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Dishwasher with 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank.Wash-Black/White

(51 customer reviews)


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Color Black/White
Brand Farberware
Material Plastic
Controls Type Full Panel
Form Factor Built-In
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20.9 x 21.9 x 22.4 inches
Item Weight 36.38 Pounds
Operating Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 120 Volts
Capacity 5 Liters

GTIN N/A Category:
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About this item
QUALITY CONTROL NOTE All dishwashers are factory tested to ensure proper operation As a result it is normal for small amounts of residual water to be found in the unit
COMPACT DESIGN: This convenient dishwasher can fit a variety of dishes (up to 12-inches in diameter at an angle) and is ideal for small-sized houses, apartments, dorms, boats and campers/RVs. Depth – Door Shut (with Handle)-17.3 inch, Depth – Door Shut (without Handle)-16 inch, Depth With Door Open 90 Degrees-35 inch, Dishwasher Size-24 inch
NO HOOKUPS NEEDED: If you want the advantage of portability and storage, this dishwasher gives you the choice to fill the built-in tank so you don’t need a water hookup. Water hose is included for a direct water hookup to kitchen faucet (adapter not included)
FIVE WASHING PROGRAMS: You’ll get full size dishwasher cleaning in a countertop sized compact unit that offers five wash programs – Normal, Rapid, Fruit Wash, Baby Care and Glass. Lower and upper spray arms give dishes that streak-free deep cleaning
STEAM: Steam generated during the Baby Care cleaning cycle can be used to sanitize baby bottles and give glassware a sparkling clean finish
RAPID WASH: The Rapid cycle lets you get items clean in only 40 minutes and when you are done, the automatic air circulation helps to dry dishes
FRUIT WASH: Fruit basket is included so fruit and vegetables can be cleaned, ready to serve directly from the dishwasher
AIR REFRESH: Air exchange function can be used with any washing program to help improve the drying performance and to prevent any peculiar smells
EASY-TO-USE CONTROLS: The LED digital controls give you a clear picture-view of wash controls and the automatic water level indicator lets you know when the correct water level has been reached

51 reviews for Dishwasher with 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank.Wash-Black/White

    Jim B.
    October 14, 2022
    Works great
    Been using mine for over a year now I think. I call it " the wife" lol. She works great for small loads. Plates are a bit problematic and there's no sandwich button but overall I love mine. ☆☆☆☆
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    Lexy R.
    October 13, 2022
    Great product for apartments
    Love this! My complex installed these low flow faucets and destroyed our water pressure. Dishes normally took me around 15 minutes and now was taking at least double that, longer if I had cooked using pots and pans. I even stopped using my mixer because it became impossible to clean and rinse. I ordered this because I was fed up and it works WONDERS. Now I just wipe my dishes clean of any food residue and place in the machine. For one person it can easily fit all my dishes. If I plan it right I can even fit my pots and pans, though usually in their own load. It is surprising just how much it can fit and the dishes come out sparkling clean! I don’t have a ton of counter space and this fits really nicely on the strange spot beside my sink and drain directly into the sink. I also appreciate that I can fill from the top so I don’t have to disconnect anything to use the sink. It is basically silent too! I can usually only hear when it drains the water. For my mental health and lovely clean dishes it was worth the price tag!
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    October 12, 2022
    Cute, Compact, but Practical design is majorly flawed.
    Pros;1. Doesn't need a hose connection to run. Very important - if it worked (See Con #1).2. Fits on countertops and rolling carts easily. Very important.3. Looks nice on counter alongside other appliances, sort of. Aesthetic, but not necessary.4. Window is nice to be able to see in. Amusing, but not necessary.Cons:1. Description said it holds enough water in it's own dedicated tank for multiple load runs, but the washer absolutely *refuses* to run unless the tank is completely full of water. This means you have to top it off Every Single Time you run it (This does not work me. Especially since the pitcher only holds so much water, and my sink hose barely reaches the fill hole).2. If the washer is not completely full of water, it makes a horrible grinding noise that doesn't stop until you realize what's wrong and how to fix it (fill the water tank back up until the machine beeps at you with several *piercingly* loud beeps).3. Steam vent is only on the left side (your right when facing the machine) and the only space I can fit it is directly to the right of my sink, against a wall. This is a problem.4. Soap is not always rinsed entirely off from dishes on shorter modes. Be VERY aware of how much soap you put in; if you think you put in enough, put less.5. Air dry option doesn't dry dishes at all.6. Pouring water into the flush hole on top is *very* difficult to do without spilling water everywhere, and I have decently steady hands and very good hand-eye coordination. Flush design with no funnel is a design flaw.7. If the washer needs to be placed under a cabinet, you cannot access the water fill hole. As well, forget about using any of the space above the washer for at least 15" inches if you need to use a pitcher to pour, or at least 6" if you're able to use a sprayer/hose of some sort.8. Doesn't fit dinner plats unless at an angle. Yes, I know the description states this, but what it doesn't state is that even putting one normal sized dinner plate in there severely limits what else you can put inside. I *only* recommend this washer for someone who owns two place settings worth of dishes maximum, otherwise you'll just end up washing the dishes that don't fit by hand, or having to run two loads for one meal's worth of dishes for three + people. It's honestly less effort to just wash an entire meal's worth of dishes by hand than to deal with the above-mentioned issues.Overall:Nice idea, cute aesthetic design, but execution is lacking in some fundamental ways.Used it one week and all of the hassle is just NOT worth $400. Maybe $150 or less. But definitely NOT $400.You're already paying $400+, spending another $20-50 for something that works better.
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    Del Rice
    October 12, 2022
    Best Purchase for my Travel Trailer!
    This is a great product! I read many reviews before I bought this and blew off the negatives I read about like the error messages from the unit and the need to call a plumber. While some of those issues may have indeed been unit failure--the majority probably were not.Tips: 1st (and most important): keep this unit on a curcuit with nothing else on it. If this unit shares a curcuit with a microwave, toaster, coffee maker, etc. this unit will fail. You will get error messages. Why? Because even though the curcuit does not kick the breaker the power is reduced to the unit causing it to fail. Simple as that. Frankly, I keep everything pluged in. I just make sure I only use one appliance at a time. 2nd: Soap. If you use soap pods in this it will not give good results. Way too much soap and it will simply leave everything... well--soapy! I use Cascade gell just enough to fill the soap dish (which is about a tablespoon). Works great!This seller stands by their product. I experienced the error messages on the unit I purchased so I quickly requested a replacement. They sent it with return postage paid and all. Very pleased with their response. However, I figured out there was nothing wrong with the original unit I had purchase but instead it was the electrical curcuit issue I described above in Tip #1.I give the seller 5 stars and the unit 5 stars.
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    October 10, 2022
    I’m happy I purchased.
    The media could not be loaded.  Pros:- The TANK : you don’t need to connect it to a faucet, or even to a sink for that matter, for it to do it’s thing.- ATTRACTIVE: its apparent the company hired an actual designer and not just engineers. And it’s great to see the washing in action through the window.- COMPACT: need I say more? Still, make sure you measure!- PEACE of MIND: it steams the dishes so you know they are getting sterilized. Even has a digital gauge to tell you the temp inside. I love the veggie wash option!Cons:- DRYING: the air dry feature on the quick wash doesn’t do much. If you don’t want your dishes soaking when the wash is through you’ll need to use the 2.5 hour wash and they will come out dry.- WASH QUALITY: the long wash quality is okay, but the quick wash leaves a lot of food stuck on. You have to get the dishes immaculate before that cycle, so there’s no point unless you just want them sterilized.- QUANTITY: I can get only ONE dinner-sized dish in at a time because it has to be angled so much. If you are washing for more than one person, that will get old pretty quickly.- UTENSILS: they fall off the included utensil platform. You’ll want to buy an appropriate container for them to be washed in, otherwise they fall to the bottom of the machine.Suggestions for the Design team:- Improve the effectiveness of air dry option on the quick cycle. It doesn’t do much the way it’s engineered.- Find a way to cut back on water splash as the tank is being filled.- Improve the overall cleaning capability of the quick wash cycle.- Include a washable container to hold utensils instead of the veggie bowl.
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    Ashley Waitkus
    October 10, 2022
    Good results
    This cleans dishes very well. The only issue is the drain house doesn't stay in place well. Aside from that, it's a great product.
    October 4, 2022
    Small but Mighty
    I’ve owned this baby little dishwasher for about 3-4 months now and it has delivered on its promises. Keep in mind this only fits about 2 place settings. I definitely recommend a larger unit if you have the space, but if you’re like me and live in a small apartment then it’s a wonderful countertop chore-reducer.Really happy with my purchase.
    Colin Sharpe
    September 12, 2022
    Pleasantly surprised
    I wasn’t expecting a whole lot since I’ve used “mini” versions of appliances like these before and they’re usually underwhelming. This, however, has been fantastic over the past month.The manual filling with the pitcher isn’t that inconvenient, but I ended up buying a generic dishwasher installation kit from Home Depot and a T-adapter fitting and connecting it to my sink supply line. The dishwasher has an internal valve so that it doesn’t just take on water when connected to a source (like I initially thought), but will only start filling once you start a cycle.Its capacity is pretty small, but it can easily manage the dish usage of 1-2 people, or more if you want to run it more than once a day or two.There are probably cheaper options available but the build quality and interface of this dishwasher is fantastic.
