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ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner 5000Pa with Auto-Empty and Auto-Clean Station

(25 customer reviews)


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Surface recommendation Hard Floor/Glass/Carpet/Wood
Controller type APP/Button/Voice
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion
Are batteries included No

All-in-One OMNI Station 4L

separate clean & waste water tanks support mopping maximally 360㎡ area. It automatically replenishes clean water for reservoir before mopping. Auto-cleaning& hot air-drying keeps the mopping pad clean without unpleasant odor. With the 3L auto empty station, there is no need to change the dust bag for up to 60 days. ECOVACS high-capacity OMNI station totally frees your hands.


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  • 【Upgraded AIVI 3D Obstacle Avoidance】AIVI 3D integrated with vision and depth detection information could accurately identify 18 types of common obstacles on the ground (such as socks/shoes/wires/U-shaped chairs/trash can/carpet), allowing for easy obstacle avoidance and less tangle and jam.
  • 【Upgraded Mapping & Navigation】With TrueMapping 2.0 upgraded SLAM technology, the Robot vacuum cleaner can map your home 10X faster and 4X more accurate at detecting objects than standard LDS. ECOVACS HOME App can automatically map 3+1 floors and save 3 2D house maps (1 3D house map). With the detailed interactive map created, new levels of cleaning efficiency and customization are achievable using the ECOVACS Home App.
  • 【Fully Upgraded Cleaning & Mopping Performance】5000Pa strongest suction power from ECOVACS so far supports deeply cleaning the whole house. The upgraded OZMO Turbo 2.0 rotary pressurized mopping system has cleaning power 4 times stronger than the normal model, which could remove stubborn stains. 5200mAh high capacity battery supports the cleaning up to 260 mins, suitable for house with multiple floors or large flat.
  • 【Live Video & Two-Way Voice Communication】The new starlight front-facing camera on your robot allows you to view your home in real-time even at low-light settings, capture still images, and allows two-way audio communication with your family and pets. DEEBOT X1 OMNI also applied for product privacy protection certification – TÜV Rheinland AG of Germany dual to protect your privacy and ensure data security.
  • 【YIKO AI Intelligent Voice Interaction】OK YIKO, ECOVACS new AI intelligent voice interaction, supports natural language input and comprehension, as well as sound localization technology. You can voice control the DEEBOT to perform cleaning work and achieve more possibilities of life through the new AI intelligent voice interaction method.
  • 【JACOB JENSEN DESIGN】A leading design with exquisite details and a people-oriented sense brings a modern, high-end, and aesthetic visual experience.

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25 reviews for ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner 5000Pa with Auto-Empty and Auto-Clean Station

    Graham Rankin
    November 13, 2022
    review content
    Graham Rankin
    November 13, 2022
    review content
    Double Sided Galaxy
    October 6, 2022
    I have literally tried every robot vacuum mop on the market
    I ended up at this vacuum. Compared to all the others I have painfully gone through (I got banned from returning anything to any store for two months because of trying so many terrible robot vacuums), this expensive X1 OMNI is BY FAR THE BEST.Before I go deeper... This is an amazing robot vacuum. And you should probably buy it... probably.But by probably, I mean any robot vacuum. Because they all will drive you a little crazy. So if it helps you enough in your situation to have a robot vacuum (and deal with the daily annoyances of robots doing unexplainable things and you paid a lot of money for it), then this is probably the one for you.You get what you pay for. This one is expensive, but it is still a robot. But the best robot available, in the USA at least...The silliest part about how terrible all these robot vacuums are, is that I have it cleaning a very open plan and empty commercial building. No wires or socks to get tangled on, not even any rugs to get confused with. And yet, the Roomba's most expensive model is terrrrrible. Shark's most expensive model is terrrrrrrrrrible. The list goes on... They're all terrible.We have polished concrete floors, so I ideally needed a mop and vacuum in one. This X1 OMNI is very good for my use, in a 4000 sq ft building, it can mop and vacuum the whole building at the same time. It takes the whole night to do so, but it's a large space. It mops it all on it's one tank full. It goes back to its station to refill its water tank and cleans its own mop pads. At the end of the session it even dries the mop pads. It's amazing. The dirty water bin has gross water and soot in it after it's done, so it's really doing something. The floors look good and stay clean, and I only use water in it. No added cleaners.The way it navigates