet, but I think it is going to be a problem, as it is with many (most?) grinders. My usual cleaning method for a coffee grinder is to run a tablespoon or three of uncooked rice through. However, the first time I tried it with my Ode the motor stalled. The motor used does not produce much torque. After “calibrating” the burr spacing I found that I could use the uncooked rice successfully by setting the dial to “11”. This low motor torque does not bode well for grinding a very lightly roasted bean using a fine setting.Despite the gripes, I like the Ode. It looks nice, is compact, and does what I need it to do which is to produce enough ground coffee for a 6-cup drip without causing hearing loss in the process.Revised 2022/05/30:Ok, now that I've been using this grinder extensively for a couple of weeks I'm sending it back. Yes, it is compact. Yes, it is very quiet. Yes, it looks great on my counter. Yes, it does produce a TON of static electricity and the grinds go EVERYWHERE! I just couldn't put up with the cleanup every time I used the Ode. Yes, I used the water drop method and it did reduce the static somewhat. With grinds retention already a problem due to the static electricity generated, retention became even worse when the grinds had that tiny bit of moisture added. I ended up purchasing a Baratza product that produces NO static cling in the catch cup, and (so far) grinds retention of 0.1 grams at worst. A little noisier than the Ode, but still very quiet as grinders go.
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    P. Raphaelson
    June 15, 2022
    Great if you get a good one—there are some quality control concerns
    I'm on my 2nd Ode grinder, and love it. The design is great, with a few minor caveats. The grind quality and consistency (and resulting coffee flavor) are probably the best you can get in this price range. It's very, very good.Why did I send back my first grinder? Because after 27 attempts, I could not get decent coffee out of it. No matter what I did, I got an unpleasant mix of overextracted and underextracted flavors. I went nuts. I did a photo-based grind-size distribution analysis that confirmed the grind quality was terrible. But I knew other people were getting delicious results, so I suspected alignment problems.This has been confirmed. My second sample produces excellent coffee (the better grind quality is confirmed by analysis). It's also quieter and just sounds better. Both samples had the v1.1 burrs, so no design differences.Other peoples comments about it being messy are true (much improved by adding a bit of moisture to the beans). If you're using a digital scale, beware of weighing beans into the catch bin ... the magnet on the bottom might mess up the readings. I can't use on my .01g scale, but it's fine on a bigger 1.0g scale.It's much more satisfying to use than my old Baratza. Which served my well for over 10 years, and is made by a great company. But this grinder is just nicer, and much more robust.
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    lysther jennings
    June 13, 2022
    First burr grinder purchase
    I have watched multiple reviews on this grinder so the noise wasn't really going to be a problem for me. But it is my first burr grinder so this review isn't really going to help much. All I use it for right now is pour over coffee with the V60 and it has made my consistency at making a good cup of coffee all that much better.
    June 11, 2022
    Looks = 8. Function = 3
    What good is a pretty coffee grinder that doesn't function well? Not much.Pros: Looks pretty coolCons:1) Auto shutoff doesn't work, most of the time. It runs and runs with no beans in it, after the grind.2) It doesn't have a useful grind range because it doesn't grind very finely. If you need a grinder for French Press, this will work, but if you are a pour-over drinker, not so much.3) The container is poorly designed. The lid isn't easy to get on straight, and the inner "fins" that are supposed to direct the coffee grounds when pouring them out, prevent the grounds from fully emptying from the container.4) There is retention. Not a ton, but you do have to pound on the top of it to get out remaining grounds.This should have not gone to market with such flaws, IMO.
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    H. Lu
    June 10, 2022
    Very messy
    Easy to get job done but not so easy to keep all the grounded coffee in the container. It can get very messy after several uses.
    Levent Atay
    June 8, 2022
    Looks good and grinds well
    The grinder looks like modern art and fortunately works wonderfully. Grinding is easy but note that this is not for espresso coffee beans and I find that I need to grind the coffee a bit finer than their recommended settings. For example I use a drip coffee maker and set the grinder to around 2 and their recommended setting is between 4 - 6. My OXO coffee maker does make coffee on the weaker side so that may be why. Another issue I have is the static which makes a bit of a coffee grind mess and using the knocker on the side helps a bit but I wish it did a better job of knocking the coffee off the opening and into the collection cup. Overall I would highly recommend the grinder.
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    N. J. Simicich
    June 7, 2022
    Bad design makes the grinder jam when feeding.