    August 28, 2022
    Helpful in the right scenario
    For a couple or single, this machine can be very helpful. Does it compete with a standard built-in dishwasher? No.It takes almost 3 hours to run the full cycle and 40 minutes to run a quick wash, no dry. So it's not quick. It is fairly quiet. Does it clean well? Not nearly as well as I can wash by hand. You will definitely need to prewash anything really sticky, like egg yoke, dried on sauces, ice cream, honey, coffee or tea, peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese, etc. That includes plates, cups, and utensils. Many other reviewers have noted these issues and i fully agree. It's a rather wimpy dishwasher, sort of like having your 8 or 9 year old help. But, even with these limitations, it can help in the kitchen.I prewash the items mentioned above and then load or even overload the machine a bit. If I have time, i might run the full 2 and half hour cycle, but usually i just run the quick wash, then open the machine for the content to air dry the rest of the way. This let's me finish washing the pots and pans and get out of the kitchen about 5 or 10 minutes quicker, which adds up to a few hours a month of my life back. Call me lazy, but that makes it work for me. It helps. Now it just needs to last about 3 or 4 years to be worth the price, over 5 bills with tax in my case. I bought the extended warranty because I don't really think it will keep working for 3 years, to help cover such a loss. Your milage may vary. And it does eat a good chunk of valuable countertop space. So far, I would buy it again tho.
    Amazon Customer
    August 26, 2022
    I like it so far
    Small and effective. Does a good job. Quiet. You can get a lot in there if you are creative. It comes with a cheap plastic hose to connect to a water source. I bought a better quality hose and a 3/4 y splitter so that I could permanently connect to the water source and drain connected to my washing machine.I am using dishwasher pods. They need to be cut in half because they are designed for a larger machine.
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    Elizabeth Ann Davis
    August 23, 2022
    Worked great while it worked
    This was easy to use and worked well for about 2 years. Luckily I bought the insurance coverage. It cleans dishes well but does not scrub have a disposal. It uses less water than handwashing. The bottom spinner stopped working. I contacted Asurion, and they had no one to fix it so they refunded me.It is very quiet. The cycle is pretty long but I don't mind that. It would be good for a studio apartment. Just set it and forget it. I was very happy while it worked but I am unsure about getting another one if it won't last that long.
    James Mielke
    August 18, 2022
    So far so good!
    Living in a small apartment in NYC can have a lot of challenges. As a big person in a cramped kitchen, it’s difficult for me to wash dishes—especially when they breed like rabbits with two kids and a wife who likes to just pull clean dishes out like they’re going out of style. My sink is low and the layout of my kitchen just stuffs me in a corner, which hurts my lower back, so I decided to give this dishwasher a shot because I decided that sacrificing my countertop space was better than battling my kitchen conditions for the foreseeable future.This dishwasher does what it’s supposed to, even if you just let it run without dishwasher detergent! The water gets hot enough (150+) to really clean everything with its gentle but relentless top & bottom spray routine. Using detergent obviously helps the cause but while it doesn’t hold as much as a standard-size dishwasher, it’s certainly helped me adjust from my previous apartment’s accommodations to my new pad’s formerly-dishwasher-free situation.I prefer to use the standard wash cycle, which goes for about 2h 10m with powered air drying time. But there’s a quick 40m program for light cleaning needs or people in a hurry. I also like the fruit washing routine and the included fruit basket. I haven’t had to try the glass cleaning or baby bottle sterilization settings yet but I’m confident they’d be great based on the results of the other cycles.Other people have complained about the E4 error that pops up on occasion, but I’ve fixed it each of the few time it’s happened simply by unfastening the drainage hose (while tilted over the sink) and tipping the unit back about 5-10 degrees. Maybe a quarter cup of water drains out and we’re good to go. A very simple fix.I’ve only had the washer for about 3 months, but it encourages me to do the dishes more frequently than I would if we didn’t have this. My previously skeptical wife went from grumbling about the extravagance of this purchase to low-key taking it for granted. Based on our current experience thus far, I’d really recommend this for small families in small living quarters, students, or anywhere that hand-washing dishes is a challenge.Also: It’s kind of fun to watch the lit start-up cucle.
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    heather gress
    August 17, 2022
    Great small machine, works like a charm
    We bought this dishwasher about 4 months ago. Let me say first- we are a household of two adults. Secondly- I have never washed my pots and pans in a dishwasher- ever.Ok- so the good stuff- we love this dishwasher. We decided to go with this model because you don't have to have it attached to the kitchen faucet to run it. Just fill the pitcher, and fill the machine. I can understand how some would hate this but it works for us. We have a bucket that the dishwasher drains into. Not a huge bucket, just a mop bucket. We did anchor the end of the drain hose with a weight so it doesn't flop out from the water pressure. Never had an issue, and when done we dump the bucket. No muss. No fuss.I had wanted a larger one, that could hold more but to be honest, this one is just perfect. We have 8.5 inch plates, they fit perfect with cups and bowls. You aren't going to be able to get all the dishes from a setting of four with all cups and serving things but we just run a second wash. No biggie. Beats hand washing for sure.Also something to note- this dishwasher will not dry your dishes. In fact, I don't even bother with the air function because they will dry faster from just opening the door. Or toweling them off. Again, for us not a huge issue. I typically take everything out and set it on the counter while I dump the bucket or load more and then put things away.If you want a perfect dishwasher, buy a big permanent one. If your ok with the above mentioned things, this dishwasher is for you.Also note- don't use pods. Every video I watched prior to buying this model only had errors and issues when using the pods. I can only assume that happens because those pods rely on high heat to dissolve them. This dishwasher does not get hot like a normal one, hence the problems with the pods. We use liquid detergent and never have issues.Lastly, we have never had an issue with dishes coming out dirty. If things are super dirty, I run the longer normal cycle. But if it's just cups and silverware, utensils- I use the short cycle. Beautifully cleans everything.Super pleased with this machine for our current needs.
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    August 15, 2022
    I have had this product for a year I use it twice day and have never had a problem it gets the dishes very clean and works amazing living in an apartment!
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    Dee G
    August 7, 2022
    I am absolutely ecstatic, sooooo happy with this little dishwasher! <3 <3 <3
    I've seriously never been so excited over an appliance before! Long detailed review below if you want the whole spiel! I mulled over buying a mini dishwasher for way too long, looked at so many different ones & read so many reviews -- I am ridiculously happy to finally have this cute little Farberware dishwasher to help us out! The stress of having dishes building up in the sink in our tiny apartment was such a source of frustration between me & my bf, it was just hard to keep up after a long days work & especially during the pandemic when we'd been cooking at home 3 meals a day. It might be small, but even taking the edge off that pile of dishes has made a HUGE difference. Everything works really well & it fits nicely on the countertop next to our sink, without cramping our access to the sink, and I also love that this one has the option to fill the tank with a pitcher so we didn't have to hook it up to our faucet. Details on it below:Functionally, all the buttons, settings & parts are very user friendly & easy to find. It beeps clearly once the tank is full, so you can easily use your pull down kitchen faucet if you have one, or the pitcher works great too! For reference, we used a regular ECOS powder dishwashing detergent & it works great.Size wise, for example we were able to fit: 12 pieces of silverware, 3 cups, 1 cereal/soup bowl, 3 salad plates, 1 entree plate (10.5inch fit if laid diagonally), & 2 spatulas. You can probably fit more if you are more efficient than I am, but this was a casual example of fitting things in. While you can't really put pots & pans in there & large stuff, it really has made a difference in our ability to keep the kitchen clean, I do sometimes run pan lids in there tho, they fit just fine! And, I as a reference, there are 2 of us + 2 cats (we use salad-sized plates for their food), we use a lot of dishes in a given day.In response to some people commenting on the run time, the "Normal" wash is 2 hours and cleans really really well, but if you're like us & rinse your debris off your dishes before putting in the dish washer, we think the "Rapid" wash cycle works just fine & is only 40 min. Also, the Rapid wash is a slightly lower temperature, so it's great for those "top rack only" dishes or tupperware if you have any.Stamina of the dishwasher: On the first day using it, I ran it 3 times back to back: 1 normal cycle & then 2 Rapid cycles (with tank refills of course) and it worked fine washing for such a long stretch.In response to a couple of other comments people made about finding dampness in the dishwasher, it literally has a sign on the top that says "Dishwashers are all tested with water before delivery. It is considered normal if a little residual water is found."Anyway, that's our long review. We are super happy to have this little countertop friend to make our lives a little bit easier & less stressful. Thank you Farberware! :D
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    Susan carson
    August 1, 2022
    July 26, 2022
    Excellent little dishwasher
    Does a great job and fits more than I thought it would. It's very easy to use. A little louder than I anticipated, but I'm very pleased with my purchase
    Amazon Customer
    July 18, 2022
    Works OK
    The unit works good, about two weeks into it, using once or twice a day washing dishes for 2 people. No leaks, we use dishwasher detergent in pods. The rinse cycle is about 10 min but only washes the stuff with cold water, and doesn't dry, so not too helpful for us. The normal mode is officially 2 hours 35 min, the heavy mode is 5 min longer. We tried both, roughly looks like the time reported is correct. In a normal mode it runs wash for maybe ~ 1h 30min, then starts draining for the first time, then does rinsing and draining a bunch of times, then maybe after 2 hours starts drying, interchangeably turning on the fan (on the right side of the machine) and then draining more water. Drying is pretty effective, at least on this machine, the chamber ceiling has droplets but the dishes themselves are dry. After the procedure is complete, the machine will still turn on the fan, and when we ran it overnight, in the morning it seems to be even more dry. Can fit up to 9.5in plates vertically, we could fit 3 mugs, couple bowls and 3-4 plates, lots of silverware and smaller things. Overall pretty good in our view given it only uses 3 pitchers of water, the power consumption according to the manual is about 0.43 kW for the normal cycle. Baby mode on this machine can be activated in conjunction with main modes (we tried with normal and heavy) and by the sounds seems like it steams the dishes during the first 5 mins of the workflow before proceeding. Cleans well, but care should be taken to place items such that they do not occlude each other too much. Out of ~15 or so times we ran it, only couple times had one or two items with some uncleaned bits remaining, and those were minor, at the places where items firmly touched each other or were too close to the walls of the chamber.The dimensions of the unit are: height 17.24, width 16.53, depth 17.13 inches. It is a bit taller than we would have hoped, but not more than any other available dishwasher with most being only larger. But it is quite narrow and lightweight. For more detailed pictures consult the model with a glass door (FDW05ASBWHA), lots of reviews with pics as well as video reviews for that one. This model only differs by the front door and the software.