is brilliant. I can tell how good this robot is compared to the others just on how it returns to its base station. It drives right into it perfectly aligned every time. Other robots end up on their base crooked and even sometimes beeping for help that it didn't charge itself because of its own stupidity.Its auto mapping is great; in one mapping run which took 30 minutes, it completely mapped my entire 4000 sq ft building, knowing every wall, and even showing an outline for the furniture and stuff in the rooms. I have a storage room that has some things against the wall, so it's unable to get up to the wall there, but it still somehow knows where the wall is and mapped it out in the APP.The CONS:The ECOVACS website (for me) is TERRIBLE. I am trying to purchase more mopping pads, vacuum bags, and spin brushes. It keeps giving me an error and saying transaction cancelled! My credit card is fine and working, my address is fine and working. When I try purchasing through the phone app, it says my address is incorrect and won't let me go any farther. VERY FRUSTRATING. I purchased a $1500 robot vacuum that I currently cannot replenish the consumable items to continue using it. THAT'S WHY I GAVE IT 3 STARS.(And no I don't want to buy off-brand accessories on Amazon for it if I don't have to. And I don't see the official ECOVACS accessories on Amazon for sale. Maybe it's just me.)Other con... on its auto mapping of my building, for some reason the front wall mapped out fine, but the area colored in "as the cleanable room" is off by about two feet, and looks as if it doesn't vacuum in that two foot area yet. I have no idea why. I tried a remapping and same thing. It makes me wonder if I have a weird magnetic forcefield beaming out of that wall from the electrical or something. So anyhoo.Those are really the only two cons worth mentioning. That's pretty great for a robot vacuum.So I thought I would take the time to write a review because of how much pain and sorrow I had to go through for my job, to find a decent robot vacuum that would save me hours and hours of sweeping and mopping every week. That's why a robot vacuum is beneficial to me at my place of work.Enjoy.
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    David Mazakas
    August 22, 2022
    Makes iRobot look like 1980s Tech! This is an awesome robot!
    I have been a loyal customer of high end iRobot products for 10 years and with this purchase, that has changed. I was currently using the pair of iRobot i7+ and iRobot Braava jet m6 on a cleaning schedule to keep the house clean for the past 2 years. Prior to these models I owned the 900 series vacuum robot. Now that you have some history, let me say I have NEVER been impressed with iRobot. With every new iRobot model they make claims of Intelligence, superior mapping and cutting edge learning capabilities.....well all BS!My iRobots got stuck all the time! Put bluntly, the i7+ is STUPID! Not only did it regularly get stuck under furniture it obviously didn't fit under, it also couldn't navigate simple throw rugs and would get stuck on those as well. Another favorite place to get stuck, under kitchen cabinet overhangs. This happened in multiple homes, so nothing special about the furniture or cabinets. Also, the claim they learn where they get and avoid, or note this on their maps is total BS. This stupid robot would get stuck in the exact same place over and over and over. So, as far as AI goes....it has NONE! It also gets lost and can't find its way home often even when nothing in the home has changed. It also loved to ram into everything full speed leaving dirt marks on all my furniture and base moldings. As I said, STUPID LOL.Now to the M6 mopper bashing. Equally as stupid, the mopper gets stuck on its own dock and throws an error, so instead of it mopping your floor after the vacuum has returned (if it returns) you find it stuck with a red ring. I found this was due to the wheel tread becoming worn (from tile?) and no longer having enough tread to get off the plastic parking pad. Also, this robot has the same navigation as the i7+, so just as stupid and also gets stuck on everything and lost. It also love to headbutt everything just like the i7+.Price for the iRobot pair was $1350 at time of purchase with a bundle deal. Not worth it at all!Lastly on the iRobot side, customer service is a Joke. They offer in app trouble shooting and customer service contact options, which I never got a single reply from them while having these issues. Even when trying to replace the worn tires on the M6, the part was out of stock every time I tried to purchase. iRobot might have been all the rave 10 years ago, but clearly they have gotten lazy and have not advanced with technology. They are now over priced junk. Do your self a favor and try Deebot!So finally to the Deebot....well, its fantastic! Mops and vacuums with one machine and truly is home automation. It cleans better then the iRobot hands down and is also half as loud doing it. It also NEVER hits objects. I only saw it touch a piece of furniture once and it was a love