    As a $300 grinder, I wanted to be ecstatic with this product. It should be perfect as a dose grinder. It is not.First, if you are not familiar with the type of grinder this is; it is a "dose" grinder. You weigh or otherwise measure your beans, say 15-30 grams for a pourover or up to maybe 65 grams for a cone filter pot, and pour it in the hopper. Replace the cover to reduce noise. You set the grind size on the dial on the front. The intended operation is that you replace the cover, push a little button on the front and it quietly and quickly grinds the coffee, and detects when all the coffee is fed down and through the blades and stops.There are two problems that I see. One I knew about, the grinder is messy. Specifically, there is a gap between the grounds hopper and the grinder. Some grounds escape. I could put up with that if it was the only problem with the grinder.The second problem is that it has trouble with every dark roast coffee I put into it. If the coffee is roasted enough to develop surface oils, the shallowness of the feed ramp causes the grinder to jam. Because there is no coffee feeding down into the blades, the grinder cuts off. You push in a bit of coffee, restart the grinder, and it grinds a bit then cuts off again. This might happen three times. Once it cuts off during a grind operation, it seems to change the way it works and it will cut off randomly unless it is under no load, in which case it will not cut off until you turn it off. I think this might be intentional.Now even for a light roast, some coffee might get stuck. But this almost always happens for dark roast. I believe that all this results from a stupid design choice. They wanted the grinder to be short and compact, but it also had to have an anti-popcorning shield. Because the feed ramp is short, the gap has to be small to make sure that there is no possibility of fingers, even tiny child fingers, from getting into where the blades are. So, to make the grinder shorter and cuter they saved height by making the feed ramp shallower. This stupid choice is the sort of thing that happens when you don't allow the engineers who are responsible for the function of your product the final decisions as to the required externals. Think of it this way. Suppose there was a very cute car design that was only two feet tall. Should you build it? Or should you make it tall enough for people other who are taller than three standard deviations under the average height to get into it?The rule of design is that form follows function. When form comes first in your design, function is negatively affected. That is the case here.And the grinder therefore jams all the time. The oils on dark roast coffee, even, occasionally the random arrangement of the beans in light roast coffee, cause the beans to jam in the feed ramp.But it looks great in your kitchen.This results in a $300 grinder that not only is only suitable for grinding coffee for pourover or coarser (I knew this when I bought it) and is messy (grinds all over the table) but jams constantly with dark roast and occasionally even with light roast. You have to shake the grinder (huh!) and grind with the cover off, so that you can see feed failures, which makes it noisier.The messiness could be lessened with a different hopper cover that wiped against the bottom of the grinder and touched it during the grind operation. But the problem on the input ramp, well, the only way I see to fix that is to make the grinder taller, so that the feeding works better, and I'm not sure that is possible with just a new part.I have done a taste test with my old grinder, I think the coffee tastes better with this grinder, but the test was not blind. I wanted the coffee to taste better. I had to shake my old grinder occasionally (not as often as with this grinder) but it stayed on until turned off, not until it detected a no load condition.If I had paid $150 for this grinder, I would be a happy puppy. I would accept some problems. But I paid a premium for what I hoped would be a premium product.And it has too many problems for me to give it an unqualified recommendation. If you only grind light roast coffee, maybe, then it only jams with one out of five grinds rather than almost every grind.
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    Amazon Customer
    June 4, 2022
    Very quiet. Heavy, stable. However, it only holds a minimal amount of beans. We find we have to fill it once per pot! Our old, noisy cheap grinder held 4 x's the amount of beans!If u don't mind the extra effort, its a win. It looks so nice on the counter. More a conversation piece vs the eyesore of our old one.
    Robert A
    June 1, 2022
    My last grinder had the knob on the side making it really easy to break; This is a superior product.
    I use this for pour over coffee. I feel like it is a bit expensive but it is a good deal if I only have to buy it once. This thing feels pretty solid and probably won’t break as easily as my last grinder.
    June 1, 2022
    Doesn’t grind to a fine espresso.
    Beautiful but useless if all you drink is espresso. I hear it’s great for pour overs.
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    May 22, 2022
    Great Overall
    I’ve had this grinder for a few weeks now, and I love it not only for the design and form factor, but also because it just grinds so well.Pros+ Consistent grinds+ Attractive design+ Seems well-constructed+ With RDT, it’s not a particularly messy grinder+ Fairly quietCons- Hopper definitely needs some help; I have to watch and guide the beans from the top as they grind- Grinds often land on top and on the underside of the catch lid- Even with careful use, paint has begun to come off the catch
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    Kyle Schembri
    May 18, 2022
    Good but could be better
    Overall I’m enjoying this grinder. Two issues others will encounter. 1) The burrs are limited and you won’t be getting a fine grind out of this. 2) It seems to have static issues and can be quite messy.
    May 16, 2022
    A lot of static, but looks great and works well.
    This is well documented in online video reviews of the Fellow Ode -- the grinder is exceptionally well built, but has a terrible mess of static when using with dry beans. Stirring the beans with a drop or two of water on a wet spoon will fix the issue, but it's still an issue. The "knocker" works for the most part, but you'll almost always have a plop of coffee grounds drop out after you remove the cup. Be prepared to clean your counter top frequently! Grind quality is great. Unit motor stops prematurely with some beans unground.
    May 9, 2022
    Good bean grind quality, very messy
    Fantastic grind consistency. Extremely messy, and not easy to clean.
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    D W
    May 2, 2022
    Perfect size, speed, and quality
    The build on this is feels perfect. It isn't lightweight and cheap and feels solid. The size is perfect for under my cabinets while being able to fill it with beans. The noise is completely acceptable compared to my Baratza Sette which sounds like heavy machinery. I wish this could do espresso, but they recommend not using it for that. If it could, it would be my only grinder and I could get rid of my Sette 270.
    April 20, 2022
    Not style over substance. A balance of both.
    I've been thinking about purchasing this for a while now. After seeing it many times on YouTube videos (J.Hoffman, Normal Persons review etc) I pined for a sleek looking grinder that didn't look like a coffee machine on my worktop. Most of the top rated ones in this budget range have bulky loaders on the top, and have a 'blender' look to them. Go up a bracket, and your in high end territory where, whilst some look as phenomenal as the Ode, they certainly cater for the pro which I am not!On this topic, aside from aesthetic (which I must admit will be behind most peoples purchase) - I also wanted to up my pour over game. I was using a manual burr grinder which was under £20 from amazon, which I adjusted a few times to get to an ideal grind size. I was finding that allot of husk and boulders were present in my grinds, and the ability to dial something in that was consistent was not possible.I decided to purchase this after viewing a few more reviews on Youtube, and seeing that it was designed with a quality conscious home brewer in mind.It came next day from prime, unboxing, first thing I realised is how heavy this machine it. Its a chunk of a machine, and for good reason. With such a small frame, and such a speedy grind, it keeps the machine grounded and I think adds to the premium aesthetic.The machine looks perfect on the counter. Smart, sleek and attracts little attention. Build quality is brilliant for a v1 product, and the famous dial feels satisfying, whilst looking like something from an SLR camera lens.On first grind, I noticed a machine wobble before settling in, after which it didn't wobble again. This, I think based on other reviews, is the burrs settling in which is a thing. No issues on this front since I've used it a few times.So, my first brew. Using a V60 filter, medium roast, set to 1.5. The grind came out in about 5 seconds, with auto off in a few seconds after. I was shocked at how quick this was, and how much time this will save me in the morning.The cup is a thing of beauty, with a magnetic base that swoops into place. Very on trend and avoids grounds missing the cup if your distracted.On this point, allot of reviewers commented on the amount of static this grinder (and others) generate. Given the smaller form factor of this grinder, it has the potential to create allot of mess (and reviewers here have mentioned this also). With a little research, you can avoid this mes entirely by storing in a droplet of water into your beans before adding to the grinder (RDT method) which reduces the static and gives you a clean grind.The coffee grounds were super consistent, and I would probably nudge this closer to 2 for my preference.Fellow also supplied a little brush for cleaning, which is equally well designed and weighted (not a brush expert but I liked the attention to detail on it).Overall, this is not style over substance. Its a balance of both. It looks the part in a modern kitchen, and is built for someone obsessed over making the best cup of coffee they possibly can, without replicating a coffee shop set up (which as we all know is support impractical).I recommend this grinder to anyone who is aiming to improve their coffee, are already ticking every box (buying fresh beans, weighing single doses, temp controlled water, nailed the method for pour over / filter). If you lack a pro grinder, this is the one for you that makes for a pleasurable experience when making coffee.If, however, you require something quick cheap and easy and are not fussed about the industrial design, this is not the grinder for you. A portion of this price is the modern design. I fell in love with it, and felt that paying a little more for a sexy looking bit of coffee kit was worth it for me, however some may disagree and opt for (arguably) better grinders that look ...normal. In addition, you could spend a touch more and enter the pro-ish range of grinders (Niche etc) that grind down to espresso and are notorious and well known grinders for pros.For me, this is perfect in my kitchen / coffee set up. Its immediately improved my coffee and I get to look at the wonderful thing every day.