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    Stephanie B
    July 12, 2022
    You want this.
    This was the absolute best investment I ever made! I have a small kitchen with no dishwasher. I broke my back years ago, so it makes it very difficult to stand at a sink and wash dishes now. Plus, I never feel like the dishes are really clean. Because I have such little counter space, I had to be cautious of what kind of countertop dishwasher I purchased, but the fact that this one is truly portable, I was in. As you can see in the pictures, I have it on a stand next to my stove, and I put a large pot under it to drain in. The load in the pictures is comprised of 3 regular bowls, 1 large bowl, a small plate, and 7 utensils. For being so small, I'm impressed how much I can fit in there, and it's perfect for me and my wife.Easy to use: it comes with a pitcher that you fill and pour into the top. It holds about 3 of those pitchers. Drop your detergent in (I got the pods, and they work great). Make sure the drain hose is placed appropriately. Hit start.There's a timer on the front that counts down and lets you know how much longer it has. It takes a little over 2 hours for a normal wash. It also shows the temperature inside, and you can see how hot it gets. Which is nice if you're like me and want to know it's being sanitized.It dries the dishes out really well! I do recommend you unload it as soon as possible. I noticed after leaving a load overnight, there was some condensation, but nothing ridiculous.I have really hard water that has left all of my dishes with calcium rings, and this has knocked those out easily, and because it dries the dishes, I haven't had spots or rings since.It's very quiet. Probably about the volume of a regular dishwasher, possibly a bit quieter.The only thing I'll caution you on is the drain hose. It comes with a suction cup to hold it in place- it's crap. So, I used a twist tie to tie it the handle of the pot to make sure it stays in place. You can see it in the last picture. Other than that, this thing is the best invention ever known to man.
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    July 5, 2022
    I absolutely love it! There are a few con's but its still amazing!Con's:1. that shes a little bigger than what we expected, even with the measurements we thought she'd look a little sleeker, like a microwave, not as rounded, which obviously thats not a serious con but hey you never know who would appreciate that info2. The suction cup to secure the drain tube doesn't really secure it, we have to anchor ours down a little3. Our 12 inch dinner plates actually don't fit and we cant put anything with a wooden handle inside but that's not a huge deal for us because this thing still washes literally everything else4. It doesn't really dry the dishes, it recommends cracking the door in the instructions to let out steam but the door doesn't crack it just swings open, I started towel drying it and thats fine by mePros:1. everything that fits, comes out sparkling on the rapid wash! Which is the most important thing2. There are two ways you can load the silver ware3. It was super easy to set up, probably a max of 20 minutes4. Because we have it set on a cart it is super easy to move to the sink and fill with water, it also has a great alarm to let you know when its full5. Super quietOver all if you are tired of hand washing EVERYTHING and arent able to have a built in dishwasher this is a great product
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    June 21, 2022
    It’s nice just read the directions lol
    Nate R.
    June 17, 2022
    Hose Uses 3/4in NPT Fittings
    Love it! I've never used a dishwasher that actually works for, you know... washing dishes. Every one I've used in the past has required washing the dishes until they're clean enough to eat off of, then loading them into the dishwasher. I tested this one by leaving a smear if jam, mustard, ketchup, taco sauce on a plate for 48 hours, as well as macaroni and cheese residue in a bowl for 48 hours, and they came out clean after a normal cycle.I also think it's cool that this one only requires the water to be turned on to it at the start of the cycle. When you have it connected to your sink, it will fill up the tank, shut off the water, then proceed. After this point you can shut off the water and use the sink as normal.Now to the reason for 4 stars (instead of 5), and why I'm bothering to write a review: The thread used for the hose to hook it to the sink. I could not find this ANYWHERE. No reviews, the manual, or anything said what thread type it uses. It starts threading into garden hose, but stops a couple threads in. Ended up hunting down my thread gauge, and it's actually a 3/4in NPT fitting.I've attached a picture of how I've got mine set up. I've got a cutover adapter hooked into the areator, then a 1/2in garden hose that to 3/4in garden hose thread adapter, then 3/4in garden hose to 3/4in garden hose quick disconnect (I wanted to be able to hook up a short garden hose to the sink - the quick disconnect is entirely not required), then that adapts to 3/4in NPT male connect, which finally connects to the hose that came with the machine.
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    June 16, 2022
    Makes doing dishes easy
    I live alone and this works great for me! Can fit around 2 or 3 bowls, about 4 cups and 3 or so medium plates, plus a bunch of Silverware at once.
    Joshua Hutchings
    June 8, 2022
    I call it a depression fighting minion. And I love the tank.
    I love this dishwasher. I love that it has a tank because my kitchen is set up in a way that makes it difficult to get the dishwasher close enough to the sink to hook it up. I keep it on my kitchen table and let it drain into a stock pot that I keep on a chair. The tiny challenge is that I can't fill up the tank quickly because the water splashes all over if I try to pour it in too quickly. I assume it takes way less time than it would to cart it over to the sink and hook it up, though. The tank needs to be filled 3 times with a 1.8 liter pitcher. I originally wondered why it didn't come with a larger pitcher so you only had to fill it up once. But a big pitcher would be much heavier. It would be too heavy for some people, particularly anyone elderly. I can use my kitchen sink while it's running because it's not hooked up to it. And I can run it at the same time as the washing machine or shower. I like the window.The dishwasher usually cleans very well. I had trouble once but determined it was because a large pot lid was blocking some of the other dishes. Dishes can come out a little dirty occasionally but it's usually fine. The normal setting leaves some spots on glass items sometimes but that's not a big deal to me. I haven't used the glass setting before and I may never use it because it's not something I need. So I don't know how well that works.There isn't a basket but the silverware rack seems to hold small objects securely. I put the little pieces from my Instant Pot on top of the rack and put the little cup shaped "anti-block shield" over the littlest rubbery piece to hold it in place so it doesn't get lost.I'm not sure if the drying feature really works. I usually run the dishwasher before I leave the house and come back to it many hours later, and the dishes are usually pretty wet. (Update, the dishes are dry right away. They seem to collect condensation or something if the door isn't opened soon after the cycle.) I did just wash one large mixing bowl on its own and took it out right away and it was dry. So I don't know if it stays wet because of things like the inverted mug bottoms collecting water or if the dishes are perhaps initially dried but become wet again from condensation if they sit too long. I unload the dishes onto my drying rack and then put them away after they air dry so it's not a problem. A full load fits into a drying rack with few problems.The dishwasher was packaged well and arrived in good condition. (I load trucks at FedEx and I know what packages go through so I can appreciate the quality of the packaging, haha.)This last note isn't about this specific product really, but it's important to me. My mental health has improved so much over the last few months of having this dishwasher. I don't like doing dishes, and am perpetually physically exhausted from work. My kitchen has always been covered in overwhelming dirty dishes meaning I can't use the space at all and have always had no clean dishes to cook with. Now that I have a dishwasher I can keep on top of the dishes. I only do dishes for myself and find that I can keep up by running it once a day because it holds very little. (This is good because it means I don't wrestle with terribly dried on food because dishes are washed they day they get dirty.) I find I can handle washing a few pots and pans by hand (they won't fit in the washer) if I've got the dishwasher to do the little stuff. Between the dishwasher and my recent Instant Pot purchase, I'm able to eat better quality food and eat more regularly. I'm also enjoying cooking for the first time in a long time. All this has been amazing for my depression.Update: I bought the dishwasher in 2019. It's 2022 now. It's still going strong. Still leaves dishes slightly dirty sometimes but they're usually good. And it's usually my fault for trying to cram too much in. It's set up differently in the apartment I live in now as the pictures show. It used to sit on my kitchen table and drain into a stock pot on a kitchen chair. In my new apartment I set it up on a table of similar height with the stock pot on the ground. I turned it on the first time and went to work. My landlord started texting me that water was leaking into the apartment below me. When I got home I could tell that the first time water gushed out of the hose during the cycle, it sent the hose flying out of the bucket so it just drained onto the floor.The manager and maintenance guy looked at it the next day and told me they don't allow dishwashers in their buildings, but since it doesn't hook up to the faucet, they'd give me a chance to keep it as long as it didn't happen again. I now tie the hose to the handle on the stock pot with a shoe lace, and have had no more problems.I'm so sad to see in other people's review that the warranty sucks. Cuz if your unit functions properly, it's great. (This thing seriously changed my life so I'm weirdly passionate about it.)