tap so soft I wasn't sure it even made contact. It cleans itself (Vacuum and Mopping brushes) and auto fills is own water tank (M6 does none of this). It also has dual mapping capability so measures by laser and camera. It mapped my entire house in a single pass and that took 20 minutes. You can also watch its travels via the live active map or through its camera. As a reference, the iRobot i7+ took 3 mapping runs of 6-10 hours each to map the house. My house is a single story, open floor plan and 80% tile.The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 is a fantastic machine. I would give it 5 stars, but the separation of rooms function in the mobile app could use some work. The robot does what's its supposed to and is quiet, highly advanced and dependable, but the mapping options to set-up dividing of spaces and naming those spaces could use further development. iRobot does have a better app, but since the robots themselves are stupid as a newborn, it doesn't matter LOL. If the Deebot had better room separation, naming and customization features (as found in the iRobot app) this device would be an absolute all star!!So is it worth $1500??? Hell yes! Its a fantastic technological wonder. I love my Yiko! ...."I'm here" LOL
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    August 4, 2022
    X1 Omni is Awesome, but recognize some of its limitations before buying
    I have never owned a robot cleaner until I made this purchase of the X1 Omni. We purchased it primarily for the mopping function because nearly all of our house is tile and plank flooring. Overall I believe it to be pretty awesome machine!Lots of reviews here highlighting all of the great things that I won't repeat. I do think it is important to purchase with some expectation that it is not perfect and will require your engagement/oversight. Here are some things I think some people may get pretty frustrated with:1. Sometimes it says it completes the scheduled cleaning, but only partially does so. If you want to finish the cleaning you have to manually trigger the remainder of the cleaning. Otherwise, just let it get it next time.2. I have to empty/fill water tanks every day I do a cleaning (again, we do lots of mopping). Some documents/reviews lead you to believe only occasional physical interaction.3. I have to clean the base station 'sink' at least once per week or it clogs up which prevents any cleaning.4. Batteries take quite a long time to re-charge. I get roughly 80-90 minutes of run time and recharging that is 6+ hours or so.5. The settings you use and the layout of your house affects things so don't assume you will get same results and me (or anyone else). Example, you can use twice as much water by increasing water.6. The mapping is generally good, but periodically buggy - I have had to re-map a couple of times in a 2 months because the map became corrupt or lost. It is madding because you lose settings and requires more setup time. It also periodically just ignores rooms which seem to only be fixed by remapping or manually selecting an area for cleaning.7. If you want to use on carpet and mopping, it will require manual intervention (must physically remove mopping pads to vacuum carpets). Not a problem for me, but for some you may want to schedule certain days for carpet only and others for mopping.8. Instructions, videos and documents are useful only for very basic functions. You have to learn many things by playing with the app. Many things you're going to have to figure out on your own or send support questions to them.9. Have decent WiFi setup. Buggy internet/WiFi connection may cause frustration in communication with the device and the features.10. The vacuum triggers my alarm motion sensors which I had to modify to not set the alarm off (but my 10 lb dog did not set off the sensors). Guessing the heat signature is greater for this. Noticed some reviews they have no problem.11. There are places you still have to manually clean.12. You have to keep floor clutter down to get a good cleaning. If you have 'stuff' all over your floors you are going to get spotty cleaning as the machine will work around the items. Example, on certain days we move things around to ensure everything gets cleaned - like once a week we pull all the chairs out from around our dining table to ensure we get a through cleaning under the table.13. It does well around bigger cords, but small cords like cell phone charging cords and ear bud wires it doesn't seem to recognize and will sometimes grab up and even destroy (destroyed a pair of wired ear buds I had). I have also had it get caught on small cords from seat pant belts that were hanging in the closet with cords resting on floor.Bottom line, I really think this is a FANTASTIC machine but I monitor and tinker with it the app, cleaner and/or base for a few minutes nearly every day for some reason. It's worth it to me and grateful for the job it does. However, if you expect something to just plug in and attend to once a week for a few minutes I think you may be disappointed (unless you have a small location).