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    Aaron S Landucci
    April 19, 2022
    Beautiful, but not a grinder for people who like to dial in their coffee.
    I purchased this grinder blindly because I'm a fan of Fellow's Stagg kettle series and other brewer devices. I got rid of my Encore grinder and thought I was upgrading. But the Ode is simply just a really beautiful grinder. I have my dial all the way fine, and I still can't get my pour overs to have a slower drip - I like to have at least 30 seconds after pouring water to drip - it's kind of how I measure my extraction levels. So I basically have the dial all the way fine every day - the rest of the dial is unusable for pour over coffee. It deceivingly looks like a grinder that is made for coffee professionals - but sadly it does not compare to the consistency and quality of my old Encore. I should have done better research on this, but I fell for the beautiful design.
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    April 10, 2022
    Quiet grinder but
    Quiet grinder that has changed our coffee making habits. We used to grind our coffee the night before due to noise but with this grinder we can grind as needed without waking up the house.The but is the beans get stuck in the hopper shoot and grinding stops. This happens every time we grind which causes us to watch over the grind until they have all been ground. I end up tapping on the sides and pushing the beans down the shoot. Sometimes it takes a heavier hand than others to keep the beans flowing.It doesn't seem like a big deal but when it ends up taking twice as long to prep the coffee it adds up.
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    Brandon Schwebs
    April 2, 2022
    Beautiful way to spread coffee grinds all over
    This is the most beautiful way to cover your counter in Coffee grinds. Normally I would just spill them on my counter but now I have spent $300 to have a beautiful piece of machinery do it for me. Disappointed in this product from fellow since I have invested hundreds in all of their other products. This did not hit the mark and it just an expensive decoration now since I am not interested in cleaning coffee grinds from everywhere every time it gets used and having to force the coffee beans down the hopper. Back to my old baritza for now.
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    April 2, 2022
    Nice single dose coffee grinder
    This is my first single dose mid range coffee grinder. The sound level is not as loud as my last low end grinder as the motor speed is lower. The build is solid and the grind seems relatively uniform, but I have not checked with a sifter set. The auto shutoff works correctly as I have had no instance of continued run after the coffee is through. I use the grinder for a french press so need a relatively coarse grind. The cup magnetic placement works well though I do not like that the magnet protrudes into the cup bottom, it makes it harder to get fines out of the cup. The knocker mechanism works well the remove grinds from the bur set, but requires 15 to 25 hits to remove everything which seems excessive.
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    March 28, 2022
    Way Better than I Expected!
    By far, the best Burr grinder out there when you're comparing1) professional quality with a2) very small footprint - and a3) stellar ultra-functional designI'm admittedly a true coffee snob that won't use any beans that have a roast date of less than 10 days. It's proven that your beans lose all the amazing good-for-you nutrients and freshness within the first ten days of roasting... and on darker roasts you shouldn't exceed 7 days. Start looking at roast dates - and you'll immediately notice how many coffee producers purposely don't put a date on the bag... it's the industries dirty little secret so they can warehouse more, longer. So buying small batches at your local coffee roaster every week is the way to go! Or just order from JBC Coffee, Klatch and/or Bird Rock Roasters... they all offer 90+ star varietals. They're honestly amazing.This Fellow grinder is not only well designed, easy-to-use, super quiet and extremely well built, but it produces a dream grind. I noticed a huge difference in flavor on just my very first grind/cup compared to my previous, big, clunky and very expensive pro-grade grinder. I'm a road warrior traveling in my Airstream every where for work/play - and this new grinder is now a permanent partner to my MoccaMaster TechniVorm® - so I can always count on having a perfect cup of coffee anywhere I go... and without taking up too much space when traveling. I'd give it 6-stars if I could!Nice work to the people at Fellows... finally someone figured it out!
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    Me That’s Who
    March 26, 2022
    I wanted it to be better than it turned out...
