ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner 5000Pa with Auto-Empty and Auto-Clean Station


Surface recommendation Hard Floor/Glass/Carpet/Wood
Controller type APP/Button/Voice
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion
Are batteries included No

All-in-One OMNI Station 4L

separate clean & waste water tanks support mopping maximally 360㎡ area. It automatically replenishes clean water for reservoir before mopping. Auto-cleaning& hot air-drying keeps the mopping pad clean without unpleasant odor. With the 3L auto empty station, there is no need to change the dust bag for up to 60 days. ECOVACS high-capacity OMNI station totally frees your hands.


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About this item

  • 【Upgraded AIVI 3D Obstacle Avoidance】AIVI 3D integrated with vision and depth detection information could accurately identify 18 types of common obstacles on the ground (such as socks/shoes/wires/U-shaped chairs/trash can/carpet), allowing for easy obstacle avoidance and less tangle and jam.
  • 【Upgraded Mapping & Navigation】With TrueMapping 2.0 upgraded SLAM technology, the Robot vacuum cleaner can map your home 10X faster and 4X more accurate at detecting objects than standard LDS. ECOVACS HOME App can automatically map 3+1 floors and save 3 2D house maps (1 3D house map). With the detailed interactive map created, new levels of cleaning efficiency and customization are achievable using the ECOVACS Home App.
  • 【Fully Upgraded Cleaning & Mopping Performance】5000Pa strongest suction power from ECOVACS so far supports deeply cleaning the whole house. The upgraded OZMO Turbo 2.0 rotary pressurized mopping system has cleaning power 4 times stronger than the normal model, which could remove stubborn stains. 5200mAh high capacity battery supports the cleaning up to 260 mins, suitable for house with multiple floors or large flat.
  • 【Live Video & Two-Way Voice Communication】The new starlight front-facing camera on your robot allows you to view your home in real-time even at low-light settings, capture still images, and allows two-way audio communication with your family and pets. DEEBOT X1 OMNI also applied for product privacy protection certification – TÜV Rheinland AG of Germany dual to protect your privacy and ensure data security.
  • 【YIKO AI Intelligent Voice Interaction】OK YIKO, ECOVACS new AI intelligent voice interaction, supports natural language input and comprehension, as well as sound localization technology. You can voice control the DEEBOT to perform cleaning work and achieve more possibilities of life through the new AI intelligent voice interaction method.
  • 【JACOB JENSEN DESIGN】A leading design with exquisite details and a people-oriented sense brings a modern, high-end, and aesthetic visual experience.

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