    Audie Crouse
    June 26, 2022
    How good it works
    The vac worked peretty good. But the high clearence would not let it get undre most funture. The edge cleanning was not verry good. It was easy too set up and coustomer service was great. Would give it a 8 out of 10. The moping worked well as did the self cleanning function.
    June 1, 2022
    My favorite vaccum/mop combo
    This thing is great. (The Deebot Ecovacs X1 omni). First of all, in response to another review, you can absolutely schedule tasks in the app [to an absurdly high degree]. I have my ecobot omni wake up every morning at 745 AM to clean three rooms, and each room has a customizable level of intensity for the mopping and the vacuuming. [Kitchen is on max everything, hallway on standard vacuum but heavy mop, etc]. You choose the order the rooms are cleaned in, and how thoroughly. It's great. The app is not always the easiest to navigate, but the option to schedule tasks is there. Just go to AUTO mode in the app [as opposed to custom and area] and scroll down.Additionally, in response to another review, this robot is capable of resuming a task if it needs to stop and re-charge. However, you do have to go into settings to enable this feature. It's not on by default.Anyway, here's my review. Coming from a Roomba j7 and Braava Jet M3, there's many massive positives:-Incredibly good at avoiding obstacles/wires and understanding its place in the house for routing. It doesn't have to bump into everything like my roomba! It also navigates back to the base station very intelligently.-Didn't take long to map the whole house fairly accurately with LIDAR. There were some inaccurate rooms but it was easy to fix with the map editor in the app.-Because it uses LIDAR to avoid obstacles and navigate, it works fine without the lights on. It also does not need a light on the robot.-App is very functional. Love that I can customize the intensity of mopping/vacuuming by room, select specific areas to clean [not just rooms, but areas within rooms using the app], adjust duration of heat-drying the mop pads, etc. I can also clearly specify keep-out zones, keep-out boundary lines, and set custom areas for cleaning if needed [ie, more specific zones than an individual room]. BUT -- Keep out zones were not really needed. I was worried it would get stuck on the jumble of wires behind my sofa, but every time it just sees them and avoids them.-It alerts you when the clean water/dirty water is low, using spoken voice.-You can see the exact path your robot took when cleaning is done, and while it's cleaning, traced in the app. Check out my attached screenshot. It shows a white trace of the robot's exact path in cleaning three rooms. Note the kitchen got extra treatment, and the hallway and living room got one pass, as I instructed.-Ability to see video feed from robot, and speak through it like a radio, is a neat security feature. Videos can even be saved.-Aesthetically, the base station and the ecovacs itself look very slick. It's like an apple product.-Magnetic design makes removing pieces/brushes super easy for replacement when needed.-It hot air drys the wet mops after cleaning! Can customize this to take 2 to 4 hours.-Great suction power, especially on the Max+ mode (although it's quite loud)..-Good drop sensors to prevent falling off a cliff in your house.-easy to order replacement parts, both official and cheaper unofficial versions. i actually prefer some of the cheaper, unofficial mop pads more..-Love the voice assist. Don't need to pair it to a phone or anything. Just say, OK YIKO and tell it what to do. You can even say 'clean near me' and it will find you and start cleaning there.Some downsides, which I view as minor:-Battery takes a long time to charge. I'd say I can have it running on max power for around 2 hours before it needs around 4-5 hours to charge. Fortunately it can clean most of my house in 2 hours.-You have to occasionally clean the base station. Not often, maybe once a month. On the bright side, there is a great maintenance video on YouTube that explains exactly how to do this (as well as how to maintain every other part on the robot) and it's very straightforward and easy. The video is called "06 Deebot X1 OMNI Clean & Maintenance." I'd estimate it takes about 10 minutes to do all the required maintenance every month. You basically just scrub everything down and swap the pads/brush/bag if needed.-Although the clean and dirty water tanks are each quite big, like 4L, I still find I have to empty /refill them once every couple of days (If I'm cleaning the house each day).-The language translations to English, and the related issues, are a bit confusing. For example, I can label a room a "Tatami" on my map, but not a "foyer." Additionally, emails I receive from Ecovacs, and the instruction manuals, have some obvious grammar errors. This is a pretty minor downside because it never really interferes with the usage of the product, but they should update this for clarity. It's also very out of place on an expensive product like this.Overall, love this thing. LIDAR robots are the future.