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    Autumn S.
    June 1, 2022
    Best addition to my kitchen in years
    We have an old house with no dishwasher. When I had my son I did not have time to clean all the bottles and dishes everyday so I snagged this beauty and it's been terrific since. He'll be two soon and this thing is still going like a champ!
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    May 26, 2022
    little champ
    Due to backorders in major appliances, a replacement built-in dishwasher wash not available for a couple months. Decided to pick this counter-top up to bridge the gap. Learned to run a load for prep-ware before the meal, to allow a more a manageable load after each meal. If you can imagine, we were often running this washer 6 times/day!When loading, be aware of items that protrude below the rack that block the rotating arm. One of the plastic clips in the rack is extra low and barely clears the spinning water arm. Too much weight can also cause that to bump or stop the arm.Our sink has a pull-out spout that happens to just reach the top fill opening. Takes about 70 seconds to fill the water tank using our faucet. I tended to use the RAPID setting. To save a few moments, I actually start the RAPID setting and then fill the tank with warm faucet water. The water temperature for each setting is displayed and the RAPID water temperature seemed appropriate for a mix of glass, ceramic, stainless, and plastics.The glass viewing window is a sort of mystifying entertainment to watch. The interior has an LED light that goes off by itself. Press the START button to wake the light back on and make sure the arm is spinning.In my opinion, all things that make sounds and especially "beep", should have user adjustable settings for volume, mute, etc. The display is very informative and well conceived.Only once, did we experience an error message for "overflow", that was successfully cleared. This product was just a hand-saver that worked hard and consistently well.
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    May 20, 2022
    Family of 4, very happy!! :)
    The media could not be loaded.  Yes, the tiny, magical helper is small. But that’s exactly what we are looking for. We have small kitchen and no space for full dishwasher at all, plus it’s a rented apartment. Our landlord decided to install washer and dryer instead of a dishwasher when she was leaving in our apartment before us.I am mad at myself for taking this long to purchase the dishwasher. Our family always fights about the dishes. Even though we had a plan - mom washes pans and pots, daughter all utensils, son all plates and the man of the house all glasses or bowls.That chore assignment did not help. We always had terrible fights. It was destroying us. Everyone blaming each other who forgot to wash something, who did not wash well enough and so on. Imagine parties here? Next day it was a war zone with double sink full of dishes laying there for few days because no one wanted to come close near this responsibility. Then it would fall all on me- a tired, full/time working mom, who had no other choice. In worse case scenarios, the king of the house came to final rescue.So I finally decided to buy a valentine’s gift for all of us. A freaking tiny dishwasher. And we love it. All we need “magic mike” for is to take care of tiny stuff so we could focus on bigger stuff like pots and pans only. It came sooner than expected (4 days sooner). At first we didn’t have anything to try it with as all the dishes were washed at the moment. But then we did our best to gather some dirty stuff LOLThe dishwasher came in a Farberware box, it looked huge! It was well packed, no issues. Upon taking it out of the box and setting on a table, we noticed it was wet a bit. I expected this, as I read somewhere that the dishwashers are being tested right before they are getting sent, so that was fine with us.It had all protection film on it, on the door magnets, door see-thru glass, pipes and inside with all the stuff it came with. It was well packed really. We hooked it up pretty quickly. I did not connect it to my faucet as I need it in my life constantly LOL so we opted to just pour the water straight from the sink to the water reservoir inside the dishwasher. It makes a sound when it’s full, so no need to worry that it overflows.Then the whole day we spent on trying different settings with different dishes and it was a totally fun experience.I placed a dish-drying rug underneath the dishwasher for smooth moving in and out (to pout water in).I’m not totally sold on that utensil rack, so I decided to purchase a dishwasher utensil caddy to use when I have plenty of utensils to wash. Overall it’s ok, but some knives or forks have tiny handles and they fall right tru the rack holes unless we place it horizontally.!!!!!!!Oh - the dishwasher does dry the dishes on two settings only - the baby care and normal. Keep the "Air Refresh" on.You won't get heating with the rapid cycle, fruit and glass cycles.The baby cycle comes with steaming too and it's extremely hot. I love it. - don't have babies at home so no need for bottles, but it washed jars beautifully and also dishes with tough dry dirt on them.I used Cascade Gel dishwasher detergent and so far so good.I read the pods/tablets don't dissolve well in short cycles so I opted out for the gel instead.I'm attaching pictures and videos of my experience.Save your marriage, but it :) :) :)
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    Gorilla Radio
    May 19, 2022
    I love this thing
    This is a countertop dishwasher with a built in water tank. It appears to be one of very few of this type of dishwasher that contains its own water tank. This is the main reason why this unit costs more than other countertop dishwashers available on Amazon. The primary advantage of having a unit like this with a built-in tank is that you can safely wash a load of dishes unattended.Most dishwashers do not have a built-in tank and receive water through one of two methods: a connection to a water source through a hose that is cleanly integrated into your kitchen, or through a hose connected to a kitchen faucet that must be left on during the wash cycle and removed when finished, which is usually how countertop dishwashers are fed water. With this unit, that source is not needed, and you can instead fill the tank on the dishwasher and run it unattended. This dishwasher does also come with a fitting to hook it up to a faucet if you wish to use it that way.The drain hose comes with a suction cup that lets you exhaust waste water into a nearby sink, or into a bucket that can then be emptied. This flexibility is the biggest reason why I like this dishwasher.Another positive about this unit is how economical it is: it will wash a load using only 5 liters of water and is extremely energy-efficient. It also seems to do a great job getting my stuff clean and spotless without the use of a rinse aid, it's got a neat little window where you can watch the little thing get to work. This unit comes with the aforementioned intake and exhaust hoses, a pitcher to be used to fill the unit with water, and a fruit-washing basket that can be used with the unit to wash fruit on a special cycle just for that purpose. The unit clasps shut with a magnetic lock that holds the door shut after 4 minutes into a cycle to prevent accidental opening resulting in water pouring out of the unit.This unit also features a glass wash cycle for baby bottles. I have not used this feature and cannot speak for it's value.As far as negatives go, I have a few but they're minor. This unit is not compatible with rinse aids; the manual explicitly says not to use them. This isn't my first dishwasher so I had a couple of bottles that I had to give away because I couldn't use them. The unit also recommends against using detergent pods. You can still use them, but you must use full wash cycles or they do not dissolve properly. My biggest complaint would have to be about the overall capacity, which is smaller than other countertop dishwashers. While those units are designed to support dishes and placement for up to six dining sets, this unit is really designed to accommodate two, along with a serving bowl. Because of it's small space, sometimes loading the dishwasher is a bit like playing Tetris. I have managed to get four settings into this unit with plates, cups, flatware and a small serving bowl, and that's about as much as it will hold. If you overload the dishwasher, or load it incorrectly with too many large objects, it will fail to wash them correctly. You must also be careful about how large your objects are; it will not fit plates larger than 10", and it can be a little difficult finding dinner plates that small; you would want to make sure your plates aren't too big before dropping money for something like this, otherwise you're buying new servingware also. Finally, the fruit washer is more of a novelty feature than an actually useful one. I put eight apples into it, loaded it with water, and it ran for 20 minutes. I could've probably done this by hand in less than five.This isn't the right fit for everyone, but it's great for couples with no or one children, people who live in tiny houses, RVs or conversion vans, or single people without a dishwasher who don't like to do dishes. For anyone who uses this with the idea of draining wastewater into a bucket, it's recommended that you drain and clean the bucket between every load washed; waste particulate in the waste water will attract bugs if left unattended.