    I bought one of these, though not via Amazon, but I wanted to share my thoughts. I had read the reviews, I like the start up approach and wanted to support a new business trying to do good things. I still do and will but feel this needs work. This is posted to be constructive and not to dissuade.Early into my ownership the magnet fell off the bottom of the pot into which the beans are ground. I wrote to the company and they sent out a replacement pot a few days later. Good service, well done. Sadly, that lasted about 3 months before the magnet fell off that one too. I did not bother seeking a second replacement pot and have superglued the magnet back onto the pot, which seems to work. I think the issue is the black paint on the pot is not bonding well, the magnet is then stuck onto that and bingo, over time it breaks and off comes the magnet.The rubber connector that attaches to the pot is a pain and fiddly to attach. Often when loading it into the grinder, due to the tight fit, it pulls said rubber connector off. Small issue but annoying. Additionally after a grind takes place and you remove to cup to access the coffee there is residue on the rubber connecter which then goes everywhere. It is a messy device to use and makes more mess than it should.Cleaning is not that straight forwards either, and pressing the leave to the right to evacuate old residue tends to do half a job, needed brush work and even then coffee is often appearing on surfaces as it works its way out. It struggles with beans of a more oily nature too, which can get stuck in the upper flute.I would like a finer grind, but to be fair I was clear this was not a strength when I bought it so can't blame them for that but for me this product needs a V2 with some tweaks to make it worthy of the price.
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    Jeffrey Monder
    March 19, 2022
    Bought it because it’s quiet - returned it because the design is flawed
    I really wanted to like this grinder. The low noise was a big draw for me, and it is definitely quieter than the Barraza Encore that I’ve used for the last decade. The grind is also excellent - uniform without bolder or fines. Unfortunately, I returned it because of one major flaw. The chute does not reliably feed all of the beans into the grinder. What I’ve found is that I have to watch the beans and push them through when they stop feeding. The beans I’ve been using are Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - they are medium dark roast, and while they are a little oily, there are plenty of roasts that are much oilier. So I don’t think these beans should be a problem. I tried the tips on the website, including a few drops of water. Nothing has worked. I think the main cause of the problem is that the walls of the chute are just too shallow. This may seem like a minor flaw to some of you, and if you value the quiet, and the excellent flat grind performance, maybe the feed won’t bother you that much. I just feel like a $300 grinder should not require constant attention to make sure the beans feed through.
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    March 15, 2022
    Should have been universal
    Should have been universal D/E
    Mark D
    March 15, 2022
    I want to love this machine, but it doesn't work
    Let me say, the Ode Brew grinder is the nicest looking item in my kitchen. As my wife and I were looking to replace our old loud, slow, ugly and inconsistant grinder we had differing thoughts at first. I'm a simple guy, I have an industrial Bunn CWTF in my kitchen because it hooks up to the water main and outputs 200 degree water through the pour over and 180 degrees at the spout. You can imagine my wife's thoughts on this honking huge machine in the kitchen already, but it's functionality trumps all complaints. As an aside, can someone make a consumer coffeemaker that has a water line input... what if you had to throw a bucket of water in the dishwasher every time you used it? Anyway, we were looking for a better bean grinder... when I suggested pairing it with a Bunn LPGE burr grinder, mostly based on the lovely noise it makes and the burr size, you can imagine I was persuaded to buy something meant for a kitchen... some overpriced gadget marketed to coffee snobs with a halloween-toy quality digital control and an ugly monotone lcd controlling an overworked motor and tiny burrs. My wife and I saw the Fellow Ode and instantly agreed to purchase it.With the same fantastic noise (not of a machine trying to do work; Of a machine doing work) and nearly the same burr size as the commercial unit I wanted, I was sold. And that dial... it's something else... when I found out it was metal I had to call a family meeting to show it off. This grinder is stunning. I want this to be clear: It is my current favorite thing.Unfortunately, it just doesn't grind coffee beans.The hopperless chute I think needs to be an inch higher to allow a steeper angle of attack. If I don't stir the beans or shake the machine constantly it will not grind coffee, and it will auto shut off several times during the process. I have not yet enjoyed the touted auto-off feature working correctly. I have not been able to load the hopper and push the button and walk away. Worse, I have had to stand around and shake the beans and stir them with my hands constantly or it will automatically shut off without grinding anything. If I stop and walk away for even a second, it stops. It's maddening. The pop shield appears to have the same clearance as the terrible grinder I'm replacing with this, yet that old machine had no problems getting beans to the grinder.Not wanting to give up on this machine, I asked the fellows at Fellows, "What works for you? You must have tested this machine before selling it!" Their recommendations of pulsing the power button does nothing since Fellow has managed to eliminate 80% of the vibration a machine like this generates (and noise, I get it). The side effect of having a giant ulgy hopper and the vibrations from the poor build quality of competitors' grinders is that the beans do get to the burrs.Further I was advised that many customers who prefer dark, oily coffee were complaining of this issue. This says to me two things: One, it's not a coffee bean grinder, it's a whatever-coffee-bean-Fellow-likes grinder. Two, no this machine was not tested before being sold. I was told that the only thing that may help is keeping my unit meticulously clean, which I do. The customer service agent was helpful and extremely responsive, and my machine was authorized for a replacement for a different flaw. However, there was no official response from Fellow that keeps me from smashing my fingers around my coffee to push the beans through this $300 grinder each and every time I make a pot of coffee.I mean, I kept it anyway... but I wish someone would make a no-nonsense grinder that works
    7 people found this helpful
    Andrew Alarcon
    March 11, 2022
    its medicore
    I like the Fellow Brand for a lot of coffee products... but this is kind of just OKAY. first off, when you grind grounds still shoot out of the cup and make a bit of a mess which is disappointing. also, EVERY single time I grind it creates a static charge on the cup that gives you a bit of a jolt; nothing scary but just a nuisance. it is sleek, it looks cool and in terms of aesthetic it's nice to look at & take pictures of for the gram.
    March 10, 2022
    Works well,
    I had originally written a review noting issues with the feeding sensor stopping the unit prematurely, or not at all (despite regular cleaning of the unit). This was quite frustrating - but after another month of use seems to have cleared up.The unit has a lot of thoughtful ‘quality of life’ features I appreciate, from the brew fineness chart on the underside of the hopper-lid, the magnetized holder for the grounds receptacle to keep it centered, and the cleaning brush of just the right height to invert under the burrs beneath and get up into them.It also looks quite nice and doesn’t take up much space.