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    May 4, 2022
    Does not handle wool rugs well
    I like many features of the Ecovac… especially its ability to manage itself at the station and it’s mopping capabilities. However for vacuuming, I have two wool rugs that are a bit thicker than average and relatively new and Ecovac does not handle them well. .First, Ecovac has a difficult time climbing onto the rug. It can’t go onto them directly and takes a number of tries to finally get on at an angle … and then it immediately gets off and starts again. It behaves stupidly - it never learns - and does this tons of times and then burns down the battery.Second, when the Ecovac does vacuum the wool rug, it spits out a very tight fur ball (likes a cat’s hairball or an Owl pellet). After every session, I have to around a pick up at least 10 furballs, which kinda defeats the purpose of a robot vacuum. I expect wool rugs to pill and shed in their first two years, and mine are no exception. I feel like the furballs will dissipate as the carpet get worn in… one can only hope.Third, it rarely vacuums the master bath, despite the fact that I’ve set the app to start there first. If I want it to vacuum there, I have to carry it in there and shut the door.For $1,000, I expected more.
    R Cameron Moody
    March 19, 2022
    Much more then your average pet entertainer, but missing a few things
    The two in one vacuum and mop is a game changer.The price is up there, but if you got two units you could spend more. I got this to deal with paw prints on hardwood floor and it does a great job at that.Seems like most of my issues could solved with software update, let’s see if they will continue to invest into the unit to slove them.I hope they add more functionality to the app, like a bit of an oversight in my opinion the ability to schedule auto cleanings. I mean you can talk to this thing where you don’t even need your phone or get off the couch, but you can’t schedule as a cleaning on it at least right now 12/2022Quality of the hardware seems high, I just our 1st maintenance cleaning after 30 hours of use.I would like to see:• Task Scheduling in the app• Ability to turn off the voice control as I don’t need it and the less recordings going to China the better• Tanks are small and need emptying daily.• Pad cleaning it too often and it waste so much cleaning time going back into the base to self clean and then resuming, like 3-4 times a cleaning cycle so you end up not being able to do a full job.• I don’t understand the need for the camera but.it does let you see what’s going on in our house while your away.
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    March 5, 2022
    Laptop a muy buen precio.. excelente compra..
