Dishwasher Portable with 6L Built-in Water Tank


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Looking for a powerful countertop portable dishwasher that can fully cleanse your dishes until they’re squeaky clean? Unlike conventional kitchen dishwashers, our compact dishwasher is the best portable dishwashers, is suitable to be place on any countertop or kitchen table without taking up much space.

Not only does the compact dishwasher table clean dishes, but it also saves you from doing hours of manual labor. All that you have to do is to load dishes into the portable countertop dishwasher, set the mode of cleaning and let it do its job.

Our small portable dishwasher are programmed with five different washing mode, specifically the heavy-duty mode which is Hygiene Mode will ensure that every dish will get cleanse without leaving any food residue. Included with a trusty dish rack that helps you organize the dishes while inside the mini portable dishwasher.




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