    2 people found this helpful
    Amazon Customer
    March 5, 2022
    Beautiful grinder!
    Wonderful packaging and super easy to use - very solid, heavy, and quiet coffee grinder.
    Shawn Jorgenson
    March 4, 2022
    For the price and hype, I expected perfection
    Best looking coffee bean grinder out there. Sometimes fashion trumps function and this is certainly that time.+ Solid build quality+ Looks amazing+ Consistent grind+ Auto shutoff- Grounds end up everywhere (knocker useless)- Beans sometimes don’t come out of the hooper so you have to push them down to grind- Grind selector wheel doesn’t always step down to a finer grind without pulsing the grind button to clear the burrsThis is definitely a compromise product that I’m unfortunately happy to have.
    One person found this helpful
    Byron T
    March 3, 2022
    This grinder works great but don't be in a rush to get your coffee.If you wait for the static electricity generated by the housing during the grind process to drop so the coffee doesn't stick to the plastic housing, (10 minutes or so?) then give it a few taps to make the grounds still sticking to the inside release and fall, it doesn't make too much of a mess. If you want to grind and go maybe not for you. The ground coffee sticks to the housing and you have to tap and wait a little or it drops a pile of wasted grounds when you remove the container from the housing.I like the fact that the coffer has a sealed lid and the coffer will hold a couple of pots worth of beans per fill. However, Once you twist the coffer to set the fineness of the grind be careful when you touch it because it twists easily. With a timer to control how much coffee you get per grind it makes consistent pots and is still sitting on the counter despite it's rather large footprint.
    February 23, 2022
    Everything is high quality about this grinder. But, it has one massive problem. The grinds go everywhere. The cup they give you does not catch everything, and probably needs to be much larger to do the job. I really wanted to love this grinder, but mess and the cleaning required destroys its value.
    One person found this helpful
    Tony Matelli
    February 23, 2022
    Hopper doesn't work!!!!
    Good looks no brains......In the service of a low profile, they designed a functionless hopper. The hopper slope is obviously too shallow for beans to slide into the burrs. If you like manually coaxing beans into the burrs then fine. I do not. It is simply too expensive to have to "help" it work. Get the Baratza Encore instead, it actually works.The machine looks great but you look like an idiot trying to get it to work.
    February 22, 2022
    I've used this grinder every day for 3 months and there is a lot to like for the price. It's fairly easy to use, the grind is mostly uniform and easily adjusted, and the timer will be very convenient if you make at least 6 cups at a time. But there's the problem. I always make coffee in a 4-cup pot. The timer adjustment is labelled to go down as low as 2 cups, and even though I like my coffee fairly strong, the 2-cup setting produces more coffee than needed for four. So I am forced to measure it out anyway and either throw away the excess or store it. That's several extra steps that I'm supposed to be able to avoid with this grinder. And since the plastic catch bin is always full of static, grounds tend to get all over. I realize that at this price level, the parts are going to be plastic and static is unavoidable, but it would be much less of a problem if the unit would grind the quantity that I want which could be dumped directly into the coffee maker. Otherwise this would be a 5-star item for this price.
    Paul R. Moore
    February 19, 2022
    Shake those coffee beans
    Grinds super fast but beans doesn't go down the shoot without help.
    One person found this helpful
    Andrew O
    February 18, 2022
    The Fellow Ode is a solid high quality grinder with a couple minor flaws
    I purchased the Fellow Ode a few weeks ago as an upgrade to my entry level conical burr grinder. I primarily brew light-medium roast single origin pourovers, and was seeking a grinder that would optimize that profile, verses my current grinder, which was producing alot of fines and making a tasty, but fairly muddled cup.The Fellow Ode markets itself as "made for drip coffee", and after reading several reviews here and watching several more on YouTube I decided it's potential benefits outweighed the potential negatives.So far, I've been pleased with my purchase.First thing to note is Fellow's instructions on calibrating the burrs. Many people have complained of the burrs not grinding fine enough for V60 pourover (my brewing method of choice); I suspect many of them have a grinder that desperately needs calibrated. Properly calibrated, on V60 I'm able to brew the Hoffman method at the 1.1 setting, and the 4:6 method on the 2 setting with excellent results. I'll also mention the filter choice for anyone brewing via V60 - the unbleached, untabbed Hario filters give a much quicker drawdown than the bleached tabbed ones. With the Fellow, I strongly recommend using the bleached tabbed Hario filters to instantly add another 10-15 seconds to your drawdown.Second, the noise level on this is ridiculously low, and the grind time exceptionally fast. Noise level is something my wife really appreciates, as she's usually still sleeping when I'm brewing my coffee in the morning. The grind consistency is also top class. I compared the grinds directly with my old conical burr grinder, and the difference is significant in the uniformity of the grinds as well as the clarity of flavor.Lastly, the biggest overall negative is indeed the messiness and grind retention, however, I believe some people have overstated this. Using the Ross droplet method, I'm only getting grind static against the grind exit opening of the grinder. I also have to tip the grinder forward and knock it a few times to empty all grinds out of the chute. Overall I'm getting 30g of grinds for about every 30.5g of beans. Not terrible, but not great for a $300 domestic grinder.So overall, this grinder performs as advertised. Properly calibrated, it will make an excellent V60 pourover at the lower end of the grind settings. The grind is very uniform with no boulders and nearly zero fines. The grinder is about as quiet as electric grinders get, and I've had no issues with the auto-stop sensor. The only knock on overall star is the bit of messiness and grind retention.