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    Eric W. Carlson
    May 16, 2022
    Best countertop dishwasher you can buy
    This thing is perfect. It can fit more dishes than you'd expect, is compact enough to actually fit in small spaces, is quick and efficient, and lets you use your faucet while it runs. It's great. I've had other countertop dishwashers over the years, but this is the only model out there that actually fits in small kitchens.I had a small gap next to my fridge - only 24" wide. It was a large enough space to fit a 24x18 storage rack, which would have been the perfect spot to put a dishwasher, except that every other dishwasher on the market is a half inch too wide. This baby, however, fits perfectly, with enough space on the side to store some accessories and a box of detergent. Also, this thing doesn't tip the hell over when you pull out the rack! Other machines out there are so unbalanced that when you pull a rack full of dishes all the way out, the whole machine tips over! Not this one.I love that this thing has a water reservoir, which provides all the water it needs to wash a load of dishes. Other models require a constant feed of water too and from the sink, which is a huge hassle if you need to wash a larger pot by hand while it's running. This machine gives you the option to fill the reservoir by hand using an included pitcher, which is nice, but I use the included feed-tube to connect it directly the faucet. After starting the wash cycle, this machine will beep to let you know the reservoir is full, so you can turn off the faucet and disconnect the tube. I ended up placing my dishwasher too far away from the sink for the feed tube and the waste tube to reach, but $5 in hoses, connectors, and clamps at a hardware store later, everything works great, even an extra five feet away from the sink.Also, there are multiple modes that let you do a full cycle (which takes around 2 hours) or a quick cycle (40 minutes), and I gotta say, I never use the full cycle. I found that it cleaned things a little TOO well and some of the printing started peeling off my mugs. I've found the quick cycle cleans everything just fine, without resorting to senseless destruction of my precious mugsies.I find that the machine fits all the dishes from a two-person meal, plus all my spatulas and knives, minus larger pots and pans. I tend to run it once or twice a day, and that keeps my kitchen clean. I've had it for about five months now and it might be the best money I ever spent. I know it's more expensive than some competitors, but do yourself a favor and spend the extra $80 on this bad boy.
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    Michelle Kowalski
    May 12, 2022
    Life saver!
    I absolutely love this thing. I bought it after I gave birth and the dishes just kept piling up after a new baby, but I wish I had it sooner! I would've loved this thing while I was pregnant.My only complaint is that there tends to be a lot of orangey-oily grime that builds up if you don't inspect and clean it after each use, but it's really not bad.
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    April 12, 2022
    Hard to set up
    Ok first of all, it’s hard to set up and the instructions aren’t written very well.. you have to use the hose to run the water either into the sink or into a bucket.. it tells you to pour water in the top OR use the hoses so that it can drain.. well the way it’s made looks like their is a tray that can be taken out to empty the water, there isn’t… it leaked everywhere.. so use the hose that drains it if you decide to pour water into the top (we thought this was easiest) except your arms get tired from filling up almost four pitchers of water for it to be full lol. It takes a minute to set up and understand but other than that this is a great buy for people who live in small apartments with no dishwasher!
    April 10, 2022
    I love my dishwasher!!
    04/20/22 UpdateEverything still working as it's supposed to but my dish rack is now rusting and falling apart. I never did anything to it, never bent it, never cut into the plastic wrap around it..nothing...but it's rusting and falling apart. I need a new one and I hope I can get one otherwise I have a large paperweight on my hands.*******************************06/30/2021 UPDATEIt's been almost 4 months since I've owned this and I have never been happier. I use this dishwasher at least twice a day every single day. I use powder detergent from the big box store with a blue logo and I use their store brand. It's the best stuff ever and very inexpensive to buy. I have changed one thing, I no longer use the magnet to keep the door ajar to dry the interior and dishes. The reason being is that I didn't think about keeping the seal moist and not letting it dry out. It's imperative the seal stays supple so it work properly. Also I buy a dishwasher cleaner from Amazon so it will help eliminate hard water deposits in the machine. I buy a little bag, about $7, and it lasts me several uses since I use such a small amount whereas 1 bag is normal for a normal size dishwasher. Don't listen to the naysayers and negative reviews. Yes it's small...it's a small dishwasher..don't expect to fill it to the brim and get everything sparkling clean. You have to arrange everything to make sure the jet spray hits everything. I have found out one thing, I was pouring water in the machine yesterday, got the beeps and realized that I didn't turn the machine on first. So..it's good to know it will let me know it's full of water without it being turned on...good to know. Again, best purchase I've made and I highly recommend it.Next to my portable washing machine I bought a few months ago, this is my new love. I cannot say enough good things about it. I call her Rosey after the Jetson’s robot. She’s sleek, sexy and cleans. She didn’t come cheap though that’s for sure.********************************When I unpacked Rosey, I noticed some rusty looking stuff in the bag on the side of the machine towards the bottom back. When I opened the plastic wrap there was a hint of rust smell. This worries me just a bit. I’m sure most of everything in Rosey is plastic so I’m curious as to what is metal and rusts especially in a dishwasher. She did have some moisture and water droplets in it and I knew they tested it beforehand, I just thought they might have let it dry first before tightly packing it up to ship. I wonder how long it stayed wrapped with water in it before I got it. As I said this worries me and I hope I won’t have problems in the future. I did buy the extra warranty just in case.Rosey is quick, thorough and a lifesaver. I have a bad back and our kitchen sink is low, I’m 5’9” and I found myself leaning on my arms while washing dishes; I’d also take breaks before I get done. Now I don’t have to be in pain while washing the dishes. It’s just my 86 yr old mother and myself so there isn’t a lot of dishes but enough to do 2 loads a day. I want also to comment that yes it’s a small machine but it will fit the lid to my 8qt Instant Pot or my Dutch oven with no problems. Some are complaining that the machine is "too small" "so tiny" "...can't fit my dishes" and I call them whiners. It's a small machine...you get what you pay for so don't expect to get HUGE loads of dishes done; it's not going to happen. What needs to happen is the person needs to learn how to play Tetris and Jengo and learn how to stack and lean dishes. Do more loads as well. You can't expect to get all the dishes done at once if it's completely full and the bottom sprayer arm can't spray the dishes above it.I have noticed that if the cart is too heavy with dishes the sprayer arm will catch on the bottom of the basket and not rotate. I have played around with the basket and I have figured out that either I can distribute the weight in towards the back of the basket OR there’s just enough room to place something, a small plastic or rubber thing but not sure what since I haven’t done it yet, under the front left wheel and that will lift the basket just enough to give clearance to the sprayer arm on the bottom. As I said, I haven’t tried it yet but I will one day. Meanwhile, the top sprayer arm is a hit and miss during rotation as well and I’m not sure why. I have included a picture of the top sprayer arm and with a twist of the middle the arm will come out of the washer and you have to make sure you line up everything just right to put it back. I took it out, inspected it, no blockage, rinsed it out and put it back but to no avail it still rotates intermittently or slowly. I have to assume is the water pressure that rotates it, just like the bottom arm, and that it just isn’t getting enough pressure maybe. It works and gets the job done. I haven't had any dirty dishes after washing them so I can't complain.I have read and reread thru all the reviews and learned quite a few things from other people’s experience with the machine. There were a few people who were confused thinking the whole middle piece comes out of the bottom metal filter and what I found out is that the plastic middle OF the bigger round middle piece comes out and makes it easier to clean inside the filter. I have attached a pic of what I’m talking about.Also, the whole pouring water in the top hole in the machine thing is brilliant BUT it’s design is flawed as more water would splash up out on top than IN the machine and when filling the machine 3 and ½ pitchers full of water some is bound to end up all over the place. I saw a review that used a collapsible silicone basin with drain over the hole and that’s how she fills her machine but I got to wondering about a canning jar funnel since it’s shorter and wider so I found once on Amazon and ordered it. As I continued to read the reviews I found someone else who had just done that herself. Two great minds think alike! I’ve attached a pic of that as well.Now yes the machine sucks moisture out with the "Air Fresh" cycle selected and it mostly of dries everything but it’s not completely dry (at least 90%) and I tried to figure out a way to leave the door ajar so air can circulate but nothing would work UNTIL I thought of using a small magnet. I had a refrigerator magnet break on me a while back so I threw the plastic away but kept the magnet. It’s a little rectangle sized magnet and pretty much the same size as the door magnet on the machine. Once the machine is completely done I put the magnet on the machine and close the door…et voila!...the door stays ajar with a crack to circulate air and it keeps the door closed out of the way. The light automatically turns off so I didn’t have to worry about it staying on. JUST make sure you take off the magnet before you start washing. I turned on the machine but it wouldn't let me select a cycle and I thought the machine was broken but then remembered the magnet. I took the magnet off, closed the door and was able to set the cycle and start the machine. Nice feature that it won't let the machine start without the door being tightly closed. Brilliant! Again, a pic is attached as well.I bought two types of detergent, powder and gel, and I can’t really tell a difference between the two when it comes to how well it cleans the dishes. I have read that powder is best if you have hard water and stuck on food since it has enzymes. My water is so hard if I threw it at someone it would kill them; gotta love the water in the desert southwest of Arizona. I do worry about hard water deposits tho as I have to regularly use vinegar in my coffee pot and tea kettle to get rid of it. I’ve read that vinegar is bad for any dishwasher so I’m not sure what to do if problems arise.Oh…I read someone’s review that said they had a problem with the cheap suction cup on the drainage hose so I bought some aquarium suction cups with plastic straps and stuck them on my drainage hose and they work great. Also, one more tip, I added a Command strap on the back side so I can coil up the drainage hose to get it out of the way as needed. Now DON’T do what I did and forget it was there and use the machine…what a mess….lolOverall this is a brilliant piece of kitchen machinery and I’m so so so happy I got it. I plan on babying Rosey and treating her right in hopes that she will last a few years. And before I forget, there is someone on YouTube who has figured out the error codes and he tells you what to do. I will say one thing that’s handy is pushing the Glass button and the Air Fresh button will starting the draining process and that’s really handy to know.
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    April 6, 2022
    Great little dishwasher
    Great little dishwasher. Perfect for a small household.
