Breeze White Rattan Effect Hanging Egg Chair

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Every garden or patio needs that focal point to draw the eye and make an impression. If you’re looking for something to fill this gap, take a look at our Breeze hanging egg chair.

Hand-crafted in durable PE woven to form a deep comfortable cocoon-shaped seat, suspended from a sturdy white tubular steel frame, this garden egg chair is the perfect marriage of style and comfort that you’ve been looking for. Just tuck up your feet and relax back into the sumptuous cushion.

Our Breeze hanging chair includes a beautiful white basket-weave seat, deep-fill comfortable cushions and a powder-coated white steel frame.

The Basket Seat

The seat itself forms a slightly teardrop-shaped cocoon designed with a deep back to the seat to relax back into the seat comfortably.
Is made from hand-woven PU material, meaning that is is weather resistant.
Is deep enough to relax back into fully. Most people will be able to sit comfortably with their feet tucked to one side. We’d definitely recommend this position if you can, as having both feet off the ground and the seat gently swaying adds an extra level to the experience!
When hung from the frame, the hanging chair is approximately 58cm off the floor.
There is zero assembly needed for this part of the chair. All you need to do is to attach the seat to clip the seat to the hanging frame.
We would recommend covering the chair for prolonged periods of time in a cool and ventilated place. This will prevent mould or mildew from forming on the seat and/or cushion.
The size of the basket seat is 103 (W) x 103 (D) x 108cm (H).
The Cushion

The generously sized cushion is filled with a plump polyester cushion pad.
Perfect for everyday life, the cushion is shower (and spill) resistant, but the cushion cover can also be thrown in the washing machine and washed when needed.
If you do happen to spill something onto the cushion, we would recommend wiping it up as quickly as possible to avoid staining. We do not recommend using abrasive cleaning materials.
The Frame

The sturdy tubular frame is made from steel and can safely support up to 110kg.
The white frame is supplied in multiple sections and requires some simple assembly. There is also a nylon safety strap attached to the seat basket’s back to ensure that the seat cannot move too vigorously.
The steel frame base is also supplied with caps for the ends of the tube to ensure that the base is held safely in place and cannot slip on smooth surfaces such as paving stones or laminate flooring.

9 reviews for Breeze White Rattan Effect Hanging Egg Chair

  1. Kindle Customer

    I love it

  2. Lori Labyack

    Very steady but should come with a small chain little high

  3. katayoun

    It wasn’t that difficult to assemble. It’s sturdy and beautiful.

  4. downer305

    Overall happy with this chair. However, there are a couple things that bother me.Firstly, the chain provided to hang the chair is much too short. I haven’t measured, but I estimate it is about 10 inches, which is not enough for the chair to hang comfortably low enough. I hung it from a somewhat low beam (I am average height guy and I can reach the beam without a step stool or ladder), and yet the chair hangs high enough that my legs dangle when I sit in it, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable. So I will be buying a longer chain.Second, they provide little plastic caps to cover the bolt heads and nuts, for aesthetics and perhaps comfort. Unfortunately, in order to assemble the chair securely enough, you must tighten the bolts to the point where the bolts protrude too far past the nut, making it impossible to put the covers on the nuts. So those are kind of useless. Perhaps shorter bolts or longer covers would have solved this.Other than that, I like the looks of the chair, it’s sturdy, and it was reasonably priced.

  5. courtney1291

    I love this chair SO much and so does my 4 years old daughter.I spend hours in this thing every day. I put it together myself in less than an hour.I needed my boyfriend to help hang it, but that was easy too. I bought a hanging set from another seller.My only complaint is that the cushions are extremely cheap and do not stay soft very long. I’m either going to have to make or purchase new cushion set soon.I would 100% buy this again.

  6. Amazon Fan

    Update;Holding up well so far. Everyone fights over the chairs. Important note. If you hang them too high they are not comfortable. You should be able to have feet planted completely on ground. I find them very comfortable if positioned correctly.Saw these chairs on Pinterest and loved it. Same exact chairs. Do not tighten screws until they are all in. Some of the covers will not stay on the bolts. Might hot glue them later but not a big deal excellent purchase. Hope they last because I love them. Got the extra pillows from Walmart

  7. Aruba Dragon

    Everything about this is what I expected and I am quite happy with this. The only snag I had was when I put it together I didn’t notice which sides goes to which top at first. Learn from me, read and review instructions first. Though I did undo the error so yay.

  8. Usually Satisfied

    I love my egg. I couldn’t believe the price. But this egg is sturdy and comfortable. It’s the first seat everyone goes for. Assembly was quite easy…I put the entire thing together by myself in about a half hour. I did add ties for the cushions as there were none. Another small gripe is that the chain they supplied was much too short, but a quick visit to my local Ace hardware store solved that. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  9. Carri Martin

    This egg chair has a sturdy metal shell, with faux rattan strapping (which is more for decoration than support). If you insert and tighten the screws far enough to stabilize the chair, the ends are too long for the protective caps. We purchased covers at the local hardware, and these worked fine. Caps for the screw heads fit well. Note the uncovered screw ends were not especially unattractive, but felt they could catch clothing when sitting into chair. Would purchase again.

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