    January 22, 2022
    Expensive but worth it
    The media could not be loaded.  I was blown away by how beautifully this vacuum performs! I've had it for a month and my floors have never looked better. I like how it automatically empties the dust pan and cleans the mop pads! It also recognizes carpet sections and does not mop them, so I don't have to bother about setting up barriers for that. It was very simple to set up and prepare for cleaning. The audio prompts throughout the setup were quite helpful, and every component, even down to the app on my phone, loaded quickly and performed well. Every aspect of the setup was simple and improved the precision of the robot to the point where, at this time, my robot vacuum cleans the carpet once and is done, and I have never seen my carpet this clean. Pretty impressive robot vacuum.After cleaning, the robot vacuum returns to the station and empties the dustbin autonomously. After mopping, it automatically washes and dries the mop heads using hot air. Feel a whole new degree of liberation from cleaning. With 5,000PA suction force, the vacuum takes up dirt from both hard floors and carpets more effectively. The revolutionary OZMO Turbo rotating mopping technology works twice as hard to remove stubborn stains and dirt, leaving the floor spotless. This robot vacuum can analyzes your home surroundings using TrueMapping, the most modern laser based navigation technology, to build the most efficient and quickest cleaning courses. Precision mapping and navigation deliver systematic coverage with fewer lost opportunities.Scrub and scrape the mopping pad vigorously at a rotational speed of 180r/min to replicate a hand-washing effect. In the app, you may set the mopping interval 10min, 15min, 25min.Built in 4L clean water tank, auto water replenishment for main unit, to keep the humidity consistent when cleaning.Following cleaning, the heating mechanism at the station's base can trigger 2 hours of electric heating to quickly dry the cleaned mopping pad. Clean station features child lock, which prevents children and pets from performing inappropriate activities out of curiosity.This robot vacuum comes with a 3L sealed dust bag that can keep debris for up to 60 days. Simply enjoy weeks of clean house.The power of a powerful AI engine is combined with 3D structured light sensors to automatically identify and recognize common household obstacles and furniture, even in the dark.Cleaning from far to close is applicable to auto-cleaning and area cleaning, preventing second pollution on your floor.A single full 4L of clean water may be used to mop an area of up to 3875ft2.This robot mop has an 80ml electronically regulated reservoir that keeps the two mopping pads uniformly damp at all times.Picks up trash, pet hair, and grime from every corner and automatically doubles power while vacuuming on carpets, all while remaining tolerably quiet.Its triple filtration technology can prevent 99 percent of inhaled micro-dust as tiny as 0.3–0.5m, keeping your home's air fresh and clean.With our AIb based natural voice control command, YIKO, I can literally direct my DEEBOT to clean without lifting a finger.The new starlight front facing camera on your robot allows you to observe your house in real time, even in low-light conditions, and it also supports two-way voice communication.How Do Robot Vacuums Navigate?How do robot vacuums move across the floor vacuuming, cleaning, and sweeping? When they were first launched, robot vacuums used basic technology and would move haphazardly when cleaning. They were able to clean large areas but were inefficient as they keep cleaning the same places.More developed models use an advanced robot vacuum navigation system, which is enabled by algorithms and sensors. The technology allows the vacuum to move in straight lines, covering all areas. The vacuum robot needs to map your home first to be able to clean effectively. It will then store this information and use it when vacuuming in the future.Robot vacuum mapping is a process by which robot vacuums map your house during the initial cleaning. Mapping helps the robot understand how the house looks like, making it easier to clean all areas, and the majority of high-end models are capable of cleaning hard surfaces and carpets alike. Even in textures that seem similar, mapping helps it avoid the sections that it has already cleaned.This map can be saved in a smartphone app using the map saving option, which is especially helpful for larger homes. You can also use the app to pick areas that you want the robot to clean if you prefer zone cleaning.After buying the robot vacuum, stay home when it's cleaning for the first time and monitor the process. Since it's doesn't understand your house, it needs to learn the routes.The Main Types of Mapping TechnologyVacuums use different technologies to map a house, which may include the 4 following main mapping technologies discussed in this section.Camera-based mappingThis technology uses a digital camera that maps by taking photos of landmarks around the house. While this technology maps well, it does not work in the dark. But some manufacturers are beginning to add a source of light on some of the devices.Lidar-based mappingLidar is an invisible spinning laser that detects information. It collects data on the room's size and obstacles, such as legs at the laser level, but it starts by mapping the house, cleaning it systematically in straight lines instead of randomly.Lidar technology is the most precise at mapping and has accurate navigation compared to the others.Gyroscope or accelerometer mappingGyroscope and