    9 people found this helpful
    February 12, 2022
    Far too coarse a grind even for Technivorm Mochamaster
    I wanted to upgrade my 10 year old Baratza Encore for something more quiet and quick. I chose the Fellow Ode. I was concerned about grind fineness, but many people said it actually came out fine enough. Sadly it did not.The Fellow Ode is a very nice looking grinder. It is quiet and fast. But it is not useful for grinding coffee to use in pour-over or finer grinds. I use a Technivorm Moccamaster and typically grind pretty fine. See coffee in image on right, produced by a 10 year old Baratza Encore set on #16. I have quite a bit finer I can go on the Encore.The pile of coffee on the left is from the Ode on setting 1 2/3. Any lower of a setting and the grinder Chirps. Fellow says not to use the actual "1" setting until after about 10lbs of coffee have gone through it.As you can see, my 10 year old Encore on setting 16 produces finer (but equally consistent) grind to the Ode on its lowest out of the box setting. For some people this setting may be ok, but what is the point of the other 28 more course settings?!?! The whole range of this grinder is really just far too course. If you are looking for a grinder to make pour over and a bit finer types of grinds, spend half the price of the Ode and get the Baratza Encore. I have had mine ten years and apparently it out grinds this $300 Ode right out of the box.I wanted the Ode to perform. So sleek, fast, and quiet! It just doesn't grind correctly and that is the actual point of it.
    10 people found this helpful
    Andrew R.
    February 4, 2022
    The media could not be loaded.  Fellow knocked it out of the park with both function and beauty of the Ode! It’s evident that a lot of thought went into the user experience of this grinder. As someone who grinds coffee many times daily, the little details make all the difference. The touch points are solid, it’s fast, it’s quiet, and the magnetic catch prevents a mess of grounds all over the counter. Blows my old grinder out of the water.Most importantly, the grind quality is excellent. I’ve been primarily using an AeroPress for my twice-daily coffee, and the consistency of the grind leads to a rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time.Needless to say, I’m very impressed by my first Fellow product! We actually love keeping it out on the counter all the time because of the sleek design.
    3 people found this helpful
    David Parker
    February 4, 2022
    Great grinder! Great Price!
    The Ode is a beautifully crafted machine with a clean sleek look and a matching performance. The vertically oriented burr set is quick, quiet and uniform in its grind. I'm not going to discuss if it is messy or not. Grinding coffee can get messy. Live with it or don't. I run three grinders daily so I just mounted a vacuum under the counter for quick clean-ups. I digress, If the Barritza Encore is the entry level grinder for those who don't need an expresso grind, then the Fellow Ode Grinder is the next logical step forward. If you can afford the Ode to start with I would. I still use an Encore as a bulk grinder and of course a dedicated espresso grinder, and the Ode has taken its rightful place between the two. I can't say enough good things about this grinder!
    One person found this helpful
    Brennan K reviews
    January 28, 2022
    From a former barista
    I have worked in local high end coffee shops that roast single origin beans for nearly 6 years. Of course, that means we’re using equipment that costs thousands of dollars on a daily basis to grind and brew coffee. I’d been looking for a good coffee grinder for my home that was not ridiculously expensive years now and this one was it. You can get a high quality grind for a single cup of coffee on fresh beans with this thing and you won’t find a more luxury model and feel or outcome for this price.There is little that you can complain about with this grinder if you always grind for brewing a single cup of coffee. You may struggle to grind enough into the cup for a full pot of coffee since the hopper is small but that’s only worth mentioning.The inevitable fact is that beans will get everywhere like with ever grinder (a personal OCD). The only thing that could get better is the knocker - it really feels like this doesn’t actually work but maybe that’s just me.All in all - this is one of the BEST products for its price, and HARD to beat if you actually want to grind your own beans at home at a high quality.
    5 people found this helpful
    Calvin Bryant
    January 17, 2022
    Jams Grindling Coffee Beans... umm seriously
    Beautiful design. Good grind. One big issue, it repeatedly jams grinding coffee beans and it's difficult to clear the wayward beans. Im not a complainer but I didn't expect the one item this baby should grind up easily to be the one item it gets hung up on. About once a week or two, I have to remove the little screws at top to remove the plastic cover to unseize it. The culprit... coffee beans.The last thing I want to do on a foggy eyed morning.
    One person found this helpful
    January 16, 2022
    Best grinder around!
    This is the highest quality grinder I have found on the market. Yes it is expensive. But you do truly get what you pay for. Super easy to clean.
    January 15, 2022
    This is the one I've been looking for. Highly recommended.
    After going through a lot of cheap noisy grinders that just don't hold up I spent the money and got what I hoped was something of good quality. I got that and more. This grinder is much more quieter than the others I've had. And the materials and construction are top drawer. The amount of settings is fantastic. You will find your perfect grind no matter what it is. I did ding a half a star as it does leave a bit grind around the lid due to static. But that is an easy work around.
    January 14, 2022
    Grounds everywhere
    This is a beautiful machine that does it’s core job fine, but will demolish the look of your counter space. The grounds never fully make their way into the provided cup, they also end up everywhere, no matter how careful you are. So if you like the look of this machine as much as I do, just know that you have to spend three minutes cleaning up after it for every single grind.
    4 people found this helpful
    Christina Heidt
    January 13, 2022
    Fantastic grinder, it has leveled up my coffee making, company shipped me wrong colored product
    I've been making coffee routinely for only about a year now, but I've found myself getting very into it very quickly. This was a big purchase for us seeing as we already had a burr grinder that we liked, but was very cheap. Essentially we didn't know what we were missing out on due to uneven ground size with our cheap grinder. The Fellow Ode has allowed me to produce a very dialed-in and accurate grind compared to my old grinder and has increased drastically the flavor I can extract from the coffee. We recently bought some quite expensive coffee out of the Philippines like $50 a pound expensive, and the good beans with this grinder were amazing and floored us. All of this plus it has some other really nice QoL features, the magnetic coffee catch, quick and quiet grinding, a ton of settings, and a sleek design.There are only two things I don't like about this grinder. It seems like it will be very hard to clean, you have to take the faceplate off and dissect the inside to get to the grinder, just no. Second, and this isn't about the grinder but the company. They shipped me the wrong grinder, I ordered the black one and received the white one. No big deal, really, but it shows coffee ground that makes my dirty kitchen look dirty!Overall very happy
    One person found this helpful
    David Tostado
    January 10, 2022
    I’m coming from a $99 burr grinder. I am aware there are probably cheaper burr grinders out there that can do just as well as this fellow. (Pun intended). I’m just here to tell you that spending your hard earned cash on a good grinder, is IMPORTANT! You don’t wanna be spending your money on specialty coffee, to then put it down a trashy grinder. I did not change my brew process at all, and the difference between the $99 grinder and the fellow, is night & day. GET YOURSELF A QUALITY BURR GRINDER!!!