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    Jose Enrique Baez
    April 5, 2022
    2 hours for 6 dishes
    If I could go back would have opted for a portable dishwasher or would have found one of the hookup only half sized dishwashers. This will comfortably fit 6 plates/cups/containers. A normal cycle is over two hours. 2 hours for 6 items is not great. They have a rapid wash at 40 minutes which is better and good if they only need a light cleaning. Larger plates will not work or they will bump the top spinners. Otherwise still good, just not as efficient as you might think. Safe for dishwasher safe plastics despite the heat (level 5 or above plastic). Also 9ml detergent to 1ml rinse aide is a good ratio and won't damage your machine, also works without rinse aid. Avoid rinse aide if you do a load with mainly plastic containers or Tupperware, it doesn't get that off as well. Takes a long time to dry inside after a cycle and water tends to spill if you aren't careful when pouring in if not hooked up to the sink. All that aside I am happy with it because I hate dishes more than I dislike the various shortcomings with this
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    The Great and Powerful Oz
    March 22, 2022
    makes live a little easier
    bought this as a gift for my wife and it's the best investment I have made in a long time. Easy to use, Rapid mode is quick, works better than expected, and very handy. I don't have a place for a general Dishwasher and I and my wife are getting on the older side. this really helps out to keep the dishes down on a daily basis.
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    March 19, 2022
    It was quick and easy to set-up with good instructions.
    This was quick and easy to set-up and use.
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    Rach L.
    March 11, 2022
    It wasn't cheap, but it works without issues.
    I purchased this dishwasher about 3 months ago, and have been using it 2-3 times per week since then. I live in a small apartment (about 700 square feet), without much room for large appliances. I was looking for a countertop dishwasher and tried one from another brand. It was about the same width and depth as a standard-size dishwasher, but only tall enough to hold one dish rack. Let's say the name of that manufacturer rhymes with “Tragic Jeff.” That thing leaked on my first attempte to use it, and based on my poor experience with that machine, I was super leery of trying another one. Most of the online reviews for other brands seemed to all have the same bipolar distribution of 1-star “disappointment” vs 5-star “elation” about the machines. This is always a red flag for me, since I can never be sure if reviews are unbiased or paid by the manufacturer. When I found this Farberware dishwasher I hesitated for a few months before purchasing, since there did not seem to be much information about it, and there was a lack of customer reviews.Since receiving it, I have not been disappointed. It is exactly what I need, and it has not given me any problems. After 3 months I don’t regret my decision to purchase, and would recommend it to people in my situation.What I like:-It is of “miniature” size. I typically use luncheon size plates, 9” in diameter, and they fit just fine, but I can see how larger dinner plates might not fit. Pans probably would not fit, either.-It has a window in the door and a light on the inside. Kind of a novelty, but it’s rather fun to watch the dishes get clean.-Rapid and Normal modes. The Normal mode is for typically dirty dishes, and the rapid is less than an hour.-It has a tank. This was a surprise to me when I got the thing. It comes with a pitcher that you can use to pour all of the water needed into the top of the machine at the start of the cycle, without needing to have the supply hose hogging the faucet at the kitchen sink.What I don’t like:- It is of “miniature” utility. There is one row for loading items, and trying to fit too many things (like stacking bowls on top of plates) will just result in the top items not getting clean.- It is of "miniature" ability. The dishes must be pretty clean when loading it- there is no disposal or “pots and pans” mode, like the big washers have.-It doesn’t dry very well. Yes, there is a fan to circulate the air at the end of the Normal cycle, but there is not a heating element get dishes completely dry. (Maybe this a good feature, since there is not the risk of getting plastic lids warped by the heat.)-It beeps. Lets say your load the washer and then head to bed. At the end of the two-hour Normal cycle it beeps to let you know the dishes are clean. Yay for clean dishes, but boo for trying to get to bed early.-The warning sticker. I still have not managed to get the residue off from the top of the machine where a big ‘ol yellow warning sticker was placed.-It does not have a flatware basket, but a grid. The flatware still gets placed vertically, but my dinner knives and dinner forks don’t actually fit.What I’m not sure about:-I’ve owned several Faberware products, and this is the first instruction manual where it is very obvious that it was written in another language, and then translated to English. There are a few grammar errors, and thought most meanings can be inferred, there are a couple of phrases that are incomprehensible.-I’m not a fan of the flatware grid- I saved the basket from the first countertop washer I had tried. (At least that experience wasn’t a total waste.) Otherwise, I’m sure that they can be found on Amazon.-I’m still not sure what all the modes are for. I don’t have to clean baby bottles, and I don’t think I’ll be putting my fruit in there. Air refresh? I have no idea.My personal weirdness:-Since I fell in love with the Tank feature, and not having to use the water supply hose, I wanted to figure a way to reach the tank outlet at the back of the machine without having to pull the machine forward from under my cabinet in order to fill it up. I purchased a silicone dishpan with a drain (from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S737B7D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) that sits on top of my machine, and I can fill the pan and allow the water to drip into the top of my machine without having to pull the machine out and push it back every time I use it.-I have only ever used liquid dishwasher detergent (Cascade Complete), which works really well for me, and I have never tried powder detergent.Final take: To me, it was very much worth the money, and I do recommend.Attached are pictures of my machine, and scans from the Manufacturer’s Manual.I plan on stopping back to update this review over the next few months, and if any issues arise.
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    March 8, 2022
    Cleans well and easy on water
    I use this in an off grid situation and have had it for 20 months and it worked without issues till recentlyThings I like about it is basically it washes the dishes fine as well as any dishwasher I have hadThings I don't is the touch panel is hard to see and being on the bottom makes it worseBut honestly not every thing needs an operating system controlled by a circuit board I would be far happier with a dial that I could set to an extra rinse cycle etc. But that is not the world we live in anymoreSo would I recommend it that depends on how easy it is to fix but so far it does not seem to be draining and the hose is fine the filter is clean but it has always started by running some water through the drain and it is not ...so NO
    March 7, 2022
    I LOVE
    I LOVE! THIS! BOY! What a great lil dish robot he is! Because of my kitchen setup, I always fill him by hand, and I use a little bedroom/bathroom/office trashcan from IKEA to do the job, rather than the pitcher that comes with him. That trashcan is also the drain bucket.All the bits went together super well, I immediately lost the tiniest piece (the cap to the drainage hole, which you remove to affix the drainage hose that comes with) but I will probably find it when I move next year, and it's not a huge deal.I did not have high expectations of this dishwasher--I'd been raised to think dishwashers were mostly useless, but I have trouble doing my dishes by hand, especially flatware and plates/bowls. I figured what the hell, it'll probably work good enough. Well as it happens, it works very well indeed on those items, especially if you don't let food dry out on them. It holds a few plates and bowls, and probably 3 or maybe 4 sets of silverware. You still have to wash all the big cooking dishes, but honestly those are the easier ones for me to wash. It's the little eating dishes--forks, bowls, plates, cups--that I always find difficult, and this lil guy just takes care of that for me.Most of the cycles go for an hour and forty minutes, but I've found the 'rapid' setting--only a 40 minute wash--cleans things perfectly well. The 'air refresh'--air dry I guess?--doesn't work at all, and it's better to just leave the dishwasher open to let things dry, or take them out and put them on your dish rack. I also like to keep the dishwasher open after a cycle and let the machine innards dry off. Oh, and--you WILL spill water over the top and sides while pouring water into the intake hole, so keep a towel handy for that.Overall? I super love him, and he only uses 1 gallon per wash! He's perfect if you're only 1-2 people living in an apartment alone.The instructions are pretty helpful and clear. My gold standard for that is IKEA and Lego for reference. I wish they would indicate whether the 'baby' setting is a sanitiser, though. I use this thing to wash my s*x toys sometimes (it's great for that!), and it'd be cool if I knew for sure whether my dish robot could sanitise.
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    Cindy Perez
    February 27, 2022
    Great dishwasher and time saver
    I'm very happy with this dishwasher and would highly recommend it. A lot of people talk about how long it takes to wash, but I've had it for over a week now and have only used it on the rapid cycle, which takes 40 min., and the dishes come out clean every time. Now, granted, I pre-wash my dishes, meaning that I rinse them and make sure there are no big chunks of food or very sticky things stuck to the plates before putting them in (you're supposed to do this with any dishwasher btw). So with 1 extra min. of pre-washing the dishes I have successfully saved the other 1 hour 20 min. I'm sure that the long cycle that drys the dishes etc. is great, but I just take them out wet after the rapid cycle and put them in the dish drainer to finish drying and I've already saved hours and hours of my life not having to do dishes by hand.Cons: it is pretty small and thus can be a little tricky to load if you're really trying to pack a bunch in there, but I knew this getting into it and the size also allows it to fit perfectly on my counter without having to put away other appliances. So you won't be able to fit big pots and pans, but I can fit my small pots and pans. The only other con is that you have to be a little careful when pouring in the water at the top as there is some plastic framework around the hole that if you hit it at the wrong angle some water can splash a bit. However, after the 2nd attempt, I was able to learn where to pour the water so it doesn't splash (tip: aim for the crosshairs where the framework makes an X or meets perpendicularly.Notable pros: it is very quiet, very easy to use, saves a ton of time, fits great on my counter, and looks appealing. They also include a water pitcher which I roll the drainage hose up and store in when not in use. Seems to be very well-constructed, even the plastic pieces do not seem flimsy and likely to break. Really happy with this purchase, wish I had bought it sooner.