accelerometer sensors calculate the distance and direction of objects around the house.The vacuums that use this technology are affordable. But it does not create a precise map and does not navigate as well as vacuum robots that use lidar and camera-based technologies.Combined technologiesSome vacuum robots combine two or three mapping technologies. These technologies are used together with sensors and the robot vacuum cleaner algorithm to help the device navigate efficiently.Sensors Help with Robot Vacuum NavigationRobot vacuums use mapping to form route cleaning, and while they are moving, they use sensors to detect road conditions. Let’s take a look at cliff sensors, obstacle sensors, and other forms of tech that help these devices work.Cliff sensorsAll vacuum robots have cliff sensors as a safety requirement. Cliff sensors use infrared light, which is reflected from objects. The objects then send a signal back to the receiver in the vac.If the vac does not receive any signal, the receiver detects no object and changes the path. This will prevent your vacuum from falling off the staircase.Obstacle sensorsWhen cleaning your home, a vacuum will inevitably come across obstructions from furniture and other things that lie on the floor. Obstacle sensors, which are typically placed on a vacuum's bumpers, will guide it through the obstacles.When the vacuum comes into contact with an object, the sensor will go off, forcing the vacuum to steer away from it.Wall sensorsThese sensors use infrared light to detect walls and then clean along the boundaries. The robot will do so effectively and without bumping the walls.Wheel sensorsLight sensors count the wheel rotation to determine the distance it has covered. Although it was common to use these sensors when robot vacuums were new, only low-end models use them.What is laser navigation?Laser navigation is a state-of-the-art option for free navigation, which, simply put, means the navigation of a certain object without the need for wires, tapes, and reflectors. This is done by mounting a rotating laser scanner on top of an object and allowing it to accurately measure angles and distances in relation to itself.Laser navigation has become quite popular for various reasons and comes in various forms, such as the type of navigation found in LGVs (laser-guided vehicles). Over the past few years, however, laser navigation has become a very useful addition to household appliances, mainly robot vacuums, as brands try to find ways to make their appliances work smarter and more efficiently.Robot vacuums that are equipped with laser navigation are more advanced in terms of technology. They can easily sense their environment with the use of LiDAR (light detection and ranging). Not only can they operate in total darkness, but they are also able to map a room precisely. They are more efficient when it comes to cleaning and are less prone to bumping into furniture. They are also faster and take less time to make their cleaning rounds in a room due to their high-precision sensors that let them plan out the best cleaning map around a room.Who is a robot vacuum with laser navigation suited forHuge houses or houses with multiple rooms: If you have a big house or a house that has multiple rooms, you’ll want a robot that can easily and efficiently do the cleaning for you. Because robots with laser navigation are able to map out the whole house very precisely, they can store the various floor levels and rooms in their system and take a specific map out when they need to do the cleaning.Night-time or odd cleaning schedules: If you want your robot to do the cleaning at night or while you’re away and the rooms are dark, a robot vacuum with laser navigation is what you will need. Robot vacuums that are equipped with laser navigation are able to navigate around the house and do their cleaning, no matter how dark it is. Because they are able to make their way effortlessly around your home, there is little need to supervise them or constantly check up on them compared to other robot vacuums.What's in the boxDeebot X1 robotOMNI station2 sets of spinning mopping pads2 auto-seal dust bags1 set of side brushes
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    Weihua Li
    January 9, 2022
    Overall Great Product
    We have been using it for a few months. It was easy to operate, and I love that the robot can wash and dry the mop cloth by itself, so really there's nothing to worry about.Two things I don't like about this product:1. The robot seems to be confused quite often for no reason and just stops in the middle of the job.2. The voice function is really bad as the robot always try to capture our voice but we are not talking to it... Almost everyday, the robot responds something like "I don't understand" from time to time while we are talking, or it even starts cleaning by itself but I didn't request that. Is there a way to turn off the voice function?
    January 7, 2022
    I use this mainly to connect to the internet and to use with QuickBooks. So fare its been flawless in every way, by far the easiest time I\'ve ever had getting a new computer up and running especially getting QuickBooks going. There was some doubt about running QuickBooks Desk Top 2022 on a windows 11 machine, apparently some work and some don\'t, this one works great. Also a lot of people have problems importing a company from QuickBooks 2009 directly into QB 2022, I cant say why but using this computer it worked flawlessly, absolutely no hassle. I don\'t rely know if this is a QuickBooks thing or a computer thing but it all seems to be playing nice together.