    2 people found this helpful
    January 9, 2022
    It’s unquestionably excellent for the price point
    I’m a coffee snob. I know the roast profiles I prefer. I know the flavor profiles I love (fruit forward). I know the process I prefer for each batch of beans I order. I know my top three ways of brewing coffee. With that said, I have only owned a handful of grinders over the years, from very cheap to moderately expensive. I have never forked over many hundreds of dollars for a top notch grinder because I never needed to. If I needed a fine grind for a small cup, I’d use a hand grinder dialed in to my preference. But for larger brews with a few servings, I was never impressed with any of my automated grinders, and hand grinding takes way too much time. I was only content at best with inexpensive automated grinders and disappointed at worst. None of my larger grinders were as good as advertised as long as they were relatively inexpensive compared to well known great grinders. So I had my doubts about investing in the Fellow Ode, because it’s price Point isn’t that much higher than a “good” but cheaply manufactured grinder.Now that I have the Fellow Ode, I’m exceedingly happy with it. It’s small in size, simple in design, easy to dial in to any change in the grind setting, quiet, fast, and shockingly consistent in its grind on every setting. There is literally nothing about it that leaves me wanting to complain.As a side note, Hoffman’s thorough (and picky) you tube review is what pushed me over the edge to invest in it. So If you’re a coffee snob like me, this grinder will definitely not disappoint. Its also very likely that if you’re an extreme coffee snob like a Hoffman, it still won’t disappoint. It’s unquestionably excellent for the price point.
    5 people found this helpful
    Amazon Customer
    January 7, 2022
    It is great butttt
    Gave to my husband as a Father’s Day gift, he loves it. The grind options are great, and it improved the flavor of his coffee. One issue we had was the magnet on the bottom of the cup detached. It was a fairly easy fix, but at 300$ I don’t think I should have had to fix it at all. It is also a tad bit messy. Over all it was a good purchase, and it functions well. The negatives were minor in the long run.
    January 1, 2022
    Amazing looking grinder, but cleanup is a hassle
    While this grinder looks amazing, some more thought could have been put into the working design.Pros:- Looks really nice- Grinding noise is low- Grinds are very consistent across all grind rangesCons:- The outlet hopper design is poor, and grinds tend to stick to the upper part instead of fall into the container. This results in grinds spilling all over the place when removing the container.- This machine generates a huge amount of static when grinding. This means grinds tend to fly out of the container and stick to a lot of different surfaces when trying to pour them out.- Due to the two problems above, a lot of cleanup is required after every time you grind to get the grounds off of everything (bottom of the machine, counter, the sides of the coffee maker)Bottom line: very nice looking & working grinder, but not worth the cleanup hassle after every grind.
    121 people found this helpful
    January 1, 2022
    Parents love it, Better then a blade grinder, No Espresso (they don’t care)
    So my parents have been getting into coffee ( small batch roasters) and have been experiencing good and bad grinding. Using a $30 blade grinder. They buy their coffee whole bean because they like a fresh grind. They do use a drip coffee maker and a French press most days. The consistency in the grind is amazing, this dose not do espresso! But neither do my parents. This dose do Aro press to Cold Brew in grind size. The Size of the machine is similar to a coffee maker, it is longer then it is wide. It is also heavy. And requires a deep cleaning every three (3) months. My dad tells me every time I talk with him on the phone how he loves it. I did a LOT of research for burr coffee grinders and this is the one that was recommended from James Hoffman on YT. This is a good beginners burr grinder and for the best price THAT DOSE NOT DO ESPRESSO.This gets a five out of five stars from my dad.
    One person found this helpful
    Athena P.
    June 23, 2021
    Nice size grinder. Easy to set up and use. The grind options are great and it is consistent. The problem is the static. It is everywhere! We end up with more grounds on the counter and outside of the machine. It's very frustrating.
    June 19, 2021
    (This is the first review I've written for Amazon, but I liked this purchase a lot. So buckle up.)I went back and forth between an all-in-one grinder/coffee maker or separate grinder and coffee maker units. I decided to get a separate grinder and coffee maker because if either piece broke at some point, I'd not lose both units. The total price for both purchases was less than a combo unit like a Cuisinart (the coffee maker I bought was a Ninja).So, the grinder. It had to be a burr grinder, not a blade chopper. This grinder was not (to me) one of the biggest name brands, but it was a great price. I'm glad I went with this one. The grinder is top notch, and the controls to dial in fine/coarse settings were perfect. I originally had the beans on a finer setting and the coffee wasn't as good, but then I decided to trust the user manual advice and set the grind to about 10. Perfect. I gradually dialed in the amount to what I use for two cups of coffee (a little over 4 cups by the grinder and coffee maker measurements--coffee makers in the US think that 6 ounces is a cup, haha).The only annoyance is that some fine coffee grounds can escape the grind container and get on the counter. This is due to the static electricity that the grinder creates. The manual says to tap the container to settle this issue, which works--kind of. I tap the container while it's still in the grinder and again when I pull it out (covering the hole at the top. It helps a little, at least. Really, it just makes me wipe my counter a little more often, so I'm forced to keep decent cleaning habits. For the great coffee, I can live with that.It was a great buy.
    Beth V.
    June 4, 2021
    This coffee grinder has a lot going for it.The hopper allows you store your beans so that you don't have to fill it every time your use it. How often you fill the hopper depends on how much coffee you use each time. For me, I refill it once a week for a half carafe of coffee every day.It is easy to clean, but because it is made of plastic, there is the element of static--which does cause a bit of a mess. The darker the roast of your bean, the harder/messier the clean up due to the oils from the beans. I love that there are multiple coarseness settings. This is great for all types of coffee machines, from fine grind for espresso to chunkier for percolators.My only complaint with this grinder is the thin plastic for the hopper and grind bin. They are very thin plastic and I feel that they will crack sooner than later. Therefore, I caution to use extreme care and not bang them about. I would also recommend hand washing and not putting them in the dishwasher where the hot water and hot dry cycle will cause the plastic to become brittle.