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    Mom C
    February 25, 2022
    I love it! Get it!!
    It doesn’t fit a ton of dishes, because it’s a mini dishwasher! I will use this in my camper. It washes really well and is fun to watch! Mine was a second that was returned by someone. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I paid about $200. Comes with 30 day warranty.
    February 21, 2022
    Exactly what I needed and expected. Improves quality of life.
    I don't have a dishwasher in my apartment. I have realized I hate doing dishes. I finally purchased this dishwasher after reading the other review about how this helped with their depression. I have similar issues with mental illness, and my dishes will pile up often. Then I feel overwhelmed, more depressed, etc. But this dishwasher is already helping me so much!The biggest pro is the water tank. You don't have to hook it up the sink like all the other countertop dishwashers. This makes life so much easier.I have only used the rapid cycle which is 40 minutes. It does the trick! Dishes come out clean, depending on how i arrange them. But I'm not surprised if a dish needs a rinse afterwards because of how they are positioned as I know before I start the cycle that the water may not reach that part of the dish. So that isnt a deal breaker for me.I've only been able to get detergent pods, which has a bit more detergent than needed for the cycle. I had lots of catching up to do with dishes so by the 3rd cycle, there was a lot of soap and suds. So the next cycle I didn't use a detergent pod and the dishes came out clean. The instructions show exactly how much detergent and water is needed for each cycle etc.Another pro is I use much less water now. Washing by hand used up so much water so I fee better about using this dishwasher.Another factor that made this purchase worthwhile is how cost effective it is. If I decided to move to an apartment with a dishwasher, rent would increase dramatically. Plus there is the cost of moving. And the time, and energy. All that would total up to well over $400. Now I have much more time and peace of mind knowing I can stay clean and mentally well.Also, if you are a smaller person like me and live alone, don't worry. The box is packaged with those zip tie things so you can use those as handles and drag it. And it isn't that heavy so you can manage moving the packing on your own.Also one last pro...i love that you can see through the door!!
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    February 13, 2022
    The BEST Portable Dishwasher!!
    Too busy to wash dishes? Plates piling up in your kitchen sink? No room for a standard dishwasher? Your significant other nagging you to do dishes? Well, look no further! This is by far the BEST Portable dishwasher I've ever used. And here's why.PROS- this is the only portable dishwasher with a viewing window so you can take a peek at any time.- this machine allows you to add water manually (about 5.4L) at the top without ever worrying if the machine connects to your faucet or not (no professional install required).- this portable machine fits in between our countertop and our cabinet, so make sure you get the right measurements before purchase.- comes in different modes which includes fruit washing and baby bottle washing (very convenient for parents)CONS- at half the price of a standard dishwasher, it is somewhat pricey, but it gets the job done.- it doesn't wash as much dishes as other portable dishwashers without a viewing window- the major con is that when you prefill the dishwasher from the top, it is impossible to avoid spilling it all over the top.- there is no child safety lock, which means you can open the dishwasher door at any time.- the inside light turns off after a minute or two and there's no way to turn it back on during the wash.TIPS:- only buy from Amazon as the seller and shipper to ensure an authentic machine- the machine may arrive slightly wet prior to first use - this is normal as the company states they test all machines prior to selling it.- the machine takes dishwasher gel (I recommend the Cascade Complete gel) AND dishwasher pods, but I recommend the dishwasher gel because the machine takes a precise amount and you get more bang for your buck. Another bonus is you don't have to worry about the pod not dissolving completely. Also keep in mind that the pods are designed for standard size dishwashers, so it may be overkill for a portable dishwasher. I have not noticed any unused dishwasher gel or white residue on any of my washes. Lastly, the machine is not equipped for rinse aid.- I do not recommend using regular dish soap. Invest in the above options.- make sure you turn on air refresh mode which means after your dishes are done, it will dry the dishes with the included fan for at least 15 minutes.- Even though the dishwasher preheats the water, I recommend loading it with hot tap water in order to save time- the tank capacity is roughly 5.4L or 3 full pitchers (pitcher included with purchase). Even if you overfill it a little, the machine will dump the extra out prior to the wash- wash the filters once a month (instructions are found in the manual).- make sure you don't block the bottom of the dishwasher or else it won't wash properly.- make sure you don't overload the dishwasher and the door closes on its own, otherwise if you have to forcibly close it then you will encounter a leak like other reviewers.Overall, this is a premium product and it was a solid buy. No regrets. It's been almost 2 months and the machine is in tip top shape, no errors like some others have mentioned. I will update this review after 6 months and then 1 year later, so stay tuned! As long as you take care of the dishwasher, it will take care of you.6 MONTHS UPDATE:It's been six months and the dishwasher is still running smooth like a charm. I wash almost twice daily. No issues so far, no E1 codes. As long as you don't overfill the dishwasher with plates/cups/utensils and making sure you don't have to forcibly close the dishwasher door, it should continue to work just fine. Make sure to clean the filter at the bottom of the machine at least once a month because there is food debris buildup from multiple washes.
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    February 7, 2022
    Omg - why didn't I get this sooner? Longtime apartment dweller that used to joke that I'd know that I'd arrived when I lived in a place with a dishwasher. Like some other reviewers, I didn't want to lose the ability to use my sink while washing the dishes. I had my eye on the Tetra, since they purport that it's to be faster, use less water, and less expensive; but it's been delayed and delayed and delayed. This is expensive - but just go for it. The one appliance I wish I had bought years ago. Looking into it, yes, it appears that this is using the Farberware name, you can't find it listed anywhere on the company website. Still, mine works wonderfully - just don't go crazy on how much stuff you put in there (at least that's been my issue). It may sound silly, but for me this has been a life changer. I don't cringe over having to do what limited dishes I now have. I'm not thinking twice anymore about cooking or baking something because I'll have more dishes to do.I especially love having a sink head that I can pull out and fill the tank directly (so glad I changed out the sink faucet all those years ago). I think having to fill a container and then fill the tank would get to be rather annoying. To me it's pretty quiet (one exception noted below), washes everything efficiently and well, and has just enough space to make it all work (sure, I'd love to put full size pots and pans in, but this isn't full-sized). Dinner plates, 2 quart saucepans, and 8 inch frying pans are the largest items I'm okay with fitting in there (has to be at an angle though). I'm SO happy that it has the air filtration option to keep air circulating between washes - no issues with any mold or smells developing. I do regularly take out the drain cover (very simple to do as well) to give a quick rinse and soapy clean.Only two cons that I have: You can't (or I haven't figured out how to) silence the audio, so you'll get eight rather loud beeps at the end of the cycle. Sucks to not be able to put this on before heading to bed. The dish rack thingy drove me nuts. In part because it seemed that most items didn't get cleaned all that well. I've since bought a dish basked that comes apart into two pieces and use just one half for silverware and other items that would be tossed about. It's not a perfect fit, but it slides onto a few of the prongs and I'm set. Easy compromise.
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    January 18, 2022
    Very convenient
    My home is very old and doesn't have a dishwasher. While I was pregnant I couldn't really reach the sink and this saved my kitchens cleanliness!!
    Amazon Customer
    January 17, 2022
    It's Small But Mighty! 100% would recommend.
    The media could not be loaded.  Here's the deal - I live in NYC in a 2nd floor walkup. We have a great apartment and I'm happy with everything except two things: the kitchen countertop and the lack of dishwasher. My landlord wouldn't let me have a portable one that hooks up to the sink because she's a bit out of touch and was concerned about the building's plumbing. (Yes, this place has been in her family for nearly 100 years and the pipes were not designed for the pressure of a connected machine - I respect her opinion even if I disagree - but I digress.)I was concerned reading the somewhat mixed reviews for this washer, but I got it today, have run three loads, and so far it is an absolute dream. Just me and my partner here but I was able to fit two large dinner plates at an angle (they're closer to 12 inches than 10), and a bowl, ton of cutlery, and some cooking utensils. Ran a second cycle for an assortment of mugs and lids and whatnot.For two people, an excellent machine, and it really doesn't take up much counter space at all. I haven't tested connecting it to the sink, just running it from the water tank, but it was a breeze to fill and we'll probably just keep running it like this. On a small Amazon microwave cart by the sink this fits perfectly and I still have room for the kettle and various accessories beside it.The normal cycle left all my dishes spotless, and I mean spotless. I think one fork had something stuck on it but that's probably just because it had been in the sink for a couple days and dried on there - so my fault. The dishes also came out hot and completely dry - I could put them right away.The normal cycle (only 40mins vs. the normal two hours) left dishes wet but still spotless, and I left them on the rack to try.A note: the instructions have backwards which valve is the exhaust and which is water in. Anyone with half a brain can figure it out within 2 seconds as one has a filter on it clearly meant for water in - but just a word of caution. (At least my printed instructions had it that way).I have no idea if it will last, but so far I'm so very pleased - and I do plan on updating this review w/ more insights at a later date or if this thing totally breaks down for whatever reason.If you live in a small-ish NYC apartment and hate doing dishes, get yourself one of these.
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    January 12, 2022
    Great unit, worth the cost. I’m in love with it.