    January 7, 2022
    I use this mainly to connect to the internet and to use with QuickBooks. So fare its been flawless in every way, by far the easiest time I\'ve ever had getting a new computer up and running especially getting QuickBooks going. There was some doubt about running QuickBooks Desk Top 2022 on a windows 11 machine, apparently some work and some don\'t, this one works great. Also a lot of people have problems importing a company from QuickBooks 2009 directly into QB 2022, I cant say why but using this computer it worked flawlessly, absolutely no hassle. I don\'t rely know if this is a QuickBooks thing or a computer thing but it all seems to be playing nice together.
    Cheyenne Olson
    January 2, 2022
    UPDATED Review, November 2022 - Happy Customer!
    Below this review, you will find my original review of the Deebot X1 OmniMy previous review incited Smart Home Robotics to reach out to inquire how they could make my experience with their robot better. They offered a replacement or a refund. After some conversation back and forth, I chose to go with the replacement. And I'm glad I did!!Working with customer service was wonderful and easy. They were kind, understanding, and courteous. I felt heard and seen, and I believe they cared that I had a positive experience with their product. They answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns beautifully. I am grateful for their time and diligence because, during this first week with my replacement, I am thrilled!- My setup only took 5 minutes as opposed to HOURS spread over two days!- The firmware updated with all the new features, whereas the other one wouldn't update- This robot has never been offline since I set it up, unlike the last one, which rarely stayed online. I had to shut it down and reboot it EVERY TIME I used it. That is not the case anymore.- This robot has not gotten stuck once! Where the last one "got stuck" ALL THE TIME when in fact, it just needed to turn 90 degrees rather than 20 to get away from the wall.- I don't have to babysit this robot, unlike the last one. I can leave the room or house and trust it will do its job. AND I can SEE that it did its job because it stays online and shows me where it has been and where it is. The time savings is HUGE! As the robot works, I can get so many other things accomplished! Seriously, HOURS are saved every week.In short, my issues are no longer there. I am thankful for the diligence of the customer service team and how well they worked with me. They were wonderful. And like I said, I will give another update in January 2023 once this robot encounters a Minnesota winter and the mess that comes with it.The only thing I would change is the battery life. It is a little too short for my home.Also, I wish there was a way to change the robot's name when you speak to it. For example, Darcy rather than Yiko. And would like to program some of my commands.================================================================================Setting up the Deebot was not simple or intuitive. The website, app, and manual are minimal at best. It was a lot of trial and error. But once I got it running it works beautifully--most of the time. The vac routinely disconnects from the server, which means it disconnects from the app. It also "gets stuck" in an open area; it just bumped against a wall and didn't turn itself around to get "unstuck."So while the vac is working, I am sure to be doing other things in the vicinity to make sure I can hear it's complaints and set it back on course.That said, the daily vacuuming and regular mopping are wonderful. My house is much cleaner and picked up making it more comfortable and peaceful (for me anyway).If you are willing to be patient, I would recommend this product. And from what I've heard from others who own robots, my complaints are "normal."
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    John W Graham
    January 2, 2022
    keys r hard to see
    John W Graham
    January 2, 2022
    keys r hard to see
    Amazon Customer
    November 6, 2021
    Love the 17 inch screen! I’m not a gamer. I use this laptop mostly for working from home. I read the news, watch movies, browse websites and shop. It meets all of my needs.
    October 29, 2021
    I absolutely love my laptop! This co.puter came highly recommended & I jumped on it. I use this computer for my career as a Digital Nomad. It is oversized but it makes it worth it since you have to stare at it all day.
    June 23, 2021
    I just received my new PC and I like it so far.
    June 4, 2021
    I really like the SSD hard disk. Very fast. Windows 11 has a lot of glitches which took some time to iron out. It came with MacAfee virus protection which I immediately got rid of. I decided to use MS Edge and end my time in the Google universe. MS Edge is just as fast, maybe faster, and has some nice features like immersive reader that Chrome does not have. All in all, a nice machine at a good price.
    April 25, 2021
    Bien rápida y es excelente te en todo.
    February 19, 2021
    Great laptop. Big screen. Did not realize the laptop would be so large however.
    February 19, 2021
    Great laptop. Big screen. Did not realize the laptop would be so large however.
    November 30, -0001
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