    May 24, 2021
    Overall we have been pleased with the Secura burr coffee grinder, which we only use for our drip coffee maker as our espresso machine has it's own grinder. Coffee beans are uniformly ground and it is very convenient to just press the button and the correct amount of beans are ground for the number of cups you are making. The machine doesn't overheat while grinding and coffee tastes good (although this also depends on the beans as well, right!) Our only dissatisfaction is the mess it does create, but we've been told this happens with all burr grinders. When I contacted Secura they suggested putting a few drops of water into the beans before grinding, so I have now started to wet a knife and then stir the beans with it before grinding, as well as tapping the plastic container before removing it to dump out the grounds. Although this doesn't totally solve the issue, it has really cut down on the mess so I suggest trying this option to those of you complaining about the static discharge coming out of the plastic basin. I appreciate that Secura seems to be concerned about providing good products as well as making sure their consumers needs are met.
    May 19, 2021
    I bought this unit to use at my house to save a few bucks. My coworkers and I love good coffee, and we use Baratza grinders at work (maestro and encore models) but I didn't want to spend that much on a grinder for home. This machine performs just as well as those higher end models, but at a fraction of the cost.Pros:Overall the fit and finish of the machine are excellent. I like how it disassembles easily for cleaning the burrs (which are very sharp, so be careful!). It quickly grinds the beans into the desired grind. I've noticed that the grind consistency is even better than that of the maestro we have at work (although to be fair, that's an older machine and may need to be cleaned/adjusted). This unit also comes with a small cleaning brush that was hiding in the bottom of the box, don't accidentally throw that out!Cons:There is no manual mode for turning the unit on/off. You are forced to select a cup size which is essentially the duration of how long it will grind for. I like to weight out my beans and add them to the grinder rather than rely on a timer of how much coffee gets ground. However, a workaround is to just set the timer to max and simply remove the grounds cup when all the beans are done grinding which will trigger the unit to turn off.Which brings me to the second con of this particular machine. The bottom of the bean hopper is sort of flat, which means not all of the beans will feed into the unit via gravity. There's usually 1 or 2 stray beans left out meaning I will have to jiggle the machine around a bit to make them fall into the grinder.Summary:This grinder performs as great as other higher end models for personal use. If you are using it for the same style and cup amount every use, then it will be perfect after you get your settings down. If you weigh your beans and grind different styles, then there are a few annoyances but I still think it's well worth it. It's easy to clean and seems to be built well.I will update on longevity as time passes.
    April 4, 2021
    I bought this despite reading of problems that some buyers reported. Happily, most of those turned out not to be insoluble problems for me. The first time or two, static electricity did indeed make fine grains adhere to the inside of the grounds container, but I took the advice of one customer and sprinkled the beans with a bit of water just before grinding them. That easily took care of the problem. (See my before and after pickies.) I use a Cuisinart coffeemaker that takes not only a K-cup holder but also a basket for ground coffee, and I find that my weighing 28 grams into the inverted lid (see my third photo) is just enough to fill the coffeemaker basket twice (the first brew with eight ounces of water and the second brew with six ounces). That leaves just enough room in my big Starbucks mug for additional water (or soymilk) to cool things down. (See my final two images.) I also encountered the reported problem of beans that stayed in the grinder and didn't make it down to the burr to get ground. I found that shaking the grinder a bit during the end of the shake helped some but didn't always help with the last few beans. Besides, I don't want to be shaking the grinder every time. My solution was just to bend a paper clip and use the sticky-out part to nudge whatever beans are left after the first grind into the central well of the grinder. Works like a charm!
    joseph narkevic
    March 27, 2021
    We previously owned a decent Krups burr grinder (a $50 one, or so), but this one blows it away, definitely worth paying more for this. It's simple to clean, it's lightning fast, easy to adjust the grind size (and it really does vary the grind size), the hopper hasn't clogged (we've had it for a coiple of months already), and while there is some static in the bin after you grind your beans it's not as bad as with the Krups. It's easy to add beans and retrieve the ground coffee with little probability of spillage or mess, it's so well designed. And the flavor of the brewed coffee seemed to "pop" a little more for us, gives the brew a fresher, cleaned taste in our opinion. The only suggestion we have would be to allow for grinding the equivalent of one cup of coffee. As designed, the lowest setting grinds enough beans for two cups of coffee. While this is not generally an issue since there are two of us, every once in a while we want a single brew and can't set it any lower, so we have to store the extra grounds until the next day which isn't ideal. Nonetheless, we are very satisfied up to now with the purchase.
    Paul Turner
    February 19, 2021
    Decided to upgrade to a burr grinder. All the info out there says burr grinders give the best and most even grind of whole beans. I saw this one on Amazon and it seemed to have all the features I was looking for so I gave it a shot. It arrived early so I was pleased about that. It unpacked easily and I read the instructions and gave it a quick wash. This was a good idea because I got familiar with the grinder and can now see and understand why they are supposed to give a more even grind. I let it all dry and put the few pieces back together and made my first burr grind. There are a lot of size settings so it took a little experimenting to find the grind size I wanted. I use re-usable K-cups and found the "9" grind seemed perfect for me. The machine does make some noise but it's no where near as loud as my old grinder (blade style) and not as loud as I had anticipated it would be. They were right... burr grind is a very even size! It works like a charm and I think it was a great choice. Clean up is pretty easy and the grinders are pretty heavy duty so I don't see them wearing out any time soon.I'm glad I selected this particular machine and it has worked exceptionally well for me over the last couple of weeks. I was not compensated in any way shape or form to write this review or select this particular grinder.
    November 30, -0001
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