    The media could not be loaded.  This is hands down the item I’m happiest with from my pandemic purchasing phase. Living in an historic building with no space for a dishwasher meant I was getting very very tired of all the dishes generated during stay at home. It’s genuinely saved me so much time. The unit takes up the same unit of counter space as my dish rack did, washes dishes as well as or better than a large unit, and is fairly quiet-about average for a dishwasher. It fits a surprising number of dishes.At first I filled it with the included pitcher. Takes very little time, but it is the one design flaw-water splashes around the opening. Use a funnel if you go this route. I eventually found a connector for the sink that has a moveable section and looks as though it’s part of the faucet. Super quick to screw in the hose, stick the drainage hose in the sink and be done. I’ve been using cascade complete pods, which is a lot of soap for a small unit, but easy amd works great. It cleans so well it’s been polishing copper items I put in it as well as flatware. It’s a long cycle so I’ll often start it at night and just turn off the water when I wake up.Dishes come out mostly dry, with some moisture in cup bottoms just like a regular dish washer may have. The filter is easy to clean, and means you don’t have to prewash items. I rinse them and load. No more dishes waiting in the sink. It’s done a good job with small pans too.Didn’t like the silverware rack at first since it doesn’t fit my flatware but now I lay them on top between the spikes and am used to it. Let’s you load more dishes than a basket would. A surprise is how much I like the fruit wash cycle. I use it whenever I shop and works great for most produce.This unit is more expensive than others but completely worth it. Intelligent design, more attractive than the norm, and a much smaller footprint if you have little counter space as I do. It sprays water very strongly from below but also from the top and dishes come out super clean. I’ve yet to have to rewash anything. I love that it’s not an ugly monstrosity sitting on my counter amd the hoses tuck easily behind when not in use. The fact that it has its own water tank means it can be placed anywhere-genius. If you’re debating, spend the extra and get this one. It will change your kitchen life if you’ve been having to hand wash dishes for awhile or have to deal with a compact kitchen.Edit: Two and a half years later and the unit is still going strong. I’ve never had a problem with it. I did switch to filling it with a pitcher again so I could run it whenever without looking at the hose. Two large (maybe 80 oz?) pitchers of water fills it, and most pitchers don’t splash everywhere. It’s the pitcher that came with it that had the design flaw. Just use a different one. I wipe any drips down with a microfiber cloth and the unit still looks new. I can actually fit up to 5 plates, 3 salad plates and 3 cups plus silverware and still have everything come out clean. Great purchase.
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    Tom Fields
    January 7, 2022
    Fantastic countertop dishwasher!!
    Absolutely love this countertop dishwasher.Best feature is the main reason why I purchased it -- the reservoir tank. My kitchen sink has a sprayer, so you can't attach anything to the faucet (which is why I don't have a full-sized dishwasher that plugs into the faucet). I'm not allowed to hire a plumber to make adjustments in the furnishings, so there was no choice. Until after almost two years of searching I found this countertop dishwasher with a reservoir tank.I use the sprayer to fill the reservoir, rather than filling the pitcher and pouring that into it. I get some beeps when it is full, and I run it. Since I'm the kind of guy that really washes the dishes in the sink, I just use the RINSE cycle. My tap water can come out pretty hot, so this isn't unsanitary. I tried using the other cycles with soap, but it didn't seem to make it any cleaner, and just lasted a lot longer. I even tried the baby bottle cycle, which steams for the first 5 minutes. But I settled back to the RINSE cycle for almost everything.As you can see from the photo, I can put in quite a bit. It takes 12 minutes or less to run a cycle -- depending on the temperature of the water. I can put in the biggest mixing bowl I have, and the biggest crock-pot bowl also, so literally every dish will fit into this machine. Too many people complain about how small it is -- didn't you read the dimensions prior to purchasing? They're very clear. The reviews with photos and videos are pretty clear.I didn't need to spend $100 on a window to see it working -- I trust it's working. As you can see, it fits very nicely on the counter under the one cupboard, and drains into the sink -- which I can use while the dishwasher is in operation, because it has the reservoir tank. That made all the difference.Now, rather than letting dishes stack up until I consider throwing them out and just using paper plates, I do a quick load while taking my dog for a walk, then another quick load just before bed. All done. I feel clean, the counters are clean, the dishes are clean, and no fuss. Did I mention it is really quiet? Yes, very quiet.The instructions were a little goofy -- but here is the drill: press the power button. Then press the cycle. Then put in the water. THEN press the start button.I am suggesting this to the landlord to put in all the apartments. It is great.
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    January 4, 2022
    Great Little Dishwasher - With a Few Caveats
    Like other reviewers, I have very little counter space in my NYC kitchen. I too was waiting for the Tetra Heatworks dishwasher to finally hit the market. Since that doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon, I decided to try this dishwasher because it has the built-in water heater and tank.Pros:Performance-Works well. I've had success on the Rapid cycle. Everything comes out shiny and spotless.Filling the water--I bought a funnel so it's easier to pour the water in. I have to move it forward to fill it because of where I have it placed, but it's a minor issue.Drain hose--easy to connect and convenient suction cup to keep it in place.Noise level--really quiet. Even on Regular cycle, the drying segment of the cycle is very quiet.Cons:The main con is that it is NOT a true Farberware product. It's from Edge Consumer Brands, as another reviewer stated. I'm concerned that if something goes wrong with it, I'll be out of luck. But I'm willing to take the gamble for now.If you hate hand washing dishes, you'll be pleased with this unit. It's small but mighty.UPDATE AFTER A FEW WEEKS-I am loving this thing. It did seem as if it was not draining properly and leaking but you need to drain the drain hose downward after finishing a cycle, as a helpful Amazon commenter mentioned. Since I have been doing that, voila! No water in the back.-I have not had to use the Normal cycle. Rapid is faster, cleans perfectly. I just pull the rack forward and let the dishes air dry. Genius!UPDATE AFTER THREE MONTHS: I STILL LOVE ITCleans well but I've had three times recently where the drain hose comes unstuck from the sink and water drains all over my kitchen floor. I always check to see if the drain hose is properly secure. I'd knock one star off for this.UPDATE AFTER SEVEN MONTHS: WORKS LIKE A CHAMP-Made wfh with all the extra dishes in NYC bearable. I purchased a Power Lock Suction Cup Hook to hold the drain hose in place in the dish pan I drain it in as the included rubber loop is crap and ripped. As long as you make sure you don't overfill, the drain hose clamp is on tightly, and hold the hose up then down after a wash to make sure all the water is drained out of it, (I'm draining lower then the height of table I have the DW on), you should be good.I do the glass setting if I want a longer cycle and clean (and heat dry), using pods. I use the rapid cycle if I have a smaller load and want to air dry. LOVE this thing!
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    Amazon Customer
    January 1, 2022
    Easy to Use
    We original purchased this product for my elderly mother to help with her day to day. The word "easy" stands out.Place it where ever you please as long as it properly has a place to drain to. Load it up, add detergent, close the hatch, turn on the unit, add water (or hook it up to your main line which is easier), then choose your dishwasher clean setting.Pros:Easy to set up and use. My mother is elderly and is currently battling cancer. While she cooks for her husband and herself, she's able to load all her dishes and cooking utensils into the unit and just have it clean overnight. She gets tired from little day to day activities and while we're able to do as much as we can for her, she still wants and needs to do things independently.The controls are easy understand. You can choose from various settings and it's easy to understand which button does what. The unit will beep and boop depending on what's happening (like when it's filled with enough water for a wash cycle or when a wash cycle is finished), which is a nice feature.It uses jets that spray out from the bottom like the fountains you'd find at Las Vegas and cleans very well. We haven't seen any food particles or any remaining debris on the plates or glasses after months of use.All dishwashers will need to empty themselves. While it's able to filter and drain out run off, larger particles and food debris will remain in the filter which was easy to remove, clean, and replace. I have hand dexterity issues while my mother is elderly so we were surprised at how easy this was to do.There was no issues with drying. Although you have to turn on the fan option with each cycle, the dishes and utensils came out dry and honestly, better than other dishwashers (our household has gone through 2 large scale family dishwashers and this smaller unit seems better at drying than those larger ones).Very little detergent use. While most stores carry those detergent pods, you have to use loose detergent with this dishwasher. Overall, you'll be using less to clean.Cons:Small capacity. You won't be cleaning larger pots and pans in this thing. It's mostly made for smaller family units, college students, or the like. While my mom and her husband are able to use this freely and it meets their needs, others may find they need to use two or more wash cycles per day.It's noisy. I would recommend using the dishwasher at night or before going to bed. While the fan is on to dry, you might hear a faint hum but it hasn't bothered us.It uses a lot of water. With each cycle, you'll need to fill the unit up with the provided pitcher (or something similar). The unit will beep the moment it's full, but this can take up to four full pitchers to achieve. For myself, or anyone else, this can be time consuming and unwieldy as the take-in is at the top of the unit. We actually installed the fixed hose and I would recommend this option overall since it makes running the unit even more easier.The dishwasher itself is bulky but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It needs to be close to the sink, or any other place it could drain to, but we had plenty of options in terms of placement with a generous hose length.Overall our family is happy with this product!
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    November 